¡Hola, lector! Así que tus vagabundeos te han llevado al lugar de nacimiento de GloFi. Es posible que esté confundido en cuanto a lo que quiero decir con GloFi, o la moneda N2 que se ha mencionado en el título. ¡No temas! Hemos escrito un artículo para responder a esas mismas preguntas. Así que abróchese el cinturón para un recorrido rápido por N2C y GloFi. Listo? Vamos a empezar.

¿Qué es GloFi?
El término GloFi es la abreviatura de Global Finance. Has oído hablar de Defi y Cefi. Son diferentes enfoques sobre las finanzas y cómo se estructuran los servicios financieros. GloFi es una nueva versión de las finanzas. Permite a los clientes aprovechar una amplia gama de servicios financieros de diversos orígenes en una única plataforma. Ofrece servicios bancarios y criptográficos sin interrumpirse entre sí.

¿Para qué se utiliza la moneda N2?
N2 Coin es el token que se puede utilizar para aprovechar los servicios financieros de la plataforma N2. La moneda N2 se indica con el símbolo N2C. La plataforma N2 es el entorno que proporcionó GloFi a sus clientes.

En términos sencillos, N2 Coin es el boleto para acceder a los servicios financieros ofrecidos por The N2 Platform.

Servicios ofrecidos en la plataforma N2:
1. Cuenta global N2:

Una vez que se registra en la Plataforma N2, le permite crear una Cuenta N2 Global:
La cuenta N2 es un perfil de cliente único que se puede autenticar globalmente. El propósito de la cuenta N2 es minimizar las complejidades en la identificación de clientes en todo el mundo. Permite al cliente vincular varias cuentas bancarias en todo el mundo y, al mismo tiempo, agilizar los servicios financieros sin causar confusión ni discrepancias.

2. Pagos bancarios / criptográficos:
Los clientes de la plataforma GloFi pueden utilizar N2C para realizar transacciones de pago. La plataforma N2 facilita tanto los pagos fiduciarios tradicionales al respaldar a los bancos como a los pagos con criptomonedas. Los pagos criptográficos son iniciados por las billeteras criptográficas de los clientes, que pueden vincularse a la cuenta N2 a su discreción.

3. Recaudación de fondos:
Los clientes pueden utilizar N2 Coin para aprovechar los servicios de recaudación de fondos en la plataforma N2. Los servicios globales de financiación colectiva permiten a los inversores internacionales invertir en ICO alojadas en la plataforma.

4. Financiamiento comercial:
Los servicios de Trade Finance ofrecidos en la plataforma N2 cubren pagos transfronterizos y asistencia financiera a comerciantes y compradores. N2 Platform ofrece privacidad de usuario global para garantizar la confidencialidad en transacciones comerciales y acuerdos a través de contratos inteligentes.

5. Seguimiento de préstamos y créditos:
La plataforma N2 garantiza préstamos automatizados y seguimiento de crédito a nivel mundial gracias a la asociación con instituciones bancarias tradicionales. Las características como el seguimiento de crédito en vivo, los préstamos instantáneos de criptomonedas / fiat y los reembolsos en fiat / criptomonedas están disponibles en abundancia para el cliente.

Al permitir que múltiples servicios financieros coexistan en una plataforma común, el usuario final tiene la variedad de opciones de productos y servicios financieros. Se considera que GloFi es el siguiente paso en la revolución económica. Visite nuestro sitio web para formar parte de la próxima generación de innovación financiera.
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N2 Coin - Determined To Transform The Global Finance
Banks and Cryptocurrencies have been regarded as pole opposite institutions in terms of new-age finances. While banks offer traditional methods to finance, cryptocurrencies have unique approaches. Although cryptocurrencies offer freedom and transparency in finances, banks are perceived to be more reliable owing to the regulations and rules framed by the government.
Experts believe the collaboration between traditional banks and crypto services is the ideal solution for customers. Such collaboration can offer the best of both worlds.=The N2Group has is offering just that with the launch of the N2 Platform and the cryptocurrency, N2 Coin.
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PVS-Studio is a static code analyzer detecting errors and potential vulnerabilities in the code of applications written in C, C++, and C#. We've been entertaining the readers of our blog for a long time by checking various open-source projects and commenting on the bugs found. Now our articles have every chance to become even more interesting because PVS-Studio can now check the code of embedded devices. We have added support for a few ARM compilers, which I talk about in detail below. Bugs in embedded devices and robots could be more of a spectacle than bugs in regular applications. When showing up in such devices, bugs don't simply cause a program to crash or hang, or display an image incorrectly; they make Wi-Fi kettles go mad and boil the water until it's all gone and the thermostat trips. That is, bugs tend to be more interesting and creepy in the world of embedded systems.

Kate Milovidova 5 march 2018, 7:42

MSL Curiosity did the most detailed geological research on Mars

Chemistry & Mineralogy X-Ray Diffraction is one of the most accurate methods of mineralogical analysis. Due to this method it is possible to find out the mineral composition, not the chemical. For example, diamond and graphite are identical in terms of chemistry, but the different formation conditions affected the crystal lattice structure and radically changed the mineral nature. The purpose of Curiosity was just to determine what conditions led to the mineral formation on Mars in the past.

BumBum 15 november 2012, 16:00

Racing simulator experts know that the computer always uses the ideal trajectory, and it does not make any mistakes, but this is only in the game. What about the real life?
Pirat 12 november 2012, 19:48

This cyberplatform is able to carry up to 9 grams of useful load.

Let’s take a look at a caterpillar. At some point it turns into a butterfly. Here is a simple question, namely is it possible to give it the synthetic components that allow building a cyborg-insect? Answer would be yes it is. Michel Maharbiz, associate professor did it.
BumBum 2 may 2012, 15:50

imageI want to have a robot! It would entertain me ...dance ...cook ... and clean for me. While you are continuing to dream, I am going to talk about the wonderful robot that now you can buy at a reasonable price, and at the same time we will look into the over mentioned things, which the robot could do, namely dancing, entertaining, and washing socks. This robot is named Bioloid. It is made by Robotis Korean Company. This Bioloid has an interesting peculiarity, namely using its kit of parts you can build different types of robots, starting from a simple lift gate and finishing with a dinosaur robot or an android. In fact, you can build your own unique robots.
Pirat 10 april 2012, 13:07

The technological progress is moving from the futuristic androids to more practical developments.

A few days ago, Boston Dynamics that is a maker of the Big Dog has posted a video on internet about another project - Petman. Previously, it has already been written about it, however the development of this project had not been finished in that time. What we see now is truly amazing.

Here is some information about the project:

Petman is an anthropomorphic robot for testing chemical protection clothing that are being used by the U.S. Army. In contrast to the previous suit testers, which had a limited set of motions and had to be supported mechanically, Petman will balance itself and move freely; walking, crawling and doing a variety of suit-stressing calisthenics during exposure to chemical warfare agents. Petman will also simulate human physiology within the protective suit by controlling temperature, humidity and sweating when necessary, all to provide realistic test conditions.
Papay 18 november 2011, 10:37


The last few weeks were marked by two major robot exhibitions in Asia that were held one after another. It all has begun with the Korea’s Robot World 2011 exhibition and ended with Japan’s IREX 2011. There were shown amazing prototypes despite the fact that android- engineering is only a small part of the Asian (and global) robotics technology.
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Fully automated minibuses (pods) were launched at the Heathrow Airport:
• Their speed is at up to 40 kilometers per hour.
• Carrying capacity of one pod is four passengers.
• They have fully automatic operation.
• The pods are at 70% more efficient than cars, and at 50% that usual buses.
• More than 100 000 people have been used this transport since April.


It is recommended to see a video, this was a project at that time and now, it is a reality.
Here is a link to the video and article how it works now.
BumBum 20 october 2011, 12:36