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Madden 21 Legends Group 9 released

Madden 21's ultimate team legend series has a new action, that is, Madden 21 Legends Group 9 is released. Along with Legends Group 9, there are two powerful players. Gamers can use Madden Coins to buy in stores or bid in auction houses. In addition, there are some low-rated items and new challenges. And Power Up. Let us take a look together below.

Madden 21 new Legends players Deacon Jones and Edgerrin James
The two players in Legends Group 9 are the offensive generals Edlin James and the defensive generals Dickon Jones worthy of the attention of gamers. As a veteran with a 14-year career, Deakin Jones also has a place in the Hall of Fame. This time he was part of Legends Group 9 in the game, and he obtained a 93 OVR LTD card, which has the attributes of 93 powerful actions, 92 action recognition, 90 offense, 89 blocks and 89 strength. At the same time, Deakin Jones also obtained the Boss Legends card and Power Up items, which gamers can purchase to increase their level.
Another player of Legends Group 9, Edlin James, has also been added to the Hall of Fame due to being selected to four professional bowls and one all-pro team during his career. Its 93 OVR card has extremely high speed, and has the attributes of 91 speed, 92 direction change, 92 acceleration, 91 tackles, 91 agility and 91 carry-on.
Other items in Legends Group 9 and new challenges
The LTD cards of Edlin James and Deakin Jones in Legends Group 9 can only be obtained through gift packs for a limited time of two days, and can also be purchased at auction houses. There are many ways to obtain the Boss Legends card. Gamers can either purchase it through the auction house or obtain it through exchange kits. In the new Ultimate Team challenge, gamers can obtain Power Up items, use Madden training and various player props to increase their strength.

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