You may decide to perform Office 365 tenant to tenant migration. There are native solutions from which you can perform the migration, but you can’t expect efficient results from these solutions due to a matter of data integrity, security of data, migration duration, speed, complexity, etc. So it is better to switch on to third party solutions.

EdbMails Office 365 migration tool is a simple and perfect solution which helps to migrate the user mailboxes from one Office 365 to another Office 365 tenant without any complexity. It also supports the migration of Public folders as well as Archive mailboxes between the tenants.

Office 365 Migration tool

Its has numerous advanced features that allow you to easily perform the migration process.

Key features:
    High-performance migration tool
    Cost-effective migration solution
    Incremental migration. No duplicate items on consecutive migration on the same system
    No restriction on the size of the mailboxes
    Selective items migration via various filters
    Migration of unlimited Public folders
    Automatic setting of impersonation rights to source as well as target servers
    Automatic mapping of mailboxes between source and target servers
    Automatic creation of mailboxes on the target server
    Option to exclude standard as well as custom folders
    Lifetime license with 24*7 support and free software upgrades

Test out all the features using ‘Free Trial’ version which allows you to migrate 30 items from each and every folder.

To Know More:office 365 migration Steps
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Chinese transcription services is considered to be one of the most difficult languages to transcribe. There are numerous reasons for this assumption. Whatever the reasoning (will be discussed next), the online transcription services are here to help you in regards to transcription. In this article, we will discuss the difficulty in Chinese transcription and how online transcription services will help in attaining accurate transcription.
Various written forms 
In the 1950s a simplified form of Chinese was introduced that reduces the number of strokes, number of characters, and differences in character introduction. The simplified Chinese has found popularity in mainland China, Malaysia, and Singapore. However, traditional Chinese is still used in Taiwan, Macau, and traditional Cantonese in Hong Kong.
The phenomenon known as Character amnesia” exists among Chinese people who have not been using the traditional Chinese characters for a long time. A general way to avoid this complexity is to delineate online Chinese transcription services to experts who have the required experience with using the language.
Writing systems
Traditional Chinese is considered difficult to transcribe. The difficulty is not limited to traditional Chinese. Simplified Chinese also prescribes character that depends on the context. Besides some Chinese characters look very similar. For example, Chinese characters 士(shĭ - warrior) and 土 (tŭ - dirt) may look similar however, the initial stroke makes all the difference. Also, the Chinese language is nearly 50,000 characters strong. However, 20,000 of them are in use today.

 This problem can be solved by hiring a native expert transcriptionist.
Dialects and tones 
The Chinese dialect is varying according to provinces. 7 major dialectical forms exit in “Chinese” language. In the western hemisphere, the Chinese language usually correlates to Mandarin (often referred to as standard Chinese), however, Min, Wu, and Yue are also major dialects that are spoken. Cantonese is the form of Chinese that is mutually unintelligible from Mandarin.

The eclectic tone system for Chinese offers difficulty during translation. Mandarin is composed of four tones and is often referred to as tonal language. Cantonese is formed of 6-9 tones and further adds to the difficulty during learning and transcribing. So great is the disparity between Mandarin and Cantonese that speakers often describe it as “chicken talking to ducks”.
The Solution to the difficulty - Chinese transcription services
• Expert transcribers - Expert transcribers ensure the transcripts accurately represent the content present in audio/video recording. Expert transcribers ensure that the written forms are preserved according to the need of the clientele. Expert transcribers during Mandarin to Chinese transcription services ensure character amnesia never gets a say during the process of transcription.
• Convenience: Why choose certified Chinese transcription services that require a lot of effort on your part. Choose Online Chinese transcription services for all its perks and ease it provides. From the translation of transcripts to integration to content management systems, online is the way forward for all the transcription needs. 
• Measures towards accuracy: Beside expert transcribers, Professional Chinese transcription services also have various measures in place for quality control. Native transcribers, human quality controllers further boost the accuracy towards the coveted 100%
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Best Worker’s comp lawyer

If you are an employee suffering from any work-related injury, the only idea that is the best now is hiring a Lawyer. An attorney will help you handle your entire case that begins from giving you advice on how to proceed forward, to develop a medical, vocational, and other evidence — after that, proposing a negotiation with the opponents, structuring the settlement agreement, if the Settlement doesn’t go well representing you in the Court — in the end, giving you advice on third-party claims.

This all may be very simple to you, but it is not as it seems, because finding an expert and best Worker’s Comp Lawyer is the first and an essential step if you have an expert and Best Worker’s Comp Lawyer who has fought a lot of cases and knows how to proceed forward.

Below we list out the most important things, that an expert and best worker’s comp lawyer possess:

Developing the required evidence

The most common reason for any denial of Worker’s Comp Claim is insufficient medical evidence. It is even possible that your claim can gain you all the required medical treatment and attention in addition to all other therapeutic benefits if you have strong medical evidence.

The medical evidence’s can be such as:

● Gathering all the necessary Medical Reports

● Arranging medical treatment with an expert physician who, in the end, will provide a non-biased health report.

● Conducting deposition of the Physician

● Representing on your behalf whenever you are required for any statements.

Structuring & negotiating the Settlement

A best Worker’s Comp Lawyer is considered to be an expert who has to estimate the total compensation that will include medical benefits and wage loss, then negotiate the same with your employer. The compensation will worth all the benefits such as medical treatment benefits, injury benefits, salary deducted due to absence from work. Not just this, there are various other factors such as:

● All the medical expenses, present, and future, it also includes medicinal bills.

● Wage loss benefits, which mean you will be compensated according to your injury if it is a temporary injury or permanent injury.

● It is even checked whether the employer owes you any Temporary disability compensation from the past.

Representing you in Court

If the Settlement doesn’t go well, then the next step is reaching to the Court and represent you in every hearing. During this process, your lawyer has to take several depositions that include witnesses, treating doctors, employers, and so on.

It even includes doing some legal research, writing petitions, motions, response, and a lot of investigation. The Worker’s Comp Lawyer also has to make sure to deliver every response on time.

Advising you on third party claims

Sometimes there are chances that you can have a personal injury from a third party person, other than that of your employer. The damage is because of the third party person’s negligence.

Usually, the targets here are the drivers or the manufacturer who has built the faulty equipment; at the time, a personal injury claim is more valuable than that of a Worker’s Comp Claim.


We know how difficult it is for you and your family while you are injured, paying for medical bills, and facing a wage loss situation. This is when an Expert and Best Worker’s Comp Lawyer can help you and advise you what the best you should be doing is.

Well, the process is not so easy, only an experienced lawyer knows how to deal with the employer and the insurer.

At Best Worker’s Comp Lawyer, we work only for the Worker and their rights and help them get what they deserve.

If you are looking for an expert Worker’s Comp Lawyer, do call to us and let us know your claim, and an expert attorney answers all our requests.

For More Information Visit Best Workers Comp Lawyer
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Let's move on to the most interesting - a selection of the most useful and interesting, in our opinion, tricks and hidden features of Chrome DevTools.
1. We inspect the animation
The animations in DevTools will allow you to slow down all the animations on the page or to move the "hands" animation.

Skull 12 october 2017, 15:04

When you bought the Windows Phone then your expectations are very high from it. It is a very different platform from android and iOS. Working on windows phone is very exciting for every new user.

But it is very disappointing if you don’t know how to use the windows phone. Using windows phone is much different from android and iOS. Functioning of Windows phone is very different.

Every user wants to take snapshot from their phone. Camera is available in the phone but it is used to take picture of outside activities. If you want to take picture of things inside your phone or wants to take picture of layouts inside your phone then snapshot is the only and easy way.
Pooja Solanki 8 december 2015, 10:07

Google Company has announced new 7-inch tablet for developers, but now it is the part of Tango project. If Asus Nexus is generally familiar tablet, then Tablet Development Kit is a true vundervafli with price $1024, which cannot be bought by everyone, it is not because of the price.

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Yesterday Google announced 64-bit version of Chrome. If you want to get one, you have to choose between Dev Channel and Canary channel for Windows 7 and 8 users.

I dare to suppose, that 64-bits builds of browser soon or later will be moved to the beta stage.
According to the developers, new version of Chrome is about 25% faster than the regular one. Furthermore, browser supports some features of Windows 8, for example High Entropy ASLR, which makes browse just a little bit safer.
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While developing the code analyzer PVS-Studio intended for searching issues in 64-bit and concurrent software, we came to the need of collecting fresh information on the Internet on some topics. For example, it is always useful to answer the questions of programmers who may be interested in our tool on various forums and blogs. While collecting the data we found out that there is much information on the Internet and therefore manual search might be very long and tiresome. Thus the task of automating the process of searching for fresh data appeared. In this post we will tell you how we do this.
But I bet you have said right now: "Ha-ha! The guys are reinventing the wheel and are not aware of Google Alerts". Well, we are aware of Google Alerts. And it is almost the thing we need but not quite :-). We have been using Google Alerts for more than half a year and did not manage to get what we needed. And here is what we need:
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The other day Google has introduced its new bar that will enable to navigate quickly between its services.


According to Google’s tradition only the élite can see the new design changes. In order to experience it you have to do a few simple steps.

1. Please go to Google homepage.
2. Press Ctrl + Shift and J in Google Chrome (in order to open the Developer Tools) or Ctrl + Shift + K in Firefox.
3. Select the tab “Console” and enter the following code:

path=/; domain=.google.com";window.location.reload();

4. Enjoy the new Google bar!

UP: If you use a different (regional) domain, then change the domain=.google.com for .google.ru, google.co.uk and so on.
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We are continuing the series of posts in the blog Google Inside Search, revealing the features of Google search algorithms, as well as detailing all the modifications thereto, the Corporation’s Lead Engineer, Matt Cutts posted on the official Google Blog the latest 10 changes made to the ranking system, which became effective over the past couple weeks:
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