Can you think of any single class of assets worth more than $200 trillion on this planet? There is only one answer that you can give to this multi-trillion-dollar question – real estate. Real estate contributes to a major chunk of assets in almost every big country, including but not limited to the United States, the United Kingdom, France, China, and India.

However, real estate has always been out of the reach of common investors. On one side, there is the challenge in affordability – even if an asset costs a few million dollars or an investor did have that tune of money, they might hesitate to put all their eggs in a single basket.

Another challenge that plagues the real estate trading landscape is that they are not easily sellable, making them an extremely non-ideal asset to provide security in emergency situations. This makes real estate an asset class only for those investors who can afford a long waiting time and a lot of money! Read more at: https://pastnews.org/real-estate-tokenization-how-technology-is-influencing-change/
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Real estate is probably the largest and the most sought after industry. Every common man aspires to invest in real estate. But the problem is that even though the industry is always on demand, it is equally complex, making the real estate business burdensome for investors. Factors such as involvement from third parties, increased property prices, constantly increasing interest rates, illiquid assets, the long and tedious buying and selling process, etc., is what makes the business intricate.

This led to a large group of real estate companies, startups, and real estate individual investors looking for better, alternative solutions. That is how tokenization of real estate assets alongside the ingenious blockchain technology came into the picture. What is meant by tokenization? How does it really help the industry? Let’s find out! - https://vocal.media/theChain/everything-you-need-to-know-about-real-estate-tokenization
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