The largest flag collection has 2400 icons are available in these sizes: 16 × 16, 24 × 24, 32 × 32, 48 × 48, and 64 × 64. There are national flags of all countries including these bonuses: England, Abkhazia, Nagorno-Karabakh, the Red Cross, South Ossetia, Somaliland, the flag of Mars, NATO, and so on.
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Previous articles about the icons have generated a lot of interesting questions about the drawing technique, namely mini-illustrations. I will try to uncover this simple mystery :)
I am not going to give you a detailed description of that, because this would require writing a series of lessons, but I want to share a common principle.

I took the icon from the current project as an example.
Rizzoma is a collaborative tool, an alternative to Google-wave.
During working on the website was born the idea of making beautiful icons for each block with the benefits. The snail symbolizes the context messages and essentially it is an advanced symbol @.

Usually working on an icon starts with a pencil drawing, but this time here are enough inspiring Fast snail images. It was decided to make own version of the beautiful and charming snail with a turbine.
Skull 16 march 2012, 15:36

imageOnce I have come across an entertaining post that covered the future of logotypes. The authors attempted to look into the future, and imagine how the famous brands will look like in a few years.

I was inspired by that post, and I thought it would be nice to make my own evolution of the icons. The science-fiction writers invented a huge number of options for the future of our world, and it is likely that all of them someday, somehow will come true.

I could only take a few vivid scenarios of events, arrange their chronology and make the visualization.
Originally, I had the Napoleon's plans: take the most distinctive OS icons and follow their development for five hundred years in advance. Along the way, I realized that firstly a bunch of icons just disappear along the way of time, and others simply will not find counterparts in all science-fiction versions of reality. Secondly I will get a lot of icons and considering my free time to create them will take about a year. I took four of them, which seemed the most promising and here they are:
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Smashing Magazine has released another free set icon Aroma, created by Oliver Twardowski.

Majority of them are 150 icons and ideograms 24 × 24 pixels:


The remaining icons (it is about 103) picture keyboard images.

You can download the icon set for free in ZIP-archive (≈ .zip, 1.5 Mb).

The elements contained in this collection are free for personal and commercial use. Please link to this article if you want to spread the word or give it a tweet or share it. You may modify the file as you wish but please do not redistribute them elsewhere without written permission from Smashing Magazine and Oliver Twardowski.
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