Life after FreeLancing

Now a lot of people write about what would happen if a web-developer decides to become a freelancer. Also, they write about some challenges that the freelancer may encounter, namely, they are hunting for new orders at first, then dealing with the influx of work, and finally overcoming own laziness. However, I still have not seen any article about what would happen if the freelancer decides to stop freelancing work that consists of the orders, prepayments, hunt for new customers, and so on.

Do I have the right to write such an article, perhaps you will decide, but I have an excuse to say that after about a year or more working as the web-developer, I started working as the freelancer on the vast web-market and was working there nearly two and a half years.

So, what made me to go back to the office life of web-developer, or as many people say to work for the boss.

First of all

I just got really tired, because I spent about four hours dealing with customers out of eight working hours a day at the computer, and these hours cost me as six coding hours.
Very often, when I had a day off, my brain always thought that there is still a lot of work to do. That is right, when there is extra work for the freelancer it really bothers to relax.


I am a software engineer and a web-master, and I'm good in that I know well JavaScript. I t is easy for me to get into someone else's code and fix all the bugs and more. Moreover, I like to do it (although, I tell everybody that I do not like my job ... I am just cunning).

In addition, I can convince the customer that I really know what I am doing. I can get the essence of the customer’s task and propose solutions and additions. Of course, I can set the price for my work and do not hesitate to ask for the money, if the work is done. But, in contrast with the web-master duties, I just cannot do it all, because negotiations with the customer take all the juice out of me. Probably, that happens because I put my soul into the work that is sensitive to the negative, and some customers don’t really care about these values and that hurts me.


Probably, the most important reason that I want to go back to office work is that I outgrew the freelancing. All of us are ambitious and active. When the time comes, we ask for a raise, new position, incentive that would show us that we have grown professionally. We need outer reinforcement about our personal growth.
Finally, there comes the idea that we need to change things. So we try to do something. In freelancing we are given mostly to ourselves, but a man is a social being, so after a certain period of time in freelancing, the person stops developing himself. This is not good. However, a lot of freelancers develop themselves all the time. So as you see, it could go either way.

The most interesting thing is that I understand all that now, almost a year later, as I moved into an office chair. I can see that freelancing is the race, and there is no time for stopping. This race was definitely useful and important for me as a person, but in essence it was a race with my own shadow. Anyway, the freelancing is very essential and helpful for those people who want to be very successful and rich, as it gives you an opportunity to make infinite amount of money. Unfortunately, the office job will not offer that!

How did this race help me?
It gave me the different experience, such as the art of negotiations with the customer, development experience, self-motivation experience, and many other experiences.

What else did this race give me?
Most importantly – it is the confidence. I'm not afraid to lose my job. Namely, I really do not want to lose my team in which I work and everything associated with it, but I am not afraid of the thought that one day I will be unemployed! Just because I know what to do and how to make living for me and my family.

The second important thing is that I know how much my work costs. That means that I know the price for my working time, and how effectively I should use this time. I do not care that the employer has been selling my time at times more then he pays me. I would not have been able to do like the employer have, but I am happy that I can sell my time to my employer. That makes everybody happy!

Finally, I have gotten some other things, they are ideas. When we work as the freelancers, we often solve the problem from scratch, that is, when a customer comes to us and presents the idea, and together we decide how to implement it. Sometimes, we just listen to them (ideas ... or customers?), and then either the customer gives up to implement, or accepts it, and we have a few hours of our time and the customer's idea. Over time, we have been collecting these implemented and dead ideas. On the other hand, it's good when you have your own ideas. It's just wonderful.

As we know, all processes have cycles in the life. I think it can be related to the work of web-developer. We work for the boss, and then we do freelancing, then again work for the boss, but it is on another level. What is going to happen next, honestly, I do not know, I'm in the middle of the second cycle. Everyone has own cycle!

P.S. I sincerely apologize I just wanted to write a short post, but it turned out as always.
xially 21 september 2012, 16:52
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