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Guild Wars 2: Game details

GuildWars 2 is a new multiplayer game that is one of the most expected MMO in Europe. In addition, it is one of the most promising projects in the recent years. ArenaNet developers went through all standards of MMO and destroyed them, or at least they overtaxed them. If the developers’ promise will come true for at least 60% -70%, this game could really become something new and very interesting. According to the beta tests, they proved to be 90% for sure.

So, what's so special in this game? I want to make a reservation right away, the most features of the game are not new, but before all these solutions were never used together and worked out so carefully.

The first and perhaps the most curious feature is almost complete absence of standard in-game quests. They are replaced by the dynamic events. For example, the developers give the following situation:

In a regular MMO with the quests, you run into a farm during traveling around the world, at the porch entrance stands a peasant with an exclamation mark above his head. You come to him, click on the button and read the plain text, which states that a farm will be destroyed by terrible trolls. You take a task to protect the farm and go to the nearest glade with trolls. These miserable monsters did not even think to attack the farm, they just have grazed on this glade and gathered flowers all their life. You kill dozens of trolls and go back to the farm, there you hand over the task and get your reward ... It looks standard, it is known and boring.
In GuildWars 2 everything will be quite different. Coming upon the farm, you can see running away and shouting farmer and emerging from behind the hill a crowd of trolls. And a protection of the farm only depends on you and other players who are nearby. You may pass by, and the farm will be actually destroyed. You should keep in mind that these events are not one-sided and constantly are in progress. After the destruction of the farm in the town will disappear some products, and the trolls will make their camp on the ashes of the farm, and the farmer will try to persuade passers-by players to help him restore a farm. If you manage to drive away trolls from ruined farm, its owner will tell you that he has already ordered the materials for the reconstruction from the nearest town. These materials will be delivered by regular string of carts, and you can escort it just in case to its destination. It may not be attacked, but it's better to be safe, because the robbers that rob caravans, it is another event.

These events occur throughout the world they are intertwined with each other and directly affect them. The events arise spontaneously with a combination of certain conditions, or they may even be caused by the player. For example, in one of the beta test, a player found a strange book in a cave. When he read it, a portal was opened and hordes of vampires climbed from there that captured several outposts on the map. The players had to work hard to fight off the fortification and close the portal.

The system of dynamic events is thought out very well, the complexity of the events varies automatically depending on the number of participating players. It is not simply increasing the number of monsters, but the event itself becomes more global. For example, if the fortress is attacked by 20-30 pirates, then players will be faced with the regular pirates and a pair of protective constructions. However, if there will be a hundred pirates, then this attack will turn into a real siege, the defenders will get the crossbows, boiling tar... the players will be faced with a fleet of pirates, and much more.
The dynamic events are just one part of the game. In addition to them there is a personal story in the game, the epic line is a little more standard and similar to other MMOs, except that here you will always have a choice. The personal story is so rich that almost every player will have its own, but if you consider that the game has five races and eight different professions, and each of them also affects the course of history then you get a lot of options for passing game.

By the way, if we are talking about professions ... Here is its own peculiarity. The game features eight professions such as Elementalist, Warrior, Ranger, Necromancer, Engineer, Thief, Guardian and Mesmer. These names are more or less standard, but there is one exception, every profession can perform any role in the game. ArenaNet gave up the "holy trinity" that are tank, healer and DPS. Any profession can heal, defend or attack in almost equal measure, but it uses the different styles. Are you playing as Elementalist and want to destroy enemies with powerful attacks? Switch to the element of fire. Do your friends need some help and a medical treatment? Switch to the element of water, and you can heal allies and control the enemies. Do you need to hold a boss back? Switch to the element of ground, create a stone wall around it, and attack from this shelter. Everything is possible!

By the way, you do not have to pretend to be a pianist, using just many skills. In GuildWars 2 you have ten skills, the first five depend on the weapon in your hands, and the other five are optional, you pick them yourself. One of them is necessary medical and the other one is the elite. Elite skills are another story! One skill can change the outcome of the battle. Once, there was an accident at one of the shows when the entire group was almost destroyed in the dungeon. The only survivors were Warrior and Elementalist. It would seem that the situation is hopeless, but there are elite skills just for such situations. Elementalist used Tornado skill, turned into huge whirlwind, and scattered all the opponents in different directions. During this time the warrior was able to raise the fallen comrades, and they had time to recover and were able to continue the fight.
Frankly, I have seen one of those shows, where this game was presented, and I can say that it looked very epic.

It was only one global side of the game - PvE. But there is also a PvP!
The first mode of PvP is tournament that presents fights, which involve five people on each side on the relatively small arena. You can join in these fights in any moment, and besides your character will automatically receive the maximum level, all the necessary skills and armors with the weapons (if you get back in PvE zone, you will return to starting level). The maps present the exciting areas that have to be controlled ... In general developers were inspired by the shooters when creating this mode. One of the mode features can be noted the destructible environment (do you want to destroy a house? Use a trebuchet!). Also, there are special additional elements on the maps (each team will have its own trebuchet. A dragon will fly occasionally basting with the fire everything that moves).

Once a week, the tournaments are held, the winners will get to the monthly tournament, and the monthly winners will go directly to the quarterly and annual tournaments. The annual winners of the competition will be recognized as the best PvP players of the year.
The second mode of PvP is worldwide. The developers call it WvW (Worldvs.World) the world is against the world. Although it would be better to call it WvWvW, because in this global battle are met three worlds (servers). Battles take place on four large, interconnected portals, maps, and each of them has the fortresses, towers, mines, sawmills and ... dynamic events. You can participate in WvW right from the first level of the game, and your stats (strength, dexterity, etc.) are automatically raised to level 80, but neither the skills nor the appropriate armors or weapons you will not get. A level 80 player will not be able to kill a level 10 player at one stroke, but this player will have a distinct advantage in skills, weapons and armors. However, a few level 10 players will still be able to defeat a high-level character.

Clash of the servers last two weeks, each server starts the game on its map, and you can get to the central map and the opponents’ map from that individual map. Each map has the fortresses, towers, mines and sawmills. The fortresses are really huge in the game! And in order to seize them, you will need a real army, siege weapons and a lot of perseverance. Each player can build a siege weapon such as the trebuchet, catapult, crossbow, and so on. In order to build them it is necessary to have time and resources that are mined in the mines and mills. They also need to be seized and protected. What's more! You have to protect the caravans, which will be sent to a nearby fortress from the mine. Yes, you can rob the caravans in this game!
Generally, WvW is suitable for everybody! If you don’t like large groups of people, because you want to play alone or with your friends, then this game is for you. Also, you can form a small group of 10-12 people and try to protect the resource points, siege the watchtowers and rebuild or improve the fortresses, in other words, the game has fun for everybody!

Finally, the underwater world is fully accessible in this game! Water is a very important part of the game world and a lot of things are going on in the depths. There live strange races and the unusual events are born... In addition, the fortress has hidden underwater caves that lead into the dungeon. Once your character gets underwater, it will automatically pick up an underwater weapon and all your skills will change to the underwater analogs. This is a whole separate game reality that has its own laws, rules and the challenges...

I just told you about a small part of this great game. It is impossible to describe all the details in one article, there are so many great and unusual things, such as interesting crafting system, dungeons, personal instances, distribution system of prizes and much more. I hope you will be interested in this game.

At this time, the game is scheduled for release in four languages: English, German, French and Spanish.
KlauS 28 march 2012, 11:05
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