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Madden 21:Team of the Week 11 Players Release

Madden 21 Team of the Week 11 has been officially announced in Good Morning Madden. A large number of new player items and challenges have been added to the ultimate team. Player upgrade items and mut 21 coins can be obtained through challenges. Let us understand the details together.

Although the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost to the Rams in the game, this did not affect the excellent performance of the Buccaneers WR Mike Evans. As a LTD player of TOTW 11, Mike Evans received a player card with a total rating of 93OVR, and his card also has the basic attributes of 94 jumping, 93 catch in traffic, 93 spec catch and 91 speed.
This week’s POTW player is WR Keenan Allen of the Los Angeles Chargers. Although he does not have a strong body, he has excellent skills. In the game, Allen hauled in 16 receptions for 145 yards and a touchdown. His excellent performance caused a lot of trouble to the Jets, which allowed him to win the POTW player of the week and also get a 92OVR player. card.
The offensive and defensive heroes still have an overall rating of 92 OVR as usual. The offensive and defensive heroes of TOTW 11 are Greg Jennings and Antrel Rolle. Among them, Greg Jennings has the basic attributes of 92SPD, 91SPC, 92DRR and 88JMP. The Antrel Rolle has the basic attributes of 92SPD, 90ACC, 91MCV, 90JMP and 90PRC.
Remaining players
The above are the first echelon players of TOTW 11. In addition, there are six players in TOTW 11 who are rated 81-89 OVR. They are:
  • Terrell Edmunds
  • Olivier Vernon
  • Travis Kelce-92 OVR Power Up
  • Taysom Hill
  • Adam Thielen-92 OVR Power Up
  • Donovan Wilson
TOTW 11 sets
Player of the Week: Keenan Allen
Earn 92 OVR Keenan Allen by completing his set that requires the following:
  • Terrell Edmunds
  • Olivier Vernon
  • 2x Travis Kelce
  • 2x Taysom Hill
Offense Hero: Greg Jennings
Earn 92 OVR Greg Jennings and his Power Up by completing his set that requires the following:
  • 2x Olivier Vernon
  • 3x Travis Kelce
  • 3x Adam Thielen
Defense Hero: Antrel Rolle
Earn 92 OVR Antrel Rolle and his Power Up by completing his set that requires the following:
  • 2x Terrell Edmunds
  • 3x Taysom Hill
  • 3x Donovan Wilson
81-89 OVR TOTW-Week 11
Exchange 16x 78-82 OVR players to earn a random 81-89 OVR TOTW 11 player.
The above is all the players in TOTW 11 and how they are obtained. Gamers can enter the game for further understanding.
goodgamer 25 november 2020, 8:15
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0 RichardHardman December 1, 2020, 10:44
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