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The increase in the number of smartphone users and availability of the internet has pushed fantasy sports beyond horizons. It has become a fun activity to be played during leisure time with friends and family. It quickly turned the heads of netizens and major brands like Yahoo, CNN, ESPN, etc. People prefer fantasy sports apps because of its simplicity. Anyone can play the game and make some money effortlessly.
In fantasy cricket apps, the fans should choose a real player from the roster. After assembling the team, the user can assign roles like captain, vice captain. They can also make changes in the player’s positions and nature. The results of the will be determined by the statistics of the game in the real world. Parallels will be drawn from the matches and the winner will be decided. The app’s in-built tools will take care of determining the winner and the results will be unbiased.
People will join the respective fantasy teams via reputed sites or apps. On the other hand, some people choose to join leagues created by their friends or acquaintances. Some people will prefer public leagues to compete against strangers in the application.

Statistics of the fantasy sports cricket application:

It is estimated that there are more than 7 million people connected to the fantasy cricket industry in some way. These figures also contain non-cricket lovers. They play for fun and to earn money. The estimated number of players seems to rise every year, so this is the right time to develop your application. Look for a professional fantasy cricket software development company to learn more about the development process.

Monetization strategies in the fantasy cricket app market:

Advertisement is one of the most popular ways to make money. You can offer exclusive space in the app’s layout for advertising and can charge appropriately. It is a reliable and promising source of revenue. Participation fees should be collected from the users. The participation fee will vary depending on the scale of the competition. You can take a portion of this fee for offering cash prizes or gifts. You can increase the numeric value of the participation fee based on the cash prize.

As you have decided to start your business in this niche, get in touch with a professional fantasy cricket app development company. The importance of your business should be to offer more value for the customer’s money. In that case, you have to make sure that your app stands apart from others in the market.
amyseimetz 4 august 2020, 7:22

COVID-19 has hit every business in a unique way, meaning that we’re all having to look at rebuilding our company culture. For many, the lack of work has meant that they have had to let go of staff or place them on furlough so as to cut costs and for others they have been running the business on a remote basis.
Angela 13 july 2020, 9:52

Let's move on to the most interesting - a selection of the most useful and interesting, in our opinion, tricks and hidden features of Chrome DevTools.
1. We inspect the animation
The animations in DevTools will allow you to slow down all the animations on the page or to move the "hands" animation.

Skull 12 october 2017, 15:04

When you bought the Windows Phone then your expectations are very high from it. It is a very different platform from android and iOS. Working on windows phone is very exciting for every new user.

But it is very disappointing if you don’t know how to use the windows phone. Using windows phone is much different from android and iOS. Functioning of Windows phone is very different.

Every user wants to take snapshot from their phone. Camera is available in the phone but it is used to take picture of outside activities. If you want to take picture of things inside your phone or wants to take picture of layouts inside your phone then snapshot is the only and easy way.
Pooja Solanki 8 december 2015, 10:07

Google Company has announced new 7-inch tablet for developers, but now it is the part of Tango project. If Asus Nexus is generally familiar tablet, then Tablet Development Kit is a true vundervafli with price $1024, which cannot be bought by everyone, it is not because of the price.

xially 8 june 2014, 12:20


Yesterday Google announced 64-bit version of Chrome. If you want to get one, you have to choose between Dev Channel and Canary channel for Windows 7 and 8 users.

I dare to suppose, that 64-bits builds of browser soon or later will be moved to the beta stage.
According to the developers, new version of Chrome is about 25% faster than the regular one. Furthermore, browser supports some features of Windows 8, for example High Entropy ASLR, which makes browse just a little bit safer.
Skull 4 june 2014, 13:13

While developing the code analyzer PVS-Studio intended for searching issues in 64-bit and concurrent software, we came to the need of collecting fresh information on the Internet on some topics. For example, it is always useful to answer the questions of programmers who may be interested in our tool on various forums and blogs. While collecting the data we found out that there is much information on the Internet and therefore manual search might be very long and tiresome. Thus the task of automating the process of searching for fresh data appeared. In this post we will tell you how we do this.
But I bet you have said right now: "Ha-ha! The guys are reinventing the wheel and are not aware of Google Alerts". Well, we are aware of Google Alerts. And it is almost the thing we need but not quite :-). We have been using Google Alerts for more than half a year and did not manage to get what we needed. And here is what we need:
Tags: Google, html, Php, script
Andrey2008 31 january 2012, 17:00


Google has a secret laboratory that even many employees do not know about, where the new projects are being developed, and their description sounds like a sci-fi movie. The New York Times tells about this in its article.

The laboratory was located somewhere in the area of San Francisco Bay, where the brightest Google’s engineers are working on dozens of the projects. This is the place where your refrigerator could be connected to the Internet, and it will order the food, when it ends. Your plate could message in a social network what you eat, and your PA robot could go to the office while you are in your pajamas at home.
xially 15 november 2011, 16:02


It is unlikely that someone would complain on this trip: a team of Google employees recently has traveled across the Swiss Alps to photograph the Albula-Bernina line that is considered one of the most scenic rail routes in the world, and it is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The route is known for its mountain sceneries that starts from a Swiss commune Thusis and goes through St. Moritz to the Italian border in Tirano. The panoramas have made with the support of Rhaetian Railway that will appear on the "Google Maps” soon.
Skull 24 october 2011, 18:48