Nokia Lumia 800 – first impressions

Finally, Nokia has released a really good smartphone. It is my favorite hardware right now, even better than the HTC Desire S with Android that I had before.

The web also has a lot of different reviews of this phone, so anyone interested in it can find them out there.
Here I will just share my thoughts about the Nokia Lumia 800 after using it for some time, which I hope you will be interested in.


This is a brief summary for those who do not like a lot of reading: The device has awesome build quality, but on the other hand it has its drawbacks.

So, here are performance and look:


• standard display 3.7 " with a resolution of 800×400, PenTile AMOLED
• Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 1.4Ghz runs Windows Phone 7.5 Mango
• 8 megapixel autofocus camera with dual LED flash, [email protected] video recording and fast f/2.2 lens
• 16GB of internal storage , no microsd slot
• Weight: 142 g
• Maximum talk time in 2G (3G): 13 (9.5) hours
• Maximum standby time in GSM (3G): 265 (335) hours
• Maximum operating time of music playback: 55 hours

In general, the device looks just awesome, and there is no one who would remain indifferent, even just seeing it. The overall package is also quite good. Of course, it is not a super-mega-top, but all apps run just fine. All games go without any lags. To be honest NFS Undercover has the amazing quality of graphics and smoothness of operation.


1. Design. This phone looks very cool, just not like other iPhone bricks. It is small and very compact to hold in the hand, despite housing a 3.7-inch AMOLED touch screen display. There isn't a great deal of excessive materials around the screen's edges, where the display nearly seamlessly reaches from side to side, and end to end of the mobile.
2. Updates. The first update is now available and includes fixes for charging and audio quality, as well as improved display switching in bright light, which is great.
3. WP7 design. Honestly, I loved it. All that stuff is very quick, smooth and comfortable.
4. Super-fast GPS. It is a huge plus for me. Prior to that, my Desire S could look for satellites for 2 minutes. Lumia 800 gets the accuracy of 20m in the room.
5. Nokia maps. Nokia has included their renowned Maps software, which unlike Google's offering, is actually fully preinstalled. The maps aren't brought down over a data connection, as they reside on the device itself. They are surprisingly good, as well as their navigator. They work quickly and accurately.
6. People Hub. It is a very handy thing. It offers access to all the contacts on the phone, with information brought in from the likes of Windows Live and Facebook - in the new version of the platform, Twitter and LinkedIn have been included. This hub also shows all the social networking updates for each contact, as well as offering posting and responding to updates.
7. Pre-installed Nokia Music. It offers up access to the Nokia music library of 14 million tracks, with free streaming of 100 radio stations made up from all that music, which can be played off-line too. Tracks can even be bought from the Nokia store, as a rival to Zune's music offering and gigs can be listed from surrounding areas or by even artist.
8. Programs. It offers a lot of different programs and games that have high graphic quality. It is nice that paid programs could be tried in demo mode before buying.
9. Camera. It built in to the Lumia 800 with a Carl Zeiss lens and a dual flash LED. This camera is very responsive and takes a good shot, thanks to all that it has on-board and the Microsoft OS. On the side of the phone is a dedicated camera button that is a feature of all Windows Phone 7 devices.
10. Photos. They could be automatically loaded on SkyDrive and shared out with others. It is very convenient. The same feature has recently appeared in Google + for Android.


1. Vibro call. It really frustrates, because it works only the first second of the call, then goes off for 10 seconds, and then again works for 1 second. I understand that it has to save the charge and all that, but you cannot feel the call, it is too short.
2. Search button. It always opens a search page in IE and that is very annoying!
3. Camera’s autofocus. Besides the totally busted white balance and auto-exposure in low light scenes the continuous auto-focus is also not perfectly functional in video mode. It sometimes totally loses focus and gets stuck unless you stop recording and start again. It hunts all over the place and I guess that it may be related to the previously mentioned white-balance and exposure issue. Nokia promises to fix in January patch.
4. PenTile AMOLED. It is dimmer, especially noticeable on a white background with small text.
5. Battery Life. The device has the bad habit of dying; the hardware buttons no longer work so you can’t turn it back on unless you plug it in the charger. This is a known issue that should be fixed in the upcoming update in December.
6. Windows marketplace. It loses to Android in terms of the proposed similar programs. Well, I found for myself AppFlow, which successfully eliminates drawbacks of the market.
7. Ringtones. There are some difficulties with setting a ringtone.
8. Music. The quality of music made me very upset. Maybe it is the built-in player, but the same tracks that were played on Desire S had a clean and deep bass. The Lumia 800 does not demonstrate a good music quality. Perhaps, the lack of equalizer could be blamed for that.
UPD: Here is a link to Nokia Support Discussions!
9. File management and sync pass are done only through Zune.
10. Contacts. There is a problem with creating names in the contacts up to 16 characters (no landscape mode). Go and figure it out! What if people have similar names? The player has the same problem with the names of the tracks.

Overall, I really like this phone, and I have never regretted buying one :), so go and get it!
xially 10 december 2011, 18:59
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