I am going to explain, an app is used to connect customers with camera owners; it is like renting the camera to others temporarily. The main product of your new camera rental startup is the app solution.

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Spotnstay 6 february 2020, 13:23


Thanks to online travel apps as Airbnb, people can book accommodations, buy tickets, and compare prices using their smartphones or laptops.

That is why online travel industry continues growing. According to Statista, global online travel sales have increased in 2019, counting 755.94 billion U.S. dollars.

And if you plan to develop the travel app like Airbnb, continue reading.

In the article below, we share current Airbnb stats and tops competitors, the guideline on how to make an app like Airbnb and how much it will cost. Let's start!

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markcorwin 24 august 2019, 17:31