With the rise of coronavirus (COVID-19), businesses around the world are facing major disruptions. They are struggling to continue business operations and secure their corporate assets. At the same time, employees are combating a tough fight against the virus itself. To make things worse, cybercriminals are riding on this opportunity, trying to make the most of the situation. A couple of weeks ago, Proofpoint researchers discovered coronavirus-themed attacks. Apart from the increase in malicious messages, experts observed a form of attack budding on the fear of purported unreleased cures for coronavirus.

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Amid the spread of this global pandemic, employers are tossing between allowing their employees to work from home or continue to operate from the established offices. Regardless, organizations need to consider the risks associated with their data security and data privacy in the wake of potential impact.

As coronavirus is not only affecting one’s health but also the continuous growth of businesses, it is time for them to expand their IT disaster recovery and contingency plans to address unforeseen scenarios. Enterprises need a plan that covers all possible types of fabricated attacks during the rapid emerging outbreak of COVID-19.
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Cellular networks are increasingly used for more than voice calls. Improved handsets and the networks' increased data transfer speeds have resulted in the development of a range of sophisticated mobile phones or 'smartphones' and handheld PCs, tablets and other mobile devices.

Cellular network technologies
Technologies connected with cellular phone services include:

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4G - fourth-generation data transmission services deliver high data rates equivalent to fast broadband networks
3G - third-generation data transmission services deliver fast data rates equivalent to standard broadband networks
global positioning system (GPS) - allows the position of a device to be precisely located
short messaging service (SMS) - text messaging
multimedia messaging services (MMS) - allows the sending and receiving of other communications such as images, audio and video
global system for mobile communication (GSM)/general packet radio service (GPRS) - data transmission services carried over cellular networks
The newest, fifth-generation of mobile internet connectivity – or 5G – is still in its infancy. It relies on new radio technology that runs on higher frequencies, and promises much faster data download and upload speeds, wider coverage and more stable connections. For now, however, its primary role is to boost the capacity of the existing 4G networks rather than replace them.

What can cellular networks do?
Cellular technologies offer additional ways for networking of mobile devices. The worldwide coverage of cellular networks means that such facilities are often available in places where other types of networking, such as local area networks (LANs) and wireless LANs, cannot reach. As a result, you can use these technologies alongside WLANs as a means of 'roaming' - maintaining contact while travelling.
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The SDWAN or software defined wide-area -network is a specialized application of SDN technology applied to wide area network (WAN) connections like 4G, broadband Internet, MPLS or LTE. SDWAN solution helps to meet an organizations objective of security, WAN performance and cost-reduction.

Further, SD-WAN decouples the network from the management plane and abstracts management and monitoring functions from hardware. Other key benefits which SD-Wan solution render are centralized management (including configuration) of WAN and time saving features like Zero touch provisioning.

If you are seeking a quality input over some of the best SDWAN vendors in the market then you are certainly at the right place. Here, on the basis of network performance, security, ease of application and long term affordability, we have ranked top 8 SDWAN vendors in market for enterprise networks.

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Products for WANs (Wide Area Networks) are developed by this company including Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) and WAN optimization. The company delivers true transformational cloud promise with its unique model of business-first networking. Starting its journey from a WAN Optimization company, Silver peak has taken great leaps in transforming to SDWAN leader (Gartner leaders Quadrant in year 2018 and 2019) and has been giving very tough competition to VMware and Cisco.
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The most common SD-WAN deployment model includes vendor-branded hardware known as SD-WAN edges, but there are also virtual options for the cloud. The edge replaces service provider handoffs – Ethernet, LTE, T1 – and offers routing or switching access to the branch infrastructure.

Network Function Virtualization (NFV) is another deployment model, where virtualization and white box compute platforms are combined. Regardless of deployment model, a physical networking element is required to connect back to the SD-WAN edge. The SD-WAN device must also provide the functionality needed to incorporate the branch into the WAN and the rest of the network.

What are the benefits of SD-WAN?
Organizations are now requiring a higher level of agility than what traditional WAN designs offer. With SD-WAN technology, businesses can instantly realize benefits such as secure connectivity and endpoint management, transport and hardware independence, bandwidth efficiency, improved application performance and simplified IT operations.
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An SD-WAN offers a much more agile and affordable platform compared with traditional branch office network connectivity, as it avoids organisations having to make relatively costly capital expenditure (capex)-intensive purchases. All costs are now transformed to operational expenditure (opex).

With the addition of aggregation technologies, centralised management and application-aware routing, SD-WAN delivers flexible and scalable connectivity that can be significantly cheaper than a traditional WAN architecture. But there is much more to SD-WAN than just cheaper branch office connectivity, so IT buyers have a lot more to consider.

For instance, Brad Casemore, vice-president of research, datacentre networks at IDC, says: “As the digital transformation initiatives and cloud strategies of large enterprises mature and become increasingly sophisticated, SD-WAN offerings must be capable not only of scaling to accommodate large numbers of sites, but also of providing multi-tenant and segmentation capabilities that the world’s largest enterprise customers demand for control, manageability and consistent security across multi-cloud environments.”

In December 2019, a study from Cato Networks found that failing to fully consider digital transformation requirements can undermine firms’ long-term SD-WAN satisfaction. The fourth annual state of the WAN report, Networking in 2020: Understanding digital transformation’s impact on IT confidence in enterprise networks, said nearly three-quarters of respondents expressed significantly less confidence in their networks after digital transformation.
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If your company does sign up for enterprise support, it makes sense to make good use of the financial investment. However, I have seen a number of ways that companies engage with Enterprise Support that result in poor outcomes.

DON’T believe that Enterprise Support replaces staff training. You may well find yourself asking AWS Support relatively basic questions. This isn’t a bad thing; that’s what they’re there for. That said, if your primary mode of engagement with Enterprise Support is to ask basic “How do I use this service” questions, your money may be better spent on hiring internal staff who are already up to speed on AWS concepts. Despite their best efforts, AWS cannot take ownership of your applications the way that internal staff can – and should.

DON’T treat the Enterprise Support staff as though they’re the enemy. Because they’re not. I have seen people draw sharp lines between “us” and “them.” These start at the level of communications failures, and continue into the realm of failures of empathy.

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Yes, I understand that you want to keep company information proprietary. You’re loathe to explain that the technical problem you’re trying to solve is to sort Twitter for Pets’s dog-tweets by breed at scale. But you have to find an acceptable way to share what you are trying to do, or the professionals are limited in their ability to help you. If you refuse to tell your account team what you’re working on, you cannot reasonably be upset if it turns out that AWS releases a service that solves your exact problem.

AWS builds a great number of services that solve common problems. I constantly marvel at how often I see an architectural problem in one client’s environment that mirrors what’s going on in another client’s environment. If you’re trying to move data from one place to another, or working around a frustrating limitation in AWS’s offering (or your perception of such a limitation), start by talking with your account team. Very often the answer takes the form of, “Wait a few weeks and this will go away.”
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In a disturbing move, within 24 hours, NPCIL ate its own words and admitted that there indeed was an incident. Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), it said, had noticed a malware attack that breached India’s largest nuclear power facility’s administrative network on September 4.

Further investigations had revealed that a user had connected a malware infected personal computer to the administrative network.

NPCIL emphasised that the nuclear plant’s operational systems were separate (in technical parlance this is called an air-gap) and the administrative network was not connected to it. Hence there was nothing to fear.

What is more worrying than NPCIL’s somersault was its lack of openness (the attack happened almost 55 days earlier), reluctance to share any details about the nature of the malware and, most importantly, obfuscate this grave development by saying that ‘any attack on the nuclear power plant control system is not possible’ as they are standalone systems.

The malware, DTRACK, was developed by a North Korean hacker group and specialises in extracting information from a system. The Washington Post has quoted Virus Total, a virus scanning website owned by Alphabet (Google’s parent), saying a large amount of data was stolen during the breach. This, data, the paper added, could be used to plan the next attack more efficiently.

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What type of data is trending on the dark web?
Fraud guides accounted for nearly half (49%) of the data being sold on the dark web, followed by personal data at 15.6%, according to Terbium Labs.

Cybersecurity in a remote workplace: A joint effort
With so many employees now working from home, business networks have been opened to countless untrusted networks and – potentially – some unsanctioned devices. Naturally, the question of security arises given the need to ensure that employees are well prepared for the challenges associated with remote work. It also means that businesses must be certain that their security infrastructure is well geared to secure personal and corporate data.

Will Zoom manage to retain security-conscious customers?
While Zoom Video Communications is trying to change the public’s rightful perception that, at least until a few weeks ago, Zoom security and privacy were low on their list of priorities, some users are already abandoning the ship.

GDPR, CCPA and beyond: How synthetic data can reduce the scope of stringent regulations
As many organizations are still discovering, compliance is complicated. Stringent regulations, like the GDPR and the CCPA, require multiple steps from numerous departments within an enterprise in order to achieve and maintain compliance.

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April 2020 Patch Tuesday: Microsoft fixes three actively exploited vulnerabilities
For the April 2020 Patch Tuesday, Adobe plugs 5 flaws and Microsoft 113, three of which are currently being exploited by attackers.
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Most employers require systems analyst applicants to have at least a bachelor's degree in computer systems analysis, computer science, computer information systems (CIS), management information systems (MIS), business intelligence or a similar field of study. As this field deals with both business and IT, some systems analysis positions require a Master of Business Administration (MBA), preferably with a technical focus, such as information systems or technology management. Whichever your learning path, systems analysts should expect to take classes throughout their careers to stay competitive and keep up with emerging and innovative technologies.

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Marketable skills to look for in a system analysis education program include business intelligence analysis, technology management, software development, business & information systems administration, data processing, project management, business systems integration, risk management and soft skills.

Systems analysts should also learn the business-side of their chosen field. For example, a bank may prefer a systems analyst with a background or coursework in finance, while a hospital might fast-track candidates with health care knowledge. Keep this in mind when planning your degree program curriculum and electives. The subject matter in computer systems analyst training works well with online learning platforms.
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Once you purchase our practice material for CompTIA Project+ PK0-004 certification test, the material is made available for you without any delay. There will be no long procedures of downloading or going through several sites to get our PK0-004 CompTIA Project+ practice tests. Our PDF format is easy to use on mobile phones. The questions are easy to read and adjust according to the screen size. You will be saved from the hassle of downloading or installing the PDFs. Another user-friendly feature of PDF format is that you can easily print the material as to get the material in hard-copy.

As per Payscale, the average salary for a Certified Project+ professional is around $67000 per year in the United States. However, part-time work can also be rewarding and beneficial for advancing your career. Those interested in working on a freelance basis should visit FieldEngineer.com for the best opportunities.

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