A Juniper Networks Resident Engineer provides support on-site on all technical facets for an organization of network products of Juniper. As they work in conjunction with the organization’s staff, they gain in-depth knowledge of the environment’s precise needs and processes, particular configurations, and problems of its network, and capabilities and drawbacks of its personnel. Therefore, the Juniper Resident Engineers can help by preventing network issues before they crop up, and will also be geared up to sort out problems swiftly when they arise.

Job Description:
Juniper Resident Engineers are required to arrange information gathering workshops with the clients about their present network design in order to understand what the new network design’s technical requirements are, to be conversant with the organizational structure of the client, understand fully the network implementation and support procedures and processes of the client so that they can aid in conceiving a network that is existing and will be viable, and will conduct testing of new features, designs, provide workshops to share knowledge with the engineering staff, and functionality as per the requirements of the client in a lab setting, and assist in developing plans to execute and confirm that they are operating efficiently in the live network.

Engineers must fix the design and architecture issues of the network, diagnose the network and device configurations, and be responsible for network designing. They support in designing and planning of Junos Space, Juniper SRX, EX Series, Juniper MX, and related solutions within the client’s infrastructural network.

Juniper Engineers should return material authorizations (RMAs) and monitor and trail open trouble tickets. They should aid in tracing and network inventory asset management.

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The Infrastructure Architect will work with the complex systems infrastructure and will make the necessary modifications. The professional will look into the technical requirements of the overall management. It is their responsibility to look into the implementation and transition of both operational service and center. The architect will take care of complete detail analysis of infrastructure design and security standards.

They formulate detailed plans to add new systems to the existing core infrastructure. It includes logistic plans for conducting physical integration of hardware. Infrastructure Architects provide technical direction and support throughout this process.

IT Infrastructure Architect | Role, Responsibilities, Jobs, Salary

They evaluate the new system that has been integrated into the client infrastructure. This professional must keep track of the success of the project, identifying best practices for future implementation. Architects provide feedback to the enterprise and incorporate all gathered information into future integration plans.
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The Communication Site Installer is the trained professional who would be involved in the set-up, supervision, routing, distributing, and switching as required by the telephone and dialing equipment that would be used in the main offices of the businesses.

Their primary responsibility would be to help the business clients install and ensure that they have an effective communication system that works without any interruptions across the whole site. These professionals could either be required to be at a designated field venue or the customer’s location.

Their tasks involve servicing or repairing the telephones, cable televisions, Internet, and any other equipment needed for communication within the customer’s premises to ensure that they work at their best performance level.

Job Description:
It is one of the essential parts for the organization to maintain the zero downtime for connection issues. Here are the responsibilities that would be required of the Installer

1, Assist with fixing, installation, or building of communication devices
2, Ability to find faulty equipment and repair them as needed
3, Ability to plan out network installations that would adhere to customer’s orders and technical requirements
4, Responsible for collecting equipment and supplies for the installation location
5, Ability to create the installation diagram
6, Ability to establish voice and data networks with the use of splicing, to run, to terminate, and pulling cables
7, Ability to set up and assemble communication equipment like data and telephone communication lines, switching equipment and wiring
8, Responsible for analyzing the RF coverage for telecom equipment in the current scenario based on Location and height.

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You can look for a computer network technician in real time, meaning that you aren’t going to have to wait around for weeks to get a reply. Thanks to Field Engineer, you can contact engineers around the globe, with over 40,000 currently signed up. Choose from over 180 different countries, to get the service that you need.

Our site is the one stop shop that you need to find the engineer that you require. A network service technician might not be easy to find if you don’t know where to look, but we have experienced engineers in this field signed up to our website who will be able to cater to all of your needs. Our website has made it possible for people to connect on an international basis, which has helped people find the engineering services that they need.

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The certified professional is responsible for taking care of the logical recoveries of disabled hard drives. They should try and avoid BIOS interrupts during the logical recovery. It is the Certified Data Recovery Professional who diagnosis the physical recovery of drivers. They have to compare the samples to live drives to identify the type of physical fault.

Certified Data Recovery Specialist should be well-versed with computer hardware, specifically hard drives and associated equipment. They have to take care of the computer hardware to fixing mechanical issues. The certified expert will perform low level forensics on multiple computer hardware storages. They should create data recovery plans for disaster recovery. The professional should identify the computer data that are either hidden or damaged.

Educational Qualifications
A Certified Data Recovery Professional should have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, telecommunications, information security or any related field. The organizations give the candidate with prior work experience more importance. They can also opt for a master’s degree with a specialization related to data recovery or hard drives.

Certified Data Recovery Professional (CDRP)
This certification provides the candidate with fundamental knowledge of data recovery. It makes them competent to handle any operating systems such as Windows, Unix, Mac OS X, and Linux. The individuals will be able to resolve any issues related to data recovery.

According to Indeed.com, on an average, the Certified Data Recovery Professional salary ranges from approximately $49,314 per year for IT Support to $85,897 per year for Data Center Technician.

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The Telecommunications Implementation Network Technician should analyze and plan network installation and testing. The professional must examine the customer orders and other technical specifications. The Network Technician should assist in the documenting the network diagram and gather all the supplies necessary for the installation. They should communicate with the customers and vendors at all levels of skills.


According to Indeed.com, the Telecommunications Implementation Network Technician Salary ranges from approximately $38,167 per year for Entry Level Technician to $124,535 per year for Network Architect. As per ZipRecruiter.com, on an average, the Telecommunications Implementation Network Technician earns about $18 to $23 on an hourly basis in the United States.

Career Outlook

The prospects for Telecommunication Implementation Network Technician seems to be going on a steady pace. There is supposed to be growth in the job opportunities and candidates with little or more experience are the ones who have bright chances of getting hired.

How beneficial is Field Engineer

FieldEngineer.com offers opportunities for computer professionals looking for employment opportunities. Signing up with FieldEngineer.com is easy and allows you to get your resume in front of organizations looking for your skills. Available here are over 40,000 engineers belonging to various fields in more than 170 countries, making it one of the biggest and convenient on-demand platform for employers looking to hire people in specialty occupations.

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A Certified Information Professional helps personnel in the IT department improve their skills to understand topics, which are not just restricted to technology. They give suggestions on how to go about executing projects by comprehending better how the information lifecycle works.

Professionals interact with project managers in the business better and know how to tap information to gain a competitive edge. In other words, they enable people to use the new techniques of technology and also help them manage, use, and apply information better.

Because of the responsibilities involved, professionals need to have excellent verbal and written communication skills to be able to provide quality customer service. Clients, in fact, request for them for documents or clarification.

Professionals also need to have solid analytical and problem-solving skills.

Education and other Requirements
Professionals must have at least a high school degree (if not bachelor’s) in computer science, engineering or related discipline with extensive knowledge of data mining and cyber security and Certified Information Professional (CIP) certification. CIP exam is conducted by (Association for Intelligent Information Management) AIIM.

After AIIM, which is a non-profit industry body, felt that organizations wanted professionals with a wider range of skill sets than present within IT departments or conventional records management, it decided to develop CIP certification.
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Structured Wiring
Network Cabling Services by ExterNetworks offers Cat 5e plenum cable installation for up to 150 ft. and 300 ft. The cabling is to be done on the same floor, and no drilling and coring are required. The technicians are highly-qualified and provide best-in-class customer service experience.

ExterNetworks sets the industry standards for seamless and reliable network cabling solutions for various projects. As a leader in Managed IT Services, we ensure that all of your structured cabling, network wiring, and network cabling installation will meet your project requirements with an on-going commitment to top-notch services & customer satisfaction.
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A web camera is absolutely necessary when connecting with friends via video call software like Skype or Google hangouts. But when the built-in webcam is your laptop has stopped working, what would you do? Send it to computer repair store or buy a new external computer camera? Actually the repair cost may be higher than a new external camera. And If you require high quality video call, it’s better to have a USB camera. You have many choices of a good desktop webcam. What you should do to change built-in webcam to external computer camera?

Disable Internal Webcam
Disable the internal webcam through Windows. Click in the top right-hand corner of Windows and select the "Search" charm, then type "device manager." Click on "Device Manager" under "Control Panel" to launch Device Manager. Expand the section beside "Imaging Devices" and then right-click on your webcam and choose “Disable”. After these process, your computer program like Skype is able to recognize your new pc camera.
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Apple makes fantastic mobile products, but its flimsy USB lightning cable deteriorates too quickly. One of the most common problems faced by iPhone and iPad owners is a frayed Lightning connector. Surely there must be tougher, more rugged options?

The obvious solution is to go back to the Apple store and claim the warranty (or AppleCare if you have it). Another options is to ditch Apple's cable altogether and get something better made by a third party.
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