There’s no better solution than building your own crypto exchange for your business, especially in the current scenario we are in. The world seems to have turned upside down due to the Covid-19 outbreak that is revolving around us. People are staying put in their houses, completely out of access to everything. While the economy is also starting to take a downfall, traditional businesses are going through a tough time, and people have started relying more towards online platforms to fulfill their needs.

With the market prices taking a slide during this pandemic, like the downfall in the forex exchanges, stock exchanges and bitcoin prices, crypto exchange seems to be the perfect solution that rightly fits the customer needs and a business that might ensure safer returns. Anyone from anywhere around the world with an internet connection can trade with cryptocurrencies. And particularly at this time, when online is the only source, building your own cryptocurrency exchange software will bring in ample investors for your business, thereby ample profits.
AnnaLisbeth 18 june 2020, 9:23

Great trading platforms like Binance are architectured from scratch to advanced features. If you’re aiming to emerge as a leading trade platform, then seeking help from expert cryptocurrency exchange development services would be the appropriate choice. Right from legalities to the outreach of exchange, you can hand over to the expert team!
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Hire a highly qualified and experienced team of experts from CES to achieve the most robust cryptocurrency exchange development services for any type of exchanges that you want to build such as centralized, decentralized, hybrid exchanges. We integrate the top trending features, security protocols, cutting-edge blockchain technology and advanced UX/UI, which will drive global potential customers towards the exchange, thereby amplifying profits.
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* Cryptocurrency grabs the attention of financial experts, investors, and traders due to its growing market value. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency ever, and it stands top in the space even now. The bitcoin has surpassed many chaotic arguments, undesirable judgments about its value, and has now proved itself at the rapid growth crypto market. As of now, BTC has aspired around 5000+ cryptocurrencies to evolve in the crypto market space.

* Trading the cryptocurrencies for distinct coin pairs and liquidity renders lucrative deals to the crypto owners. The crypto traders are fond of arbitrage, market making, and mirroring strategy experiments. Every active crypto trader has an account in the renowned cryptocurrency exchange platform of their choice!

In this post, let’s have a brief discussion about cryptocurrency exchange platforms!

Cryptocurrency exchange platforms- A Kick-start!

* A cryptocurrency exchange platform is a channel that allows its users to buy/sell distinct crypto coins to make profitable deals. The users can buy crypto coins in exchange for fiat money and vice versa. Every crypto owner would have come across the exchange platform at least once in a lifetime!

* Crypto exchange platforms are sub-categorized into centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges. Most of the exchange platforms afford their users with an integrated multi-cryptocurrency wallet to store and trade their crypto assets.

Now, let’s have a glance at how you can build a cryptocurrency exchange platform!

How to build a cryptocurrency exchange platform?

1. You can build your cryptocurrency exchange platform in two popular techniques. The first and foremost is to approach a cryptocurrency exchange development company and build the platform right from scratch.

2. The other option is to purchase a white-label cryptocurrency exchange software and patch up with advanced trading features. You should take immense care while purchasing a white-label script as it deals with the assets of crypto community users!

3. You may be liable to pay penalties and the value of crypto coins stoled in the case of cryptocurrency exchange hacks. Hence, it’s a safe and secure practice to inspect the white-label script purchased!

4. If you’re kick-starting your crypto exchange business, the platform must have some basic attributes to enhance the user experience. Take away these features to build your crypto business firmly!

Take away crypto exchange features!

Let me kick-start your crypto exchange business dreams with bullet shots!

- Multi-factor authentication
- Instant KYC/AML verification process
- Escrow service
- Liquidity API
- Matching Engine
- Intuitive UI
- Customized admin panel

Soon, we expect your cryptocurrency exchange platform to attract more crypto-traders experimenting with their trading strategies!

lillian 12 june 2020, 8:56

"Many budding entrepreneurs are aspiring to embark on the crypto exchange business. But, with the already excessive competition, they are often confused about where to begin? How to launch a cryptocurrency exchange software that will stand out and sustain over the existing competitors? This article is to enlighten you on that."
AnnaLisbeth 11 june 2020, 9:19

Make use of a profit-making business opportunity by acquiring a robust cryptocurrency exchange software from CES. With a team of seasoned professionals, users are assured quality technical support, top trending features and security integrations, which will sustain the business in the long run and gain huge traction among global potential investors, thereby bringing in huge profits.
AnnaLisbeth 20 may 2020, 11:21

Crypto exchanges are required to allow the users of various crypto coins/altcoins to trade their currencies. By developing your proprietary cryptocurrency exchange software, you can make your website teem with economic activity. Infinite Block Tech provides white label solutions that are scalable and customizable according to your organization’s needs.
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Attain a highly scalable and customizable whitelabel cryptocurrency exchange software from a well experienced cryptocurrency development company, CES. The whitelabel software comes with a name, brand, logo, UX/UI designs based on the personal preferences of each customer. It is highly flexible and any bugs can be quickly and efficiently resolved helping customers with a smooth business experience.
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Build a cryptocurrency exchange software that rightly fits the current business model, with experts from CES. The vast experience and knowledge of our developers in the field, will help with robust technical and security integrations for your exchange software. Not only that, we also assure to constantly analyse and research the changing trends in the market, so that we integrate fitting features into the software that will attract customers from all around the globe.
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One of the top, most experienced exchange providers currently in the market is Blockchain App Factory. Their expertise helps with a robust, holistic cryptocurrency exchange software, inbuilt with the most advanced, exclusive features and cutting-edge blockchain technology, which will attract a wide-range of customers globally, thereby gathering huge profits and benefits for the exchange business.

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