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I would like to share with you the story of one amusing dispute in PayPal. For those who do not know what means "debate", it is a situation where there was a misunderstanding between the buyer and seller, and PayPal becomes a mediator, trying to figure out who is right (in other words "who will get the money").

I have several online stores that sell icons. It should be noted that the icons have a form of downloadable "digital goods", which are not returnable. I foresaw that it may cause confusion among individual customers, and I made supplementary provisions for the "user’s agreement", which must be accepted by every buyer. In order to avoid certain types of comments, I will not provide links to the stores, take my word for it, the high quality icons and "desire to return," I have never encountered yet.

Last week I received an email from PayPal with a message that a buyer has expressed a desire to get money back. According to PayPal, the buyer did not intend to pay, everything happened accidently, and so on. PayPal’s employee reported me about the dispute and asked me to provide proof that the product was delivered to the buyer.

The order’s amount was small, but I decided not to let it go, saying to myself that it can become an unhealthy precedent. Above all, the buyer’s explanation (according to PayPal) sounded more than a little odd (“did not intend”, “everything happened accidently "). I provided the necessary information about the time of payment, as well as the fact of downloading the file (the buyer did not want to buy, but the file was downloaded). In addition, I added a detailed description of the subject of sale and referred to the "user’s agreement".

A few days later the dispute was resolved, however to my great surprise the money was returned to the buyer, they completely ignored my evidence and arguments. I have not received any explanation of what happened. I got only the verdict and the ability to react to the letter. It became for me as a matter of honor.

I have written in the customer support of PayPal. Once again, I explained the situation and expressed my frustration that this approach legitimizes the theft of files, because any dishonest person can buy products and get the money back. Considering that PayPal does not care about the seller's rights, licenses and the user’s agreements that may become popularly.

Simultaneously, I wrote to my "suspicious buyer" and told him that it is a pity that someone can do such tricks, as well we I am happy for him and his skill, but I do not consider this acceptable.

In response, I received two very remarkable letters. The buyer was famous American designer, he apologized and said that he also was surprised that PayPal decided to return him the money for the icons, which he bought and enjoyed using them. Moreover, he sent me directly the amount of the purchase within an hour.

PayPal acted in the usual manner for the Western mentality "We understand that you are upset, but ...". In addition, they attached a number of tips that they think will help me to deal with these situations.

So, here are funny advice from PayPal:
1. The best solution is to record the file to a physical carrier (CD / DVD).
2. Send a disk with a file within seven days from the date of payment.
3. Make sure that a method of shipping includes a tracking number and the confirmation of delivery.

After I read it, I did not know whether to laugh or cry. The over mentioned advice would kill my business. I often buy downloadable goods online myself, and if the terms of service would sound like this: "pay now (adding at least $ 30 for shipping) and get your three megabytes for just seven days .... on the disc”. I would say that it is sheer nonsense and never go back to this website.
Killer 8 november 2011, 13:43
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