Madden 21 Team of the Week 11 has been officially announced in Good Morning Madden. A large number of new player items and challenges have been added to the ultimate team. Player upgrade items and mut 21 coins can be obtained through challenges. Let us understand the details together.

Although the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost to the Rams in the game, this did not affect the excellent performance of the Buccaneers WR Mike Evans. As a LTD player of TOTW 11, Mike Evans received a player card with a total rating of 93OVR, and his card also has the basic attributes of 94 jumping, 93 catch in traffic, 93 spec catch and 91 speed.
This week’s POTW player is WR Keenan Allen of the Los Angeles Chargers. Although he does not have a strong body, he has excellent skills. In the game, Allen hauled in 16 receptions for 145 yards and a touchdown. His excellent performance caused a lot of trouble to the Jets, which allowed him to win the POTW player of the week and also get a 92OVR player. card.
The offensive and defensive heroes still have an overall rating of 92 OVR as usual. The offensive and defensive heroes of TOTW 11 are Greg Jennings and Antrel Rolle. Among them, Greg Jennings has the basic attributes of 92SPD, 91SPC, 92DRR and 88JMP. The Antrel Rolle has the basic attributes of 92SPD, 90ACC, 91MCV, 90JMP and 90PRC.
Remaining players
The above are the first echelon players of TOTW 11. In addition, there are six players in TOTW 11 who are rated 81-89 OVR. They are:
  • Terrell Edmunds
  • Olivier Vernon
  • Travis Kelce-92 OVR Power Up
  • Taysom Hill
  • Adam Thielen-92 OVR Power Up
  • Donovan Wilson
TOTW 11 sets
Player of the Week: Keenan Allen
Earn 92 OVR Keenan Allen by completing his set that requires the following:
  • Terrell Edmunds
  • Olivier Vernon
  • 2x Travis Kelce
  • 2x Taysom Hill
Offense Hero: Greg Jennings
Earn 92 OVR Greg Jennings and his Power Up by completing his set that requires the following:
  • 2x Olivier Vernon
  • 3x Travis Kelce
  • 3x Adam Thielen
Defense Hero: Antrel Rolle
Earn 92 OVR Antrel Rolle and his Power Up by completing his set that requires the following:
  • 2x Terrell Edmunds
  • 3x Taysom Hill
  • 3x Donovan Wilson
81-89 OVR TOTW-Week 11
Exchange 16x 78-82 OVR players to earn a random 81-89 OVR TOTW 11 player.
The above is all the players in TOTW 11 and how they are obtained. Gamers can enter the game for further understanding.
goodgamer 25 november 2020, 8:15

As one of the best theme teams in Madden 21, Saints fans are naturally eager to form a strong Saints theme team. But how to reasonably use Madden 21 mut coins to build an excellent Saints theme team? Let's talk about it together through this article.
Up front, the Saints have one of the best offensive lines out of any of the theme teams we have looked at thus far. Led by 93 OVR Ryan Ramczyk and 90 OVR Jahri Evans on the right side, it is going to be tough to get through that line. They also have an 86 OVR center and 87 left-tackle to formulate the most formidable offensive line in the game.

For wide receivers and tight ends, the Saints are again in the top echelon. A 92 OVR Jimmy Graham and 90 OVR Jared Cook make up the tight ends. Usual theme team member 93 OVR Andre Johnson is on this squad with 91 OVR Brandin Cooks and 89 OVR Michael Thomas. The Michael Thomas 89 OVR is a card that is expected to be upgraded if the Saints continue to roll through the season.

In the backfield is another usual theme team member, 93 OVR Barry Sanders. Behind him in the depth chart is 92 OVR Reggie Bush and then last but definitely not least is 90 OVR Alvin Kamara.

An 86 OVR Drew Brees leads the way at quarterback. With his injury, it is unsure when Brees will return or be able to get a new card in the game so players might be stuck with the 86 OVR for awhile. However, with the endless weapons on this Saints offense, there is no excuse to come away with empty possessions.
The Saints' defense has its ups and downs. Let's start with the defensive line. 91 OVR Cam Jordan leads the way followed by 88 OVR Sheldon Rankins and 80 OVR Marcus Davenport. That is a solid group outside of the Davenport card.

The linebacking group is the best in Madden 21. 96 OVR Sam Mills, 93 OVR Rickey Jackson, and 91 Demario Davis come together to make an insane trio. Running slants with these three guys lurking would be a big mistake. Players will also have to worry about sitting back in the pocket for too long because one of these three guys will definitely bust through the opposing offensive line.

The secondary here is an area for opposing offenses to take advantage. The 90 OVR Kenny Vaccaro is a solid SS, but the 82 OVR Marcus Williams is going to get crushed by teams with great wide receivers. It is a very similar situation with the cornerbacks . A 92 OVR Tracy Porter is great, but a 83 Marshon Lattimore, and 73 OVR PJ Williams is going to get you embarrassed down field.

The players mentioned above are not necessarily the best. If gamers have better ideas, you can talk about it. For this theme team guide, I don’t know if it will be helpful to gamers, let me hear your feedback.
goodgamer 18 november 2020, 9:21

In Madden 21, gamers will always have some player cards that you do not intend to use. At this time, gamers can sell these player cards through Quicksell or auction houses to get some training points. But some special player cards will be sold through Quicksell to get mutcoins. With these Madden 21 Coins, gamers can get their favorite players. Here is a detailed introduction to the Platinum Quicksell Values ​​in Madden 21. Gamers can also know more clearly how many mut coins they can get with the extra cards in their hands.

First let’s just dive right into why you’re probably here, the Platinum Quicksell Values. Special thanks to U4GM for putting these values ​​together.
  1. 80 OVR – 18,000 Coins
  2. 81 OVR – 26,000 Coins
  3. 82 OVR – 38,000 Coins
  4. 83 OVR – 55,000 Coins
  5. 84 OVR – 80,000 Coins
  6. 85 OVR – 110,000 Coins
  7. 86 OVR – 160,000 Coins
  8. 87 OVR – 230,000 Coins
  9. 88 OVR – 330,000 Coins
As you can see the MUT Platinum Quicksell Values ​​in Madden 21 ramp up quite quickly. You always need to weigh, however, the value of these cards and the ease in which you're getting the coins, versus potentially going to the auction house and getting work done there.

As we say in our MUT coin farming basics guide, you don’t ever want to rip yourself off. Don’t be lazy and make sure you get the maximum value out of everything you and pull.

That said, if the prices are close or even better, you may consider going ahead and going for the Platinum Quicksell in order to get coins quick and do whatever it is you want to do with your new pile of coins.

The above content is a detailed introduction to Madden 21 Platinum Quicksell Values. If there are any errors or inaccuracies in the above content, you are welcome to add corrections.
goodgamer 9 november 2020, 9:39

The on-demand video-streaming industry has been witnessing a sudden spike in the number of registered users and downloads in the year 2020. This increased usage or subscriptions has led many entrepreneurs to plan to venture into this lucrative sector. If you are one of the avid businesspersons who want to be a part of the industry, then you can adopt the Netflix clone app solution to excel in the money-spinning sector.

How to find a suitable clone app script?
Purchasing the best and robust Netflix clone app script is essential to excel in the on-demand video-streaming industry. This section will list out a few characteristics that will help you pick the right script.

The app should be customizable in accordance with your business needs. Features that fulfill your requirements should be included in the app by the team of developers you choose.

The Netflix like app should be scaled up based on the varying needs you have in the future. The team should be flexible enough to cater to all your needs.

The video-streaming should be whitelabeled. The theme, color, logo, brand name etc., must be completely personalized in no time.

The video streaming platform should be highly secure and should not track any user information at any time.

Also, make sure that the clone script is built with the most advanced set of tools and technologies.

Wrapping up!
With these crucial attributes, you can choose the most optimal clone script for Netflix and mark your presence in the on-demand video-streaming sector. Ensure that all your end-user requirements are satisfied via your app solution. Get started now!
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At present, there are no services that cannot be availed via online apps. There is an app for every service that people require. People have also become comfortable with the doorstep deliveries or services offered to them. So, it is evident that a brand with the right app and good-quality service can become a crucial player in the delivery market. Your business brand can also thrive in the on-demand sector if the app is developed and launched by the masterminds in the industry. You can adopt a Rappi clone app solution that is available at nominal prices and set foot in the sector in no time. This blog will guide you through various revenue models that you can integrate into your delivery app. Discuss these sources with your developers and make sure they toil hard to deliver an efficient and income-yielding platform.

Delivery-based commissions:
Multiple deliveries will take place via your all-in-one delivery solution. As the admin, you can cut-down a fixed percentage of commission for each delivery that takes place through your app. This will be your constant stream of revenue. During registration, admins can fix a commission percentage with the store owners or vendors. Once they agree to the commission rate, they can proceed to upload the products to the app.

Featured listing:
Store owners or vendors who wish to get listed among the top sellers can pay a featured or priority fee to the admin. On successful payment, the store will be available in the featured list and will appear at the top when users search for a product.

This is a revenue source where you can generate a lump sum amount consistently. You have to team up with other brand owners in the market and allow them to display their ads on your app. They will pay a fixed fee for hosting the ad, and it will be valid for a particular time period. If they wish to continue hosting the ad, they need to pay again.

Subscription model;
Multiple premium subscriptions can be offered to users for a fixed amount of money. The subscription will be valid for a fixed time period, after which they have to renew the subscription by paying again.

Revenue is the key source that will help you develop your business in the long run. So, make sure you include these crucial revenue streams in your app. Approach the best firm in town to launch your successful Rappi clone app. Initiate the development process now.
robertwillams 5 november 2020, 12:27

The ultimate team of Madden 21 adds a lot of fun to the game. Players can create themed teams and use Mut 21 Coins to attract specific players to create their dream lineup. When creating a theme team, the Dallas Cowboys must be mentioned in the game, not only because of its popularity, but also because of the potential of the team itself. The following will introduce the players that should not be missed when creating a cowboy theme team.
Madden 21
The first is the wide receiver Amari Cooper with 91 short routes, 89 middle routes and 88 deep routes. As the first person on the cowboy theme team, it has an overall evaluation of 91OVR. Then from Team of the Week 2 gamers can get a 89OVR quarterback Dak Prescott, from the Superstar MVPs collection can get 89OVR Ezekiel Elliott.
Madden 21
It wouldn't be the Cowboys without a stacked offensive line. Luckily you have plenty of options. Start with 89 OVR Larry Allen from Legends, then add 89 OVR Travis Frederick from Team Diamonds, and finally 88 OVR Zack Martin from Core Elite.The defensive side of the ball is no let down either. A huge standout player in the history of the NFL is the Legends 92 OVR Deion Sanders.He has 93 speed, acceleration, and agility, teamed with 92 man cover and 91 zone cover. This is the only way to shut down teams who have talented receivers.Get some pass rush with 90 OVR DeMarcus Lawrence from the Heavyweights collection and 89 OVR Aldon Smith from the Team Standouts.
Deion Sanders
With these, any team will have problems stopping you from getting in their backfield.
Fill the remaining positions
The above players are the main strength of the Cowboys theme team, but if you want to participate in the game for the team, you need to fill the rest of the team. It takes a long time to establish the theme team, and as the players are updated in the future, the team's personnel will be updated accordingly, which means that your theme team will continue to develop throughout the game's career.

The above is a guide to the Dallas Cowboys theme team. Do gamers have any better ideas? If so, please let me know.
goodgamer 4 november 2020, 5:55

The ultimate team of Madden 21 adds a lot of fun to the game, where gamers can create themed teams and use Madden 21 Coins to obtain specific players to create their own dream lineup. When it comes to creating a theme team, the Atlanta Falcons must be mentioned in the game, not only because their QB is a cover player, but also because of the potential of the team itself. The following will introduce the players that cannot be missed to create the Falcons theme team.

You are going to want to dive into the Legends collection and get yourself the 92 OVR Michael Vick to play QB.Having 92 agility and acceleration is mouth-watering and 93 throw power and 92 throw on run make him incredibly fun to play with.He has an amazing WR trio to support him. The 92 OVR Julio Jones in The 50 is a highlight. Add in 89 OVR Calvin Ridley from Team Standouts and 88 OVR Roddy White from Team Diamonds and you have the best WR corps in the game.
A huge standout player for the Falcons is the Legends 92 OVR Deion Sanders.The Falcons version is only 87 OVR, so it's better to get the Cowboys version and use the Power-Up ability to activate him to the theme.
Get some pass rush with 91 OVR John Abraham from the Team of the Week 6. From the current team, you want the presence on the line from 90 OVR Grady Jarrett from the Heavyweights.
The above are the main players of the Falcon theme team, but if you want your team to play a normal game, you also need to fill the rest of the team. Most of the players currently available for this theme team will fit the bill around 80-83 OVR outside of these top-level standout stars.If you can't get all of the top tier options, don't stress, simply fill in with the best cheap options.

The above is a brief introduction to the creation of the Falcon theme team. Do gamers have any better ideas? Welcome to tell me. Finally, thank u4gm for providing detailed information for this article. Gamers who want to buy Madden 21 Coins welcome to u4gm. As a Madden 21 Coins sale website, u4gm aims to provide everyone with the safest and cheapest Mut Coins and is committed to creating a good gaming environment for gamers. u4gm is definitely a seller of Madden 21 Coins you can trust.
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The eighth week of NFL games is over, and I believe most gamers are also looking forward to Madden 21's update of the player rankings on Thursday. By updating the score, gamers can add those players with higher overall scores and high potential to their team in advance, thereby saving Madden 21 Coins. But before Madden 21 officially updates the roster, let us predict which players will rise and which will fall.

Dalvin Cook: From 92OVR to 93OVR
The lowly Vikings managed to upset the Packers on the back of Dalvin Cooks' historic performance.Cook became the first player to score a touchdown on each of his team's first four possessions of a game since the NFL-AFL merger in 1970.He finished the game with 226 yards from scrimmage and four TDs.

Carson Wentz: From 79OVR to 78OVR
Although Carson Wentz's Eagles won the game, it was still not enough to hide Carson Wentz's poor performance in the game. Wentz has struggled to live up to his draft position since he came into the league, and even the Super Bowl success he has was technically won by Nick Foles on his behalf.In a game where he should of dominated, he managed only 123 yards whilst also throwing two INTs.

DK Metcalf: From 84OVR to 84OVR
Metcalf had a career day as the 49ers looked to shut down last week's player of the week, Tyler Lockett.12 catches, 161 yards, and twoscores should see him get a nice little boost as he builds on the buzz around that TD saving tackle last week.

Drew Lock: From 71OVR to 73OVR
As Patrick Mahomes threw for five TDs in week 8 you'd expect to see him in here. But you can't go up from 99 OVR so on the other end of the scale we are going for Drew Lock.The light-hearted QB overcame a poor first half to lead a huge comeback on the hapless Chargers. His 248 yards and three TDs took the game to the wire where they won with the last second ticking over.

Baker Mayfield: From 78OVR to 77OVR
Mayfield is yo-yo-ing each week and that might be enough to prevent a change from EA.But there's no doubt that he had a terrible week as the Browns failed to assert themselves as a top team.Losing to the Raiders, Mayfield had a no show game with 122 yards and zero TDs. He had less than 50% completions and was more effective rushing with 29 yards.

Joe Burrow: From 78OVR to 80OVR
We went for Burrow last week, and as he put up another great performance it feels foolish to leave him now.His 249 yards and 2 TDs were OK stat lines, but it was the way he went about it. There was a play where he managed to turn multiple huge sacks into a small gain through quick feel and agility.Definitely, one to watch for the future and the Burrow hype train is leaving the station.

The above is a simple prediction of the player ratings for the eighth week. What do gamers think? Welcome to tell me. Finally, thank u4gm for providing detailed information for this article. Gamers who want to get Madden 21 Coins welcome to u4gm. As a Madden 21 Coins sale website, u4gm aims to provide everyone with the safest and cheapest Mut Coins, and is committed to creating a good gaming environment for gamers. u4gm is definitely a seller of Madden 21 Coins you can trust.
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Have you heard of the term online reselling a lot in recent days? It is mainly due to the success of the reselling apps in the industry among potential sellers and buyers. Vendors or sellers can purchase any products from wholesalers or retailers and sell the product at a higher price in the reselling app like Meesho. The difference between the actual price and the reselling price is their profit. You can also provide one such efficient reselling platform with a Meesho clone app developed by the best experts in town.

How does a social ecomemrce app like Meesho work?
Initially, sellers will have to download the reselling app from the App Store or Play Store and install it successfully.
They can then register with the app and list their products on the app by specifying the required details.
Buyers can also sign up with the app and search for the products or items they need or take a look at the listed products.
Buyers can choose the buy option to purchase the product or get in touch with the seller via the chat option.
Sellers will then receive the request, and they can negotiate the price and then finalize it.
After the successful payment by the buyer, the product will be shipped to the location.

Build your reselling app right away!
Find the most suitable Meesho clone app development firm in the market and launch your reselling platform in a short period. With the right app, you can generate profit via multiple sources and establish your brand in the market.
robertwillams 31 october 2020, 12:29

At present, social media has become an integral part of everyone’s lives. Everyone has registered with any one of the social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. However, in recent times, there is another app that has gained immense popularity among users in the market. Yes, it is the TikTok app. People are signing up with the app and sharing their videos instantly. Businesspersons out there will obviously view this as a potential business opportunity. If you are among those entrepreneurs, you can also venture into the social media sector with an income-yielding TikTok clone app developed by the best experts.

Roadmap of a TikTok social clone app:
Registration - Users have to sign up with the app like TikTok in the first step.
Select a track - Users will then be allowed to select an audio track of their choice.
Record a video - With the selected voice over, they can dance, act, and more.
Sharing - Users can then share the video they made with other users and upload it on their profile.
Filters - Before uploading, users can also edit the content using multiple filters available in the app.
Viewing content - Registered users will be able to view other users’ video content instantly. They can like, share, and comment on the videos if needed.
Private accounts - Users can choose if their account has to be private or public.

Summing up!
A simple TikTok online video streaming clone app with an easy to use working principle will surely be a hit in the market. Build your whitelabel app and launch it in the industry with expert assistance from a suitable company.
robertwillams 31 october 2020, 12:25
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