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Full-stack developers are capable of handling both the back-end and front-end. They have the ability and the required knowledge to develop a full-fledge application for web, mobile, as well as desktop. Outsource your projects to the most experienced full Stack Web developers around.
Here are some tips to hire a full-stack app developer.
Analyze the resume
The resume of a candidate stands as a representation of the candidate’s caliber. Check for some essential components, including educational background, previous work experience, etc., to get a brief idea of the candidate.

Examine the personal traits
Apart from the skills and knowledge of the candidate, personality is also very important. An ideal full-stack developer should be hard-working, determined, adaptive, and persistent. He/she should be willing to learn new things and stay updated with the latest trends and happenings in the market.

Technical interview
Conduct a technical interview to gauge the competence of the candidate. The candidate should be proficient in any front-end programming language (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript), back-end programming language (C, C++, Python, PHP, Java, etc.), and DBMS (Database Management System). An aptitude test will help you check the analytical skills of the candidate.

Wrapping Up!
The above-mentioned pointers will help you in finding the right developer to rely on for your full-stack app development needs. Hope you find this useful!
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