Why starting an online food delivery app startup in african countries will be the successful startup idea?

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Today, software constitute an essential part of the world that we live in. Some software largely underpins all the digital conveniences, such as e-commerce apps, banking websites, and so much more. So, it only makes sense that they are tested to the fullest extent before they are offered to customers for their use. Unfortunately, it can be quite challenging to manually test software, which is why we have this thing called test automation. As the name suggests, it is the automation of software testing to ensure that the end product is robust, stable, and works just as it is meant to.

Now that we have established that software testing is crucial, let’s talk about it in detail. See, for such an endeavor to be truly useful, it is essential to make sure that it covers all the crucial aspects. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done, especially when test automation is involved in the equation. Why? Because more often than not, folks will overlook or dismiss some minute details, or, perhaps, forget to include a significant part altogether. The point is that some test automation mistakes are prevalent all over the globe. But we have listed some of the most common ones below to help make sure that you can successfully avoid them and glean the full potential of test automation.
  • Lack of training: It is all fun and exciting when one sets out to embrace test automation — that is until they realize that the actual employees who will be working with it have no training to use the tool. So, before you integrate a tool in the business, make sure that at least staff that will be directly involved with its usage is well acquainted with it and understands how to use it as well in an absolute sense. An excellent way to go about this, then, is developing a training document, organizing workshops, holding testing sessions, and more.
  • Not determining the automation list: One of the critical fundamental rules of test automation is knowing what will be automated and also why. Expecting testers just to start using the tool without explaining the company’s goals and expectations do not bode well for the endeavor. Besides that, it is generally a bad idea for the business if the company decides to dive into test automation without a proper strategy in place.
  • Starting with the automation of more significant tasks: While we understand why one would think that test automation should start with the vital jobs, the fact remains that it isn’t wise. It is because they are decidedly more challenging to conquer. And, it is as well as more time-consuming. And it also subjects the process to more mistakes and risks, thus taking a toll on the entire project.

As customers’ expectations evolve and the competition in the market intensifies, test automation is just the tool; companies need to ensure the success of their offerings. So, go ahead and find a trusted independent software testing services provider to help you out with doing precisely that.
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An on-demand tutor application bridges the gap between students who need tuitions and freelance tutors willing to educate students. Hence, the app works to educate the bright minds for a better world in the comfort of their homes. If you wish to step foot into this sector, all you need is a tutor app that is feature-rich and robust.

Below is the list of features that are must-to-be-included in a tutor app to enable its seamless operations.

Student Panel
Registration: Allow the students to sign up/log in through their email IDs, phone numbers, or their social media accounts.
Tutor search: The users should be able to search for tutors based on course, subject, exams, etc.
Tutor details: The details of the tutors and their reviews should be made available for the users to view. It helps them make informed decisions.
Book tutor: The users should be able to choose the tutor by analyzing their ratings and reviews.
Ratings & Reviews: The users should be given the option to rate and review the quality of the tutors’ services.

Tutor Panel

Profile setup: Allow the tutors to sign up/log in through their email IDs, phone numbers, or their social media accounts. Also, they should be able to add their details to their profile.
Accept/Reject requests: The tutors should have an option to accept or reject requests from students for availing tutoring services.
Payment tracking: The tutors should be able to track their earnings in a single sheet.
In-app chat/call option: An in-app option to chat or call students should be included in the app for effective communication.

You can also include some advanced features along with the basic features in your on-demand tutor app, gaining you an edge over your competitors.
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UberEats clone solutions are success key for many of food delivery startups, This clone solution is completely similar to the UberEats app, Because of the ultimate success of the UberEats app many newbies are tried to start a food delivery business with this ubereats clone apps, for this reason there is a huge demand is created for ubereats clones and readymade ubereats clone script providers.

In this blog, we have fully covered the details about Why Ubereats clone is gaining more popularity in the food delivery industry.

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