The sports industry, quite like every other industry in the world, has gone through considerable change and transformation over the past few years. The idea of engaging with sports has long evolved beyond the point where it meant merely sitting on a couch and watching a game on your television or perhaps heading out to the stadium to watch your favorite team play live. The fact that things in the context of this industry are changing that viewership has continually dropped over the years, especially when it comes in-stadium engagement rate for games. According to numbers shared by the Union of European Football Associations, the number of people who saw Premier League matches last year dropped by 11 percent as compared to the numbers from the year before.

And unless you have been living under a rock, you know what has caused this monumental shift — novel technologies, especially mobile apps. And it’s not hard to see why; everyone knows that people today prefer everything on their mobile screens, including matches. Second, they prefer to engage on a deeper level, sharing, commenting, and whatnot. But if you are still unsure if your sports company needs a mobile app, allow us to tell you precisely why you do.

1. Convenience: One of the key goals is to ensure high quality customer experience. To that end, a sports mobile app can be loaded with a plethora of features that help take the experience of engaging with your company to a whole new level. It could include live streaming and making sure that users have whatever they need for the entire journey at the tip of their hands, among several other aspects.

2. Foster a robust community: A community not only drives a sport’s popularity but also a million other tangential things, including related mobile apps. To that end, a mobile app can be offered as a seamless platform for users, where they can meet and engage with other fans, chat with them, and do other activities, allowing the company to deliver a high-quality social experience. It thus helps the company to establish loyalty among its users and, therefore, better and continued revenue.

3. Grow ticket sales: Integrating your mobile app with a third-party service that sells tickets for sports events is a terrific way to give your users a straightforward and easily accessible way to quickly book their tickets for all and any matches the team they support may be playing. While they get convenience, the company earns additional revenue with every ticket sold utilizing your app.

The simple truth is that the sports industry can’t afford to be left behind as the world moves towards increasing digitization of, well, everything. And if you also want to ensure that you stay ahead of the curve in this highly competitive world, the wise thing to do would be this: Hire a trusted custom mobile app development company so you will have access to the much-needed expertise you will need for this project.
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Finding love has been an eternal quest for us human beings. With so many books, movies and stories all revolving around finding The One, it’s not a wonder that even today we are in one way or another fixated on finding our one true love.

But we are living in 2019. It seems everything can be solved by creating an app! Ain’t it?

Fortunately for the hopeless romantics, today we have a better chance of finding love, thanks to applications like Tinder. By assessing how to create a dating app, startups are making it easy and simple to find the right match anytime anywhere. To make it easy for your business idea as well, this article focuses on building a dating application. Read about how to create a dating app now.
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In this Digital Era, Everyone wants to Transform their Business with the Latest Mobile App Technologies. So now the people are searching for Best Mobile App Development Companies in Mumbai. Here are the List of Top & Best App Development Companies in Mumbai.
1. DxMinds Innovation Labs Pvt Ltd
- DxMinds is a Global Digital Transformation Company having offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi. The Company provides the app development services using latest Digital Transformation Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, AR VR & Chatbot.
2. Hyperlink Info System
- HyperLink Info System is Ahmadabad based Mobile App Development Company providing the Mobile application development services in Mumbai. The Company was founded in the year of 2011.
2. Sourcebits
- Sourcebits is Digital Transformation Company, Deals with the Android App Development & iOS App Development Services across the Globe.
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You have an idea for an app, and with the encouragement of everyone you started on the development of it. But before doing that, you didn’t consider the cost of developing an app, and that is how you are stuck halfway through the development with no funds. Before beginning with development, you need to consider the factors that affect the cost of building the app of your dreams. If you want to find out more about how much it is going to cost to build your app and the factors that influence it, make sure to follow this blog here.
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Bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular as an investment opportunity as more and more people recognize the possibilities the virtual form of currency offers us. The value of bitcoin is increasing and more people are using Bitcoin for shopping and everything else. And to do this, they need a reliable bitcoin wallet. Now if you want to build a bitcoin wallet, then it is an amazing opportunity for you, since the popularity of bitcoin wallets are at an all time high now. Now, if you really want to develop a bitcoin wallet app, this article can give you some useful insights.
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Dating Apps have become quite popular in the past few months. Enthusiastic individuals from every walk of life, all ages and gender come together on the dating apps, to find their partner. While they order and avail services from mobile apps, dating might be equally feasible, if done through apps.

Such a concept benefits two parties at the same time, users on one side and the app owners on the other. For app owners, it’s crucial to know the monetization methods to increase revenue earned through the app.

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Food delivery apps benefit a lot of people together. In addition to customers, these apps are great for business of the restaurants. One can say that, it is through these apps that restaurants get to a wide range of customers, which otherwise would have been impossible. Maybe, it becomes tough for restaurants to attract customers in the usual way.

Now that we know that customers and restaurant owners are sure-shot winners of food delivery apps, there’s another group of people who greatly benefit. They are none other than, delivery guys. These apps deserves credit for providing employment opportunities to a huge number of people.

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"I experimented with the tasks of the cubic representation in the style of the previous work of Andrew and Richard Guy. The numerical results were amazing ... "( comment on MathOverflow)
That's how the retired mathematician Allan MacLeod came across this equation several years ago. And it's really very interesting. Honestly, this is one of the best Diophantine equations I've ever seen, but I did not see very many of them.

I found it when it began to spread like a network-nesting picture-pseudomem, invented by someone's ruthless mind ( Sridhar , was it you?). I did not understand right away what it is. The picture looked like this:

"95% of people will not solve this riddle. Can you find positive integer values? "

You probably already saw similar pictures-memes. It's always the cleanest rubbish, clickbites: "95% of MIT graduates will not decide it!". "She" is some stupid or poorly formulated task, or a trivial warm-up for the brain.

But this picture is completely different . This meme is a clever or malicious joke. Approximately 99.999995% of people have not the slightest chance to solve it, including a good part of mathematicians from leading universities that do not deal with the theory of numbers. Yes, it is solvable, but at the same time it is really complicated. (Incidentally, it was not invented by Sridhar, more precisely, not completely.) See the story in this comment ).

You might think that if nothing else helps, then you can just make the computer solve it. It is very simple to write a computer program to find solutions to this seemingly simple equation. Of course, the computer will find them sooner or later, if they exist. Big mistake . Here the method of simple computer enumeration will be useless.
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A Canadian game developer, Christopher Albeluhn that has seven years of experience lost his job, but he did not lose his optimism. In his spare time he began to make a new project that was supposed to strengthen his portfolio, namely it is a model of the Earth that is powered by the Unreal engine.
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Most users of electronic books know that the device’s display is very fragile. Many owners of these devices complain that sometimes the weakest impact on the surface of the table can crack a display. Probably, the problem is exaggerated a bit in the most cases, but it would be nice to get a more reliable screen that will not crack due to the careless use. It is likely that the problem will be solved in the next few months as AUO Company has created a flexible e-paper, which is resistant to accidental falls.

Besides other advantages, the AUO’s flexible e-paper is able to work from the flexible solar panels that were designed specifically for this project. This development is called Unplugged Flexible E-paper. The company has already introduced a real prototype of such flexible e-paper, but the release date of the project and the price of e-paper are not known yet. At least, the Unplugged Flexible E-paper is no longer just an idea that exists in the form of a computer model, technically it is all achievable, and as we can see that is implemented.
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