WAN Technicians are experts who resolve problems relating to an organization’s wide area network (WAN), whether it be onsite or in the field. They further evaluate existing network systems. Technicians also supervise the maintenance, installation, and operation of a wide area network as well as related computer hardware and software.

WAN Technicians must ensure network connectivity in all sizes of buildings. Technicians further perform the installation of a wide area network’s hardware and software, for the purpose of creating enterprise-wide data communication through the means of an intranet.


As per the salary estimate from salary expert, the average salary of WAN Technicians in the United States is $67,177 per year. Additionally, the average yearly bonus is $2,217. Part-time employment can also be a great option, with plenty of rewards that can boost your career. In the Global Freelance Marketplace, FieldEngineer.com offers the best platform for freelance WAN Technicians, where they can achieve maximum exposure.

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Primarily the Avaya Certified Implementation specialist is to focus on maintaining the communication infrastructure of an organization. They maintain and update unified voice, video, and web conferencing communications infrastructure and services by delivering complete lifecycle engineering support resulting in solutions that are effective, safe, and responsive.

Avaya Certified Implementation Specialist Job Description

The Avaya implementation Specialist ensures that service and maintenance are provided to the clients on specified time at the designated field.

Implementation specialist is the great channels between the organization and their clients. The major objective of a specialist is to find out clients requirements and how they will use the system and software efficiently for their constant support for the communication system.

The Implementation Specialists need to reduce the interruption for the client network or system at a satisfactory level. They perform the documentation process for the issue logged with a standard trouble ticket system for a better resolution to their communication system.
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A VMware Certified Professional (VCP) sets up, organizes, manages and supports data center virtualization using VMware's vSphere environment. This professional must have hands-on working experience with vSphere implementation. They should be conversant with VMware vSphere and related technologies.

The technician must demonstrate a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of network virtualization. This professional manages and configures various technologies to maximize the virtual infrastructure. They will address issues related to the Microsoft Windows or Linux Operating systems. These certified technicians possess expertise in VMware core components and their relation to storage and networking.


The desired candidate possesses a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Electrical Engineering, or any other related field. Employers often consider hiring individuals who have prior work experience. They often seek candidates with a Bachelor's degree or a relevant specialization as these applicants often possess a thorough understanding of the technologies.


According to Indeed.com, on average, the VMware Certified Professional salary ranges from approximately $74,650 per year for Systems Administrator to $103,739 per year for Senior System Engineer. As per Payscale.com, the VMware Certified Professional salary remains around $87K annually in the United States. The Glassdoor.com salary estimate states that the national average wage of VMware Certified professional salary is $41,571 per year in the United States.
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GDPR Compliant Contextual & Behavioral Targeting
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In today's society, we hear a lot of talk about social media. However, some people are not aware of the meaning for social media. What is social media? How are we affected by this? There could be a few definitions for what social media is. However, one brief and clear definition for social media is that it is an instrument for social communication. An example of social media is the daily newspaper or radio. The newspaper or radio is definitely a communication tool that is used on a daily basis.
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The second quarter of 2012 is in a full swing, and the number of rumors is growing around IPO of number 1 social network. Let's recall what happened to this network and try to calculate how much it really costs. Where did the figure of $ 100 billion come from? And why is it overstated?
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Representatives of the social network Facebook announced about their intention to create a reliable and practical search service for the search of the necessary information among the large amount of the user content. Until now, many Facebook users complained about the lack of the normal means for the search of the necessary information among the tools of this social network. Still, the administration decided to create the search, and Lars Rasmussen, previously working in Google on Google Wave, is involved in development of this service.
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According to the experts’ opinions, a rough estimate of Facebook value after the stock market launch (IPO) will make $ 100 billion U.S. dollars. Now Zuckerberg's brainchild will be next to such giants as Disney ($ 70 billion), Billiton ($ 72 billion), Amazon ($ 82 billion) and McDonald's ($ 101 billion). People enthusiastically clap their hands and count the approximate income from shares in the first year of trading.
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Starting March 30, 2012 all public Facebook pages will be converted to a new design. By the way, now the page administrators can preview and see how it will look like, as well as try out some new features.
Now the information is presented in the form of chronicles in the new design. Also, the new functions and the features include:
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imageWords of Vivec Gundotra, Senior Vice-President of Social Business for Google caused mixed responses in the blogosphere that the social networking service Google+ will allow using aliases, and in the next few months there will be functional with the support of other types of identity.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has published the winning press release that common sense has prevailed and usual anonymity again legalized for the Internet.

However, the more skeptical users doubt the good intentions of Google. They rightly point out at the apparent halfway solution of Google. If Google simply would allow using aliases, then it does not need to improve anything, but it would be enough to announce that the company stops to delete aliases accounts. There cannot be other options.

Why does the company need several months to develop an incomprehensible functional? This can only mean one thing: the company is developing some new rules for the use of aliases. What will they be? It is unknown, but it is unlikely that these new rules will please the supporters of anonymity on the Internet.

"The term of several months indicates the development of a more complex solution, so you can be sure that Google is going to screw it up writes Jamie Zawinski (jwz) who is a well-known developer from the open source. In my opinion, they still will require indicating the real name when registering, but they graciously allowed using one or two nicknames”.

According to Zawinski, the user’s identification is necessary in order to sell users to the advertisers.
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