Amazon is a multinational company that focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. They are global leaders when it comes to devising innovative strategies to address environmental issues. They are committed to and have invested in numerous eco-friendly projects worldwide. Amazon is currently focusing on redesigning their packaging methods in order to reduce waste.
They are keen on using right-sized, recyclable packages that will minimize the waste produced. Amazon is currently focusing on a science-based approach that includes lab testing, machine learning, material science, and manufacturing partnerships to contribute to a healthier planet. Over the years, Amazon has launched numerous climate-friendly programs due to its commitment to be carbon neutral by 2040.
Amazon has officially given a statement saying customers will now get a ‘Climate Pledge friendly’ label on their delivery packages. It is directly applicable to more than 25,000 products on the platform. Amazon has also started incentivizing selling partners to create sustainable products that adhere to the norms of environmentally friendly products. The Chief Executive Officer of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, also added that they had added 18 external certification programs for partners as a step to take action on climate change.
This recent by the Global leader has made entrepreneurs all over the world rethink their business strategies. Entrepreneurs have partnered with credible, knowledgeable, and innovative startups to optimize their Amazon clone script. Apart from the fact that Amazon delivers over 10 billion products in a year, they own a massive transportation fleet. They have planned to introduce zero-emission vehicles on the road before 2030 to reduce the atmosphere’s CO2 pollution. The company’s contribution will add up to a significant cause by curbing the emissions that warm the planet.
The challenge is quite daunting as the company is known for its aggressive deliveries to customer’s doorstep and transferring products in planes, long-haul trucks, and delivery vans from their warehouses. They are currently into a build-the-plane-as-you’re-flying its strategy as it is not an easy goal. There are no specific ways to reach since any company hasn’t accomplished this goal before, and it intersects with their business activities.
Even though Amazon is one of the major tech companies on the planet, they have acknowledged that they cannot accomplish this massive task alone. Their Climate Pledge is an invitation to other startups to match their zero-carbon target and to share their research on it.
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Due to the arrival of Covid-19, lockdown has implemented worldwide by several governments. As a result of this people are compelled to stay at home to break the transmission chain of corona. This made several business to go down, but this pandemic situation shines as the perfect time for the online businesses. As people are limited from visiting physical stores, they have no other choices rather than going for online platform via mobile apps to fulfill their basic needs.

Well this situation made several companies to struggle to sustain with the changing business environment. But some have taken advantage of the current situation. They have taken their services on-demand, allowing users to avail them online. Many entrepreneurs build their own app for their businesses to encash on this opportunity. This made Gojek clone app development as the most trending business model in the online marketplace.

Among several apps, multi-service providing apps like Gojek are the most sought after app solutions as they incorporate multiple essential services in one app. Moreover, people feels convenient while using these apps as it enables them to book taxi, order food and grocery, make bill payments, consult doctors, send parcels, and much more. Everything by accessing a single multi-services app.

How can I make money by launching a multi-service app like Gojek?

By launching a multi service providing app like Gojek, you can connect the consumers who looks for products & services and the merchants who offer products and services. Here I have detailed the income sources bringing in most of the revenue to understand how does Gojek make money.

Charging fee to Merchants:

You can charge commission to the merchants who sell their services by utilizing your app. Well, this is the primary method how does Gojek makes money. By listing their services in your multi service providing app, you can help the merchants to build their revenues and expand their business to more significant avenues.

Charging fee to Consumers:

In this method, you can charge users a little amount as service charge for bringing a host of services to their doorstep. This service charge is integrated into their bill and they can pay it directly via online transaction. Well, this charge should be minimal as it should not be burden for the consumers.


This is the most common method used by the app owners to generate revenue in these days. In this method, you can show ads to your users and can get a considerable amount from the ad owners. You can charge amount separately for the users to show ads and also can charge additional amount once they click those ads.

Where can I build a multi-service providing App Like Gojek?

Well building a bug free multi-service providing app like gojek might not be a simple task. Integrating a 50+ on-demand services in a single app and making it to work smoothly will a challenging one. In order to overcome these challenges, you are in need of an expertise like MacAndro. Being a reputed on-demand app development company, MacAndro upholds heap of domain knowledge in providing the best Gojek Clone App Development Services. Using our Gojek Clone Script, you can launch your on-demand multi-service business in both mobile platform and as website. Our ready-made gojek clone script scan be quickly customized in just 5 days as per the business needs.
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What if you get to use one of the most preferred programming languages to develop your site? That would be ideal, won’t it? Say hello to PHP.

Around 78.9% of the websites out there works on PHP, a server-side programming language. That is more than a quarter!

Did you know WordPress uses PHP? Considering around 34% of websites on the Internet are WordPress sites, PHP is in a strong position. It’s not all. Many content management systems or CMS such as Joomla and Drupal also uses PHP! Facebook still uses PHP and so does Yahoo, Tumblr and iStockphoto, just to name a few.

Why is PHP so popular?

The popularity of PHP comes down to three elements: the fact that you can do anything with PHP, the countless number of frameworks under PHP, and the fact that PHP is taught in most computer science university classes.

With this in mind, it’s no wonder there are so many people looking at the option of hiring a PHP developer.

PHP can run on anything and do almost anything

One reason why PHP remains one of the top choices for new projects is the fact that PHP can run on any default web server and it can be used in a variety of things — from fully developed software to server-side scripting.

A lot of popular applications run on PHP. The most famous one is WordPress. So if you are looking to make custom changes to your WordPress’s blog backend, you’ll be looking to hire a PHP developer for that.

They Have Exceptional Skills and Knowledge

You know everything about your business and they know everything about the technology you need to kickstart your business conquests. The developers have profound technical knowledge which helps to build the most dynamic and well-functioning application apt for your business.

Cost of hiring a PHP developer

Below is a comparison of how PHP compares with other languages in terms of salaries.

PHP developers are likely more affordable to hire because the language is more well-known, thus there are more developers available at a wider range of hourly rates. If you need a local developer or a remote developer in the same time zone, or if you are on a tight budget, the pool of talent available can likely accommodate most business needs.
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As we all know that corona virus has brought significant changes to what constitutes “normal’ life all over the world. With lockdowns being imposed in every country, usage of digital devices especially smart phones has surged considerably.

Even though we herd lot about education apps like Google Classrooms, Zoom, and DuoLingo and some business oriented app, but silently gaming apps dominated app downloads and consumer spending.

Moreover in recent times, multi-game platform apps are playing a considerable role in the gaming industry and enticing tons of users towards it by offering a variety of tiny interesting games to the users. This provoked several entrepreneurs to invest in multi-gaming platform app development, as multi-gaming apps like MPL, Hago & Winzo evolved as money making hub in these days.

What are the benefits & revenue models of Multi-gaming Platform App?

Whatever game it may be, the major factor for developing it will be for generating money. Well, multi-gaming platform is not an exception in this case. There are several revenue generating factors when it comes to multi-gaming platform. Some are mentioned below:

Players buy coins:

In order to play the game, unlock specific characters or some specific features in your app, players will require coins. So, they will spend their money to buy coins from you which will be your revenue. If more players buy coins, your multi-gaming platform produces more revenue. 

You can also earn via conducting a competition and charging the players for participating in the competition. Simultaneously, players can also win cash (via coins) by participating and winning in the competition. Once after winning, they can convert their coins into real money. Both players and app owners get equal benefits in these kind apps and that’s why multi-gaming platform app development is gleaming as the most required gaming app concept in the online marketplace.


Once after your app reaches huge user base, you can earn by showing advertisements to your players and charge money to the concern owner of the product which is displayed in the ad. You can also charge separately for showing ads and also charge certain amount when the players click the ad. This is the most widely used method for revenue generating apps in these days. Most of the apps follow this method to generate money.

List of Games that can be added in your Multi-gaming Platform:

Adding multiple numbers of games to your multi-gaming app adds extra value to your app and results in attaining more number of user bases. Here are some of the popular games that can be listed in a multi-gaming platform app.

2.Carrom board 
4.Puzzle solving
5.Shooting games

Build your Multi-Gaming Platform App Like MPL, Hago & Winzo with MacAndro

Developing a bug free multi-gaming platform app like MPL(Mobile Premier League), Hago or Winzo won’t be simple task. In order a build a feature rich multi-gaming app and to deal successfully with money transaction, you should hire a well experienced and reputed one like MacAndro without doubt. Being the best mobile game app development company, MacAndro design and develop feature rich multi-gaming platform app like MPL with astonishing UI/UX and with integrating high end security measures. 
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Arrival of Covid-19, made the grocery delivery app to be extensively on demand. The grocery apps have seen huge success over the past few years but there is a sudden demand for grocery delivery app development for current situations all over the world due to COVID-19. As groceries is an essential one for human life and so grocery apps have become necessary and convenient for people all around the world and also helps in maintaining social distancing and helps consumers to be home with their required grocery items. 


What makes Launching a Grocery Delivery App as Best Idea Amid COVID-19?

Shopping online through grocery apps is not something new but the current global situation has made it an absolute necessity. Here are some perks of using grocery shopping apps during Corona outbreak:

Helps in Maintaining Social Distancing:

Ordering products using grocery ordering apps is an effective way to ensure social distancing. Moreover, it could prevent virus transmission by providing a safe and convenient shopping experience to users.

Improves Global Economy:

Grocery delivery boy apps could contribute to global economic stability and provide an economic boost by generating job opportunities for the daily wagers and delivery workers.

Supports Small-Scale Grocery Stores:

Local independent grocers are the lifeline for the grocery delivery application. A Grocery shopping app could help small and mid-sized grocers in running their business in this uncertain situation.

Quick Delivery:

Delivery boy apps could ensure quick and timely delivery of products. Delivery boys will do all the leg work for you using grocery delivery apps and deliver what you need to your door.

Highly Minimize the Wastage of Goods:

Grocery apps could play a crucial role in streamlining the grocery supply chain and managing product stocks which will help in reducing the wastage of grocery products.
The above-written statistics and benefits of launching on-demand grocery apps have given rise to entrepreneurs’ interest in setting up their online grocery marketplaces and building grocery ordering and delivery apps.

Source: Fatbit

If you’re one of those who are willing to invest in grocery app development to lift your grocery business during COVID-19, then better approach a reputed and recognized On-demand app development company</a></b> to grab the best grocery delivery app development services.
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Get an effective result-oriented SQL server database recovery tool, with the help of this tool quickly resolve all types corruption issues. This software is enable to open and recover both primary and secondary database file. It supports all versions of MS SQL server and all updated Windows OS versions.

This software is 100% safe and secure which enable to maintain the data hierarchy during recovery and also keep maintain original data structure of SQL as well as before recovery. It generate log report which can be seen in main panel of the manage with complete details.

Technical or non technical both can easily use this tool without have any specific knowledge. It provide a trial version also which let the users to see the preview of bak files and analyze the log files.

Use this coupon code (SYSMOON20OFF) to get 20% discount on purchasing the full licensed product.
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As we all know that after streaming series like stranger things, black mirror, elite and money heist, Netflix evolved as a titan of media industry. With more than 150 million paid subscribers and by consuming about 25% of online video streaming traffic, it attracts tons of entrepreneurs to drive into video streaming platform via Netflix clone. If your are one smart business minded, you would already come up with this idea in your mind. How can I Earn from Netflix Clone? Get the basic ideas from which you can generate revenue via Netflix clone App


In subscription method, user will pay considerable fee as subscription for short period of time. This method appears as the cheapest and finest way for the users. Through this process, you can generate a good amount of revenue without doubt.


This model is nothing but showing advertisement to your user’s while they watch videos. After attaining a good number of subscribers, it is possible to generate immense revenue via advertising. Showing ads is a simple task using in live streaming software. YouTube runs under this formula.


In Pay Per View model, a user can purchase videos to view through private telecast. This method is mostly followed by business models who won’t publish content regularly but on intervals just like WWE or UFC. Here, if one is interested to watch only selected videos, then he pays for watching it.

Where can I get the Best Netflix Clone Script?

In order to enter into the OTT market and to dominate like Netflix, you would need a powerful and high functioning Netflix clone script. Well, we MacAndro are highly reputed and recognized OTT app development company in providing powerful Netflix clone script with admin dashboard. Our Netflix clone script helps you to launch a remarkable and scalable video streaming app like Netflix with advanced tech and smart features. MacAndro’s Netflix clone script is especially designed to run in all popular mobile operating systems like Android, iOS and also for web platform.
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Whether you are a member of an organization or you work as a freelancer, an Office 365 email signature can be a valuable tool. You may be in confusion, whether you need an email signature or not. Let's have look into advantages and disadvantages. Creating and implementing an email signature can take time, but there are many more advantages to using one than not.

An email signature is a digital business card. A customary email signature design gives a professional touch to every email you send

By using an email signature, you can quickly share your contact details. Including your address, contact number, and email address makes it simple for your clients to connect with you directly

You can attach hyperlinks to your website in your email signature, which helps your clients to visit your site for more information, and it also increases traffic to your site

An email signature can also increase your social media channels. Adding social media icons in your email signature will bring new followers and likes for your pages and posts

Incorporating the company logo in your email signature, make the receivers an eye catchy to know your brand
Email disclaimer is a legal, and compliance is a statutory requirement in many countries.You can avoid fines and legal action by placing a disclaimer underneath the email signature.

You can include promotional banners for special events and offers, surveys, or upcoming products, events to boost your marketing activities.

Creating email signatures can take a lot of time and effort, especially if you’re doing it all manually.
To manually set up an email signature for your entire company using Microsoft Exchange or Office 365, you have to create transport rules, which come with many
If you request your users to update their email signatures, they may make modifications to the design or eliminate essential parts, such as the disclaimer.
It’s hard to create an email signature that works on all devices. A signature that looks great in Outlook may format strangely on your mobile.
If you’re embedding the images into the signature, it may not always appear when the recipient opens the email, and it can have a strange format.

Sigsync Web-based – Signatures for Office 365 resolves all your signature problems; Designing and implementing an email signature for your enter company is simple. No need to manually deal with connector rules, everything is taken care of automatically. You can make edit your email signature in seconds and immediately role out for the entire organization.Signatures will consistent and formatted correctly in your email. The signature generator allows you to create HTML email signatures that work on all devices, including Mac and mobiles. You can centrally manage and control all Office 365 users’ signatures.
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Many organizations around the world are getting benefited from Microsoft Office 365 services. This cloud-based email solution has enabled businesses with the utmost productivity. Often the need arises for Office 365 to Office 365 migration. For this, essential Office 365 mailbox / documents need to be migrated. As Office 365 related processes are complex, most users do not know how to migrate mailbox from one Office 365 account to another one. This issue will be resolved now with EdbMails Office 365 mailboxes migration.

EdbMails Office 365 Migration has the ability to migrate emails, calendars, contacts, and tasks of one Office 365 account to another. Even if the data export is between different Office 365 domains, this application can perform it easily. Users can also select specific folders only to migrate as this tool allows Office 365 selective data transfer. In a nutshell, it is an ideal solution for Office 365 Mailbox Migration.

Some of the highlighted features are:

Migrates all items between Office 365 tenants
Exports data between different Office 365 Domains
Selective data migration using “Date Filter”
Incremental migration if you pause and resume migration between the same mailboxes.

If you are looking for Office 365 mailbox migration, this is the right migration tool for you. This tool ensures smooth migration between Office 365 Mailboxes.

To Know More Visit: Office 365 tenant to tenant migration
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EdbMails EDB to PST converter tool is specially designed to repair and convert EDB file of any size. It can export unlimited mailboxes from an offline Exchange EDB file to PST files, thereby it helps you to repair the corrupt and damaged EDB files to reinstate your Exchange server. EdbMails performs deep recovery scanning on EDB file and generates the preview of EDB file with the mailboxes, folders and items. This intern helps you to preview EDB file mailboxes and its item details.
Key Features - Exchange Recovery:
Convert EDB mailboxes, public folders to Outlook PST files
Migrate Offline Exchange EDB file Mailboxes, Pub folders to Office 365
Migrate Offline Exchange EDB file Mailboxes, Pub folders to new Live Exchange Server
No limitation on Exchange EDB file size, number of mailboxes and number of EDB files export.
Supports large EDB files recovery and its conversion to PST file
During EDB to PST export operation, EdbMails can automatically split PST file based on the size.
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