Email signature is very important to have corporate identity. With a well designed, consistent email signature gives the best impact on a customer which results in better professionalism.

Sigsync Office 365 email Signature is the best tool which provides everything to get a corporate identity so, that your company get a brand recognition in the market.

Try out the tool and create the branded Email signature for every mail you send.
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If you are facing any kind of difficulty with converting EDB file to PST format, then you can make use of third party tool EdbMails for the successful conversion of EDB to PST. This is one of the instant solutions for all Exchange database recovery issues with ease.

EdbMails EDB to PST Converter tool functions admirably with most of the versions of Exchange and Outlook. You are allowed to download the demo version of the tool to use all the features extensively and export 30 items from each and every folder of all mailboxes of Exchange to Outlook PST. This will give you an idea of how powerful EdbMails is.

Deleted mailboxes are still retained in the Exchange Server database until it’s permanently deleted by an Exchange administrator or until the mailbox retention period expires. Using EdbMails you can recover deleted Exchange Server mailboxes and permanently deleted emails from Exchange EDB files.

Also, it works for:

Handling a severely corrupt Exchange server file.
Recovers permanently deleted Exchange mailboxes.
Helps to repair and restore Exchange mailboxes.
Removes Exchange errors & viruses safely.
Resolves secondary corruption like Index corruption, database page, etc.
Maintains the original folder structure intact.
It supports all the Exchange server versions such as 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 and you can save EDB data in EML, MHT, and HTML formats.

For more information visit EdbMails official website.
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Certain methods/commands are there to recover Exchange database. Exmerge Utility, Exchange Admin Center (EAC), Exchange PowerShell (Exchange Management Shell) commands.

With the above methods/commands, you may face many obstacles like it can’t convert heavily corrupted, encrypted, password protected, and offline EDB files, it does not support Exchange server 2007 and next versions.

A small error can spoil your original Exchange database. Don’t worry, by using best third party tool you can recover your corrupted database as original. There are several database recovery tools available in the market. But in this blog we will suggest you one good and efficient third party tool which solves almost all the Exchange server issues.

EdbMails EDB to PST Converter is recommended by the Exchange experts from all over the world. One of the simplest and fastest recovery tools to recover each and every bit from your original Exchange database.

How EdbMails software works?

You can take advantage of this software by some simple steps:

Search our website in google.
Download and install our application.
Either you can start by inserting login information or you can start ‘Free Trial’.
(Note: In free trial you can migrate only 30 mailboxes from each folder)

Next select the EDB file which you wish to export.
Export EDB to Outlook PST file.
EdbMails supports almost all latest Exchange versions (2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003) and outlook versions (2000, 2002, 2003, 2007,2010,2013,2016 and 2019).
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Airbnb Clone Script is an online marketplace between the host and the travelers. A host can list their place and rent it to the travelers. Therefore, they can earn money with it. In short, By using an hotel management software, an entrepreneur or startup company can start a business with this software easily.
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Airbnb clone is nothing but a travel app through which people can discover and book comfortable accommodations according to their needs across the globe by using their smart phones or tablet. Moreover, it is an online peer-to-peer marketplace which enables the people to rent/list or get accomodation/lodging  from a single room to an apartment, , a yacht, a castle, a suite or even a houseboat.

As a matter of fact, Airbnb is in active more than 190 countries and 65,000 cities all over the wolrd. Being a successful idea, Airbnb app upholds more than 100 million users and 640,000 hosts. Below pie-chart will explore how Airbnb is simply amazing & cheaper than a normal hotel room booking.

Working Process:

1. Initially, property owner will list out their property details via Airbnb app along with basic details & description of facilities and location along with the photographs.

2. Visitors who seeks for accommodation in the city can acquire lodging facilities where they wish to stay and browse available options according to price, count of days they stay and much more.

3. Once after the visitor confirms the booking, visitors will be charged by the amount mentioned by host plus commission.

4. Finally after the stay, Airbnb will pay the amount to the host after deducting their commission for hosting

Once after reading all this fascinating facts about Airbnb, probably the next question rise within you will, How to establish an app like ?. If so, here is your solution

How to build an App like Airbnb?

Well, developing a travel app like Airbnb and attaining success is possible only if you follow the below business models


In this model, your app acts as a mediator between the property owners who are ready to sell or rent their properties and the travelers who seeks for accommodation.


Some additional features should be provided to the host like clickable buttons which will be easy for the visitors for booking. By providing this clickable buttons to users, you can generate more leads to your host and so you can charge extra charge for every clicks which is redirected to the hotel website.


There should be a option for the visitors to check regarding the hotel contact information by paying for their subscription . Moreover, apart from booking rooms or apartments, some other services like air ticket booking, renting a car and also booking a holidays package from a travel company should be offered to the visitors.

To know more about features & Cost refer this article: FEATURES & COST OF AIRBNB CLONE

MacAndro - One Stop Solution

Being an expert in mobile app development, We furnish custom transportation & hotel booking app like Airbnb in Android and iOS platform according to the user’s requirements. We will asset you to stand unique among your competitors and to lead your transport business by providing automated solutions to your client’s via high performing world Airbnb Clone App.
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Everyone is looking for the perfect tool to create a brand consistency in the market. Email signature is the perfect solution to achieve this. There are many tools available in the market. Sigsync Office 365 email Signature is the perfect solution to raise brand awareness of an individual as well as company. Email signature can include company name, phone number, image, job title, website and links to any social media that are relevant to you.


You can easily create branded Email signatures via centrally managed dashboard. It is completely web-based which avoids additional software to be installed. To utilize the email space for building your company brand, add disclaimer, show advertise etc., incorporate signature at end of email will be the perfect space. Also, it offers a space for legal compliance, to ensure that your company is legally compliant.
We offer 24/7 Live chat and email support for all our users. In addition, we take remote access to your computer and provide you an one-to-one technical support to address the issues there by we try our best to save your time in handling any complex scenario.
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OST file basically stores a copy of your Exchange data for Offline use. As with any other database the OST data is also at risk of corruption from various means be it a malicious software attack, hardware related issues, sudden outlook termination or file system corruption. It is therefore very important to devise a strategy to help you recover the Exchange mailbox data within the OST file reliably.

One strategy is to Convert OST files to PST. PST files, unlike OST files, can be imported into any version of the outlook and its contents viewed. PST files are therefore ideal for scenarios such as this where OST file data is to be recovered.

The best tool to perform OST to PST Conversions with is the EdbMails OST to PST Converter tool. It is an all in one OST Recovery tool that has extensive filtering options, recovers all data along with email properties, allows to preview all OST contents before export and provides a simple to use interface that anybody can easily understand work with.


Steps to Convert OST to PST using EdbMails

The OST to PST Conversion using EdbMails is as easy as making a few clicks. Read below to know how to do it:

1. Launch EdbMails application and select Export OST to PST method
2. Browse for the OST file to proceed with the OST to PST Export operation. Click the ‘Continue’
3. Select the checkbox next to Mailboxes / folders in the application tree-view
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in-depth dive-in into the PHP Development market

Students today have queries regarding job opportunities in the PHP development industry, as well as how to crack the interview. Their different questions are around job requirements and opportunities available, and more.

Based on the information available on various job portals like Google Jobs, Indeed, LinkedIn, and Monster, it is quite clear that the current job role requirements has a direct effect on the pay scale offered. And, preparing these skills with PHP Training Course can open the doors to more significant opportunities.

Most companies we looked into had different opinions based on their approach towards business. Excellent command over primary frontend designing languages such as HTML, CSS, JS, and more is a must.

The knowledge of using various databases like MySQL, MongoDB, along with developing the understanding of Structured Query Language (SQL) is necessary. There are other technologies as well that are optional in some companies, but knowledge of which can be an added advantage. These technologies are AJAX, JQuery, and Front-end frameworks such as Material Designing, Bootstrap, and more.

Apart from knowledge in basic web designing, candidates should have their basics of PHP Programming and Object-Oriented Programming Concepts (OOPS) cleared. In most interviews, interviewers may ask basic questions to understand your grasp on the very fundamentals of PHP. In some cases, interviewers tend to provide real-life challenges like bug correction, code logic tests, and many more to check the skills.

Most companies prefer to select candidates having practical experience in at least one PHP framework. Frameworks are an essential aspect of PHP development as it enhances security, code-reusability, and extensibility in a traditional PHP code. You should brush your skills on popular frameworks such as Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symphony, and CakePHP. As far as the knowledge of the PHP framework is concerned, the more, the merrier.

Traditional IT Companies have outsourcing projects as their prime business focus from different countries. Companies expect their developers to have excellent communication skills. Having good communication skills can prove to be a deciding factor for most candidates. If you can communicate the project requirements and deliverables with your clients in a practical way, your career growth would be evident. Therefore, it is always better to have sound communication skills.

Interpersonal and project management skills can be a valuable add-on. It includes logical reasoning, critical thinking, design thinking, and time management.

Bonus Point: Nowadays, there is an evolving trend of technologies such as Big Data, Blockchain, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and many more. Having practical knowledge of these technologies can kick-start your career with a bang.

The average salary offered to a PHP Developer is anywhere between 1.5 to 3.6 Lakhs per Annum as per various statistical reports on LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Payscale. An entry-level PHP Developer with less than 1-year experience can expect to earn an average total compensation of 1.73 Lakhs per Annum. An experienced PHP Developer receives an average total compensation of 8 Lakhs per Annum. The fundamental difference between their packages depends on the skills they have and the experience they possess.

Preparing the skills mentioned above can not only help you crack the PHP Job Interview but also help in increasing the net compensation offered. Do you wish to learn the core concepts of PHP alongside practical experience on a framework? Join LearnAtRISE`s 4-month classroom cum on the job PHP training course. It is an all in one program where we train students in their technical as well as interpersonal skills.
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PHP, a coding language meant for the web, has long been used for the development of a large variety of digital offerings. From a simple web blog to a complete entity that can serve as a Software as a Service (SaaS) — PHP is a dynamic language that enables the creation of equally versatile products. Now, given the sheer variety of development it facilitates, it shouldn't come as a surprise that a staggering number of companies are already using it; several companies are considering PHP as an option.

Unfortunately, the ones who haven’t already made a choice can often find themselves struggling with the decision to take the plunge. The indecision and doubt are not only understandable but also encouraged. Why? Because it drives one to make sure that they have an in-depth and extensive understanding of the language before they decide to use it for their development project. If you too are at a similar point, i.e., contemplating PHP’s value in the context of your project, allowing us to help you out a little with this list of the most compelling ways in which PHP drives growth.

1. Affordable cost of development: PHP is an open-source general scripting-language, which means that it is available for use free of charge. So, there’s one significant cost eliminated, but there’s more — even most of the tools developers tend to use together with PHP, i.e., like WordPress, are quite affordable or available, again, free of charge. For example, WordPress is also open-source so that it can be used for free, but to utilize, say, ASP, the company will be required to pay to acquire these additional tools to use them with PHP.
2. Security: We don’t have to tell you just how important it is to ensure that everything that resides in the digital realm is as secure as possible. The same need for top-notch security extends to PHP and anything that you may develop with it. Lucky for us, this nifty coding language already offers a world of means to ensure the attainment of high levels of security without relying on external sources. It includes a plethora of security layers that have translated into PHP being widely regarded as one of the safest options on the market.
3. Extensive web servers support: One of the best parts about PHP is that it offers support for a large number of all the leading web servers in the world. Further, it includes personal web servers, Microsoft IIS, iPlanet server, and Netscape, among several others. As a result, it delivers much value to companies and developers who may be planning to upgrade their websites.

As the discussion above demonstrates, undertaking a custom PHP development for your company can prove to be a highly valuable endeavor. After all, PHP is a terrific language in more ways than one — it is affordable, agile in database connectivity, easily one of the most secure options, offers immense scope for saving resources, and so much more!
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The CompTIA CDIA+ certified professional is someone who provides document imaging solutions. The professionals play an active role in planning, designing, and specifying a document imaging and management system. The CompTIA CDIA+ professional should have a proper understanding of project timeline and security needs such as access and document security. The certified experts will recognize the integration requirements and will give appropriate solutions for the external groups.

The freelance professionals will take of the capacity requirements of the server processing and storage. They will record the quantities of the documents and elaborate on the long-term storage capacity requirements. The freelance CompTIA CDIA+ professional will determine the query requirements. They analyze the input requirements such as resolution, image size, volume, and scanner performance. The certified expert will pick the suitable input devices and interfaces depending on the characteristics of the source documents. The professionals must know how to calculate the amount of image and indexing data that can be stored as per the document lifecycle requirements.

The CompTIA CDIA+ professional should have in-depth knowledge of the needed capacity, response times, and throughput rates. The certified experts will gather all the necessary information for the solution design that includes technological environment, infrastructure, types of operating systems, databases.
Read more : https://www.fieldengineer.com/skills/comptia-cdia-plus
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