Top Countries for Teaching English Abroad

Teaching English abroad is probably one of the most rewarding careers. There are several countries that definitely look for local English-speaking teachers. In some countries, you just need college graduation, while others may require teachers with a TEFL certification.
Making money and creating a new career usually are two of typically the many options. Typically the benefits associated with teaching the English language in an overseas country are lots. You will end up being able to travel around the globe, get direct exposure to different civilizations, and possibly find out new languages.
International practice can do amazing things to your resume when applying for upcoming jobs.
Another incredible thing about travelling plus learning a brand new language is in contact with a variety of part-time jobs. For example, a job like a translator or an interpreter etc. Moreover, the brand new environment can enhance your self-confidence on an individual level. You will certainly be able to create new friends, go out with them, and perform the euphoric pleasures.

Guidelines for applying for a job as a TEFL teacher
    The country that you apply for the job?
    The salary they are offering?
    Living expenses.
    Safety in that country.
    Locality you are staying?
Getting all of the demanding points into consideration, here are the lists of the best countries for TEFL teachers.

1. China
China is the third biggest country with a lot more than a billion people. Because of its developing economy and higher competition, a massive quantity of men and women are seeking work abroad each year. Furthermore, many parents want their children to understand English. Because of this particular, there exists a very higher demand for English teachers in the country.
In China, you will most likely teach children, and therefore, you will find teaching fun. Whether in kindergarten or daycare centres or schools, the kids are always playful and fun-loving. Furthermore, interacting with children keeps you mentally and physically occupied and on your toes constantly.
The other reason you might love teaching English in China is because of the attractive salary packages they offer. In most cases, someone will take care of your accommodation. Even your flight charges will be paid at the end of the completion of one year. Thus, you will be able to save an ample amount of money when you are there. The cost of living in China is relatively lower unless you have been in cities like Shanghai or Beijing.
The salary for both public and private institutions on average is between 10,000 – 15,000 RMB ($1412-$2188). In most cases, the accommodation is around 6000 – 7000 RMB ($847-$988).

2. Japan
Despite the fact that Japan is a tiny country with approximately 126 million folks, the financial increase and the prospering web-based forcing the people to communicate with foreigners and also to move abroad to find brand new jobs. Thus, the possibilities for English educators are high.
A lot of individuals arrive in Japan with the high expectation associated with embracing the Japan culture and going through the overseas way of life and succeed within a distinctive environment as well. Nevertheless, the essential thing you require to bear in mind will be that you should decide regardless of whether you are the city-slicker or a reserved person that loves to stay within rural areas.
One of the primary factors which attract international teachers to The Japanese is its accurate hygiene.
Japan is generally regarded as to be a costly country, but the particular salaries are furthermore high to English teachers.

3. South Korea
South Korea has a massive industry of electronics, telecommunication, automobile production, steel, etc. among many others. As a result of this, interaction with foreign companies and people has become necessary. Also, a large number of people often migrate to foreign countries. They do not only go overseas for different careers, but they do go for higher studies as well.
Because of the high demand for English teachers there, the salaries are also high. They even provide accommodation and flight ticket to Korea.
Though Seoul is a great place to hang around and have fun, be prepared to work hard. As your salaries are high, the amount of work you have to put in is far more than in most countries.

4. United Arab Emirates
UAE is an unbelievable associated with luxury, large raised buildings, nightlife, and also a beautiful sum of folks from diverse countries.
Dubai is usually an expensive metropolis, but the incomes are also very good and are tax-free. Typically, TEFL teachers paid between $3000 to $4000 each month. Moreover, deals generally last regarding 2-3 years. Therefore, for all those looking about job security, this is an additional advantage. Moreover, the majority of schools care for your accommodation and pay your flight charges. If you are usually enthusiastic about a training career, you can pick up some other languages for training too. This will certainly help you generate that extra cash about saving or spending off loans.

5. Saudi Arabia
Most English educating opportunities in Saudi do not require a TEFL certification if you are a local English speaker. They may provide individual accommodation, insurance coverage, in addition to even travel refund.
You can make up to $4000 a month. Curiously, similar to Dubai, typically the money you make it is entirely tax-free.
However, since explained above, Saudi is a faith-based country that provides very strict ethnic and religious rules and, you should find out to manage typically the severely restricted lifestyle in Saudi Arabia.

6. Spain
Spain is an unbelievable and lively place and, it is one of the popular tourist destinations with unimaginable beaches, mountains, etc. Teaching in Spain is fun. The working hours are comparatively less. Though salary is estimated to be 1000 euros a month, lesser working hours mean that you can earn side income through various means. Additionally, Spanish is among the three most spoken languages in the world, it will be a golden opportunity for you to learn the language spoken by over 450 million people. If you are a non-European citizen, they can help get you a European visa which is generally very tough to get.

7. Brazil
Although there are zero teaching jobs accessible in public schools, there are a good amount of opportunities in private schools or being a private tutor. For this reason, it’s better to be able to live in major cities just like Rio or Sao Paulo. Generally, getting a new visa is pretty challenging, but if you cope with visa processing, it’s typically the best opportunity. Brazil is probably the simply non-Spanish speaking nations in the south American continent.

TEFL is a good career option, particularly if you are a native English speaker. But keep in mind teaching English in a foreign country has many advantages and disadvantages. So, do your research before choosing a country.
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