Food is vital for human beings. So, everybody wants to purchase high-quality products that are fresh and healthy. Of course, food suppliers also prefer to buy fruits, vegetables, and other products from reliable farms. Although, it was quite difficult to track the way how products go from the farm to the market in the past. But nowadays blockchain technology completely changed agriculture.

Why Use Blockchain in Agriculture?

Blockchain technology can bring a lot of profit to the agricultural sector. To provide you with examples, we’ve listed six main advantages of this technology below.

*Clear supply chain. Consumers want to know the origin of the food they eat every day. Additionally, some of them even ready to pay more to look through certifications. So, blockchain technology provides users with unchanged information about the products, e.g. when the poultry was born, its living conditions, and so on. All this data can be shown on the customers’ smartphones after scanning the QR code.
*Fraud prevention. The information stored in blockchain can’t be changed, as a result, the data is protected from frauds. Such machinations as a price reduction or increase become impossible.
Attract investments. Blockchain provides an opportunity for small farms to attract investments. Initial Coin Offering or ICO provides a new way of investments with so-called cryptocurrency crowdfunding. It’s a good option for startups in the agricultural sector.
*Smart contracts. Due to smart contracts solutions, farmers can get their payments in time. Smart contracts are absolutely automated. So, as soon as farmers fulfill their obligations, they receive profit without delays.
*Stock exchange. Stock exchanges have got some profit from blockchain implementation. For instance, farmers can trade futures contracts where the cost of products is fixed. As a result, the farmer gets a certain amount of money and a customer doesn’t worry about price fluctuations.
Agricultural cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is a popular cryptocurrency all over the world. Additionally, there is PavoCoin. This cryptocurrency was created specifically for the agriculture field.

Tags: blockchain
Asia_Sin 26 january 2021, 10:00

Mobile apps have been the way to go in the last few years. Almost every business wanting to make full use of the digital world will not only have a website and a social media presence, but also a mobile app.

In four words: Always Available, Always Accessible. This is the trend, or rather, the expectation that customers have. The ability to call upon the service of businesses no matter where or when – all with the tap of their fingers. Being at the finger-tips of your customers means one thing: it’s a lot easier to get their attention when you’re always with them.

It implies your marketing efforts have a better chance of reaching your customers in the event that you have a mobile application. With affordable mobile app development in Dubai, you could likewise integrate a loyalty program where you can:

reward clients who much of the time utilize your items
boost their loved ones to utilize the application
provide special deals to app-users
gather valuable customer insights
There are close to unlimited prospects with regards to fitting client experience through a mobile app.

Unlike a traditional website, being present on a mobile app is far more convenient. Having your users jump extra hoops by logging in via a web browser might turn them off from using your service all together!

Always being available whenever they need you provides numerous benefits for both you and your customers. For example, if there is a question about your product, the ability to communicate and have it resolved quickly via your app is an excellent way to maintain good relations with your customers.

On top of that, you could even design your iOS app or Android app into its own social platform, allowing users of your business to conveniently engage with one another. This promotes discussions, creates a community, and produces valuable feedback about how you can improve. By doing so, your users feel more involved, instilling a sense of loyalty towards your brand.

The more you can improve the presence of your business, the better you will stand out from the competition. At the very least you won’t get left behind! A mobile app development company in Dubai provides an enormous boost in visibility for your brand and business, giving your customers another option to interact with you. So the more visible you are, the better!

Acquire more customers
Keep in mind that today’s consumers are constantly moving and are addicted to their mobile devices. Undoubtedly, they would appreciate a useful and engaging mobile app from your company. If your app helps them save or kill time or is just that awesome, they would even refer you to their friends and family.

Generate more income
A mobile application with order fulfilment ability can readily provide another revenue channel, aside from your website. For instance, usefulness to reserve eatery spots, book show passes, purchase products and services, and so forth are possible with a few clicks. You can also earn by charging app users when they upgrade, or by offering in-app advertisements, etc.

If you’re convinced that your business could use a boost in a mobile presence, why not drop an email at [email protected] or contact today on +971 52 708 1010 and have your very own app developed with us at Zapio Technology? For more information visit us at mobile application development companies in Dubai

Published January 23, 2021
Zapio 25 january 2021, 13:21

Every city in the world faces the trouble of managing parking spaces. Yes, the number of people who own a car goes up every year. Not just that, the population of people who own multiple cars is increasing as well. However, the real issue is not the lack of parking spaces; it is about not having a better parking management solution to connect parking spaces to simplify parking management. A peer-peer platform that connects car owners with local businesses or homeowners with spare parking spaces.

How does it work?
The approach of parking slot rentals is based on Airbnb’s business model, which connects travelers with hosts who want to rent out their living space. Similarly, the peer-peer parking space rental business model connects drivers and locals (either businesses or homeowners) looking to rent out their parking spaces for a specific duration.

It works in this way-

Parking space owners set specific hours and rates and car owners can reserve slots ahead of time. This decreases the time spent looking for vacant parking slots and makes the parking slot management simple. To develop a parking lot of parking management software, you must understand how it works from a user’s point of view.

Essential features of a customized parking system
Parking system app development requires a set of basic and advanced features. Let’s have a look at the basic feature set for a car parking management software.

Features for parking space owners
Signup and login–
Signup and login feature allows car owners to access the system and helps to store the information and identify as a unique user everything they enter in the system.

Personal profile–
This is the space for the users to add their personal information, car details, and other related information.

Search filters–
Users must be able to search the available parking spaces, time slots, under certain geo-locations, etc.

Booking system–
Once a user has found a desirable slot, he/she must be able to reserve the space and get an access code in return.

Payment system–
Users must be able to park for the services through a secure payment gateway or pay later by cash.

Features for parking space owners
Signup and login–
This feature allows parking space owners to register and access the system.

Personal profile–
Parking space owners can create a user profile by adding their personal information and the information about the parking slot, add the description and picture, add pricing details and availability details.

User dashboard–
Parking space owners can use the dashboard to edit or change the availability of the spaces, add or delete pictures, and add some analytics regarding the parking space business.

Reviews and ratings–
Car owners can rate parking spaces and leave reviews about the same.

Chat functionality allows parking space owners and car owners to communicate with each other.

The revenue model of parking rental apps
Like any other on-demand business model, an on-demand parking space management system also generates revenue through the following ways.

The parking slot management system deducts a fixed percentage of the amount as a commission from the total reservation fee from all users. This is how every parking lot system makes money.

Transaction fee
A small percentage of the fee is deducted from parking slot owners the payments are processed.

Premium memberships
Parking systems can also charge car owners for a premium membership and offer unique benefits like giving priority access to parking spaces.

Building a car parking lot management marketplace from scratch
When building a parking slot management app from scratch, there are many functions to incorporate from navigation to online payments. To build an efficient software, you must have an excellent business plan.

Here are some of the common ways in which a parking lot app can be created.

Navigation and booking
This type of app lets users find and reserve parking solutions. The app will also help the drivers to navigate to the booked place. A flexible payment system is also essential for this type of parking app, as users prefer to pay by debit/credit cards or in cash. Features, like adding extra parking time or navigating back to a car space, can also be included. This business model is the most popular among existing parking apps.

Fully functional parking slot management app
Developing parking slot management apps with a full set of functionalities require more effort, time and are more expensive. An efficient parking software keeps tracks of every essential information like vehicle license number, car details with photos, and visitor names in the user dashboard or parking space owners. It also offers functionalities for real-time navigation, to manage time limits for visitors, manage both free and paid parking hours, manage inventories, offer easy payment options, etc.

Build a mobile-first responsive design for your parking rental system. Compare what is required for small screens and bigger screens separately and design the system based on that. User experience is important for such apps as the success of the system lies in how a person feels when interacting with it. Focus on offering an impressive user experience that helps you improve brand loyalty, better conversions, and an increase in customers.

Other basic features of the parking app
GPS Tracking
To make the parking lot management easy to use, incorporating GPS tracking is essential. This allows car owners to find the location of the parking space and find the distance to the nearest parking lot.

The search process is probably the most important feature of a parking app. It must be easy to use, intuitive to offer the nearest available parking slots in one button click.

Booking features allow car owners to reserve a parking slot and to prepay for the say on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This allows for avoiding the trouble of booking the same slot every day again.

Price comparison
Car parking rental apps also offer an opportunity for users to compare prices and find the cheapest nearby parking spaces. Offers can also be given to users if booked in advance.

Is building the car parking rental app from scratch a feasible option?
If you want to build software for parking management from scratch, it takes around 3000 hours approximately to complete the entire project. If you take the average hourly rate for developers at $50 per hour, the cost will start from $50,000 and it can go up higher.

Building a parking lot management system from scratch is not a feasible idea when there are other better alternatives in the market. Parking rental website scripts are designed specifically to manage parking spaces of different sizes and it comes with all essential features just like a rental marketplace like Airbnb. A customized Airbnb clone script can do the entire job easily, quickly and more affordably.

Apps for parking lot management are the future. Despite the increasing number of parking apps, there is potential in the market. A smart parking management system on the Airbnb model can be a huge time saver for both car owners and parking space owners. Once you identify the existing problems in the industry and offer unique solutions to overcome it, you can take your business to new heights. Offer extra services to your users so that you can earn an additional revenue flow from the same system.
ShirleyStewart 25 january 2021, 6:59

Not only is Saudi Arabia a big center of devotion, but it has also developed as an impressive business hub with numerous companies that have begun to show interest in digital technology solutions. In the digital transformation of major KSA firms, new technologies such as IoT, AI, cloud, and many more play a critical role. Mobile applications allow any organization to expand and meet its target audience at any time and anywhere. According to Statista, Saudi Arabia’s app market’s revenue is projected to rise 13 percent annually and hit $32 million by 2024.

In Saudi Arabia, several companies provide web and software development services that leave business owners uncertain about finding and recruiting the right partner for their app ideas. In Saudi Arabia 2021, they reviewed different B2B research platforms and compiled a list of the Top 10 App Developers. Let’s hope that this list will help find the right partner with the maximum ROI and grow the business.
The list of top 10 mobile app development companies in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Saudi Arabia to work within 2021.

1. BrillMindz Technologies

BrillMindz is the reason behind some of the most beautiful apps being created. It was founded 9 years ago and the company provides its customers with the best solutions ever since. More than 400 mobile applications produced by more than 100 professionals have been successfully developed by the company to date. Such accomplishments definitely make them one of the top Mobile app development companies in Saudi Arabia. They provide services for web, software, and app development and work on the latest technologies such as AI, IoT, Salesforce, Cloud, Data Science, AR/VR, and many more as well.

2. Hyperlink InfoSystem

Hyperlink InfoSystem is one of Saudi Arabia’s largest mobile app development companies and has offices in the US, UK, and India. For 2300+ worldwide customers, the company has built more than 3500 applications and designed 2000+ websites. Their staff properly understands the needs of the customer and develops solutions that lead their customers to success.

SITN was founded by Saudi Arabia-based Othman H. Al Ghamdi & Sons Co. in 2011. They saw transparency in beauty and claimed that the website is their customers’ first experience and their taste must never be underestimated. The team is ready to provide customized solutions for software development requirements.

4. Dopravo

Centered in Saudi Arabia, Dopravo is a trusted app development company with a passion for creating digital customer experience for both online and mobile platforms. For 9 years, they have been around and helped craft mobile applications that have touched the lives of millions of people.

5. Boxile

Boxile is a leading Saudi-based IT company offering high-quality and cost-effective solutions for online and mobile apps. The business and its partners have an established track record of providing businesses with effective development services and strategies to expand their bottom line.

6. KenHike

In the UAE and Saudi Arabia, KenHike is the top IT company providing digital solutions for developing IT strategies, enterprise integration, and application development. They have proven expertise in UX/UI capabilities and can provide all IT requirements with 24-hour support.

7. UXBERT Labs

Headquartered in Riyadh, UXBERT Labs is the leading IT consulting team in Saudi Arabia. They provide scientifically proven research, training, consulting, design, and development for eCommerce and digital products. With international experts, they have a digital expert team dedicated to helping to company grow and engineering beautiful experiences.

The Leading B2B reviews and ranking websites such as Clutch. co, TopAppDevelopmentCompanies.com, TopAppdeveloment.com, and many more are personally researched by the above companies.
BrillMindz 25 january 2021, 5:37

If you genuinely think that to copy EDB to PST will help you to get rid of damaged EDB files, use Softaken Exchange Server Recovery software. This application is meant for situations when Microsoft Exchange Server corrupts and makes your EDB files and data in them inaccessible. Inaccessible data is a real hurdle and will not permit you to use those files. This apt solution will recover and copy EDB to PST along with emails, contacts appointments’, journals, to do list, etc. This application will copy Exchange database emails to PST emails, contacts to PST contacts and so on. It is safe and topnotch solution to copy entire EDB mailbox to PST.

Software Excels in:
  1. Repairing pub.edb
  2. Easy and quick to copy EDB to PST
  3. Possible to copy EDB to PST and then to save them
  4. Software can repair any size of Exchange database files
  5. Recovering EDB files after mistakenly deleted
  6. Repairing EDB files after errors
  7. Recovering emails from AD storage
  8. Repair (Private folders) Priv1.edb database
  9. Recovering of EDB files even after Checksum Errors

Why EDB Files lead to Corruption? This is the most important question arise after corruption in Exchange database files. Some reasons behind this corruption are:
  1. Dirty system shutdown
  2. Trojan infection
  3. Virus attack
  4. Hardware Failure
  5. Jet engine Errors
  6. Header Corruption
  7. File size Errors
These and other such reasons will not allow you to access EDB files.

Test the software to Copy EDB to PST: From the point of view of any doubt, without any payment, download the software and see how easy it is to copy EDB to PST. Features of the software will also make many things clear and preview PST after you copy EDB to PST.

Time to Buy: After you copy EDB to PST and after previewing PST files converted from EDB files buy the software in full retail edition at fair price. You can buy either in personal license or in Business license as per your requirement.

Support for Help: You can take help from our expert team for free consultant services. Our consultancy executives will give answers to any of your query so contact them at once and copy EDB to PST successfully. You can avail free services from them 24*7.
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The on-demand apps are growing great after the pandemic situation. Food delivery apps like Zomato are not a thing to be missed from the list.

There are many entrepreneurs out there, who are looking for a chance to have this flourishing business just like you. And it is possible. When everything is planned well enough, you will get to gain more extensive traction among people. If that’s what you are seeking, you have set foot in the right place because this blog is here to guide you to achieve your goal of having a high scaling business.

Tips to improve your food delivery app

Here is a list of things to follow and integrate into your app, which will let you conquer the food industry.

Integrate social media:

If the app is integrated with social media, it will help you in attaining more users and will also enhance user engagement. It will save time from the boring login or sign-in process. On the other hand, people can share the order placed with their friends through different social media platforms.

Real-time tracking:

Keep users hooked with your app by continually updating them regarding the status of their order. Notify them about the process like an order being requested, preparation of the order, delivery, and then the Estimated Time of Arrival also. It will help you build user retention.

Speedy delivery:

Make sure to provide the users with timely delivery as delaying an order can make them frustrated, which may lead to the abandonment of the app. Therefore, try to get hot food delivered on time. Concentrate on making sure to increase the quality of the services that are offered.

Focus on a small market:

Start with a small area during the beginning and try to offer your service with quality. Then work on the feedback and reviews. If you are sure enough that you have established your presence in that area, then take the next step of expanding it larger.

Read The Full BLOG HERE:

AngelinaJo 21 january 2021, 12:19

Software itself is the arrangement of guidelines or projects that instruct a PC. It is free of equipment and makes PCs programmable. There are three fundamental sorts:

System software to give center capacities, for example, working systems, plate the executives, utilities, equipment the board and other operational necessities. Software Development Surat Gujarat

Programming software to give developers instruments, for example, content managers, compilers, linkers, debuggers and different devices to make code.

Application software (applications or applications) to assist clients with performing assignments. Office efficiency suites, information the executives software, media players and security programs are models. Applications additionally alludes to web and versatile applications like those used to shop on Amazon.com, associate with Facebook or post pictures to Instagram.

A potential fourth sort is implanted software. Inserted systems software is utilized to control machines and gadgets not commonly thought about PCs — media communications organizations, vehicles, modern robots and that's only the tip of the iceberg. These gadgets, and their software, can be associated as a feature of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Software development is essentially directed by software engineers, software architects and software designers. These jobs connect and cover, and the elements between them change incredibly across development divisions and networks.

Developers, or coders, compose source code to program PCs for explicit assignments like blending information bases, handling on the web orders, directing interchanges, leading inquiries or showing text and designs. Software engineers ordinarily decipher directions from software designers and specialists and use programming dialects like C++ or Java to do them.

Software engineers apply designing standards to assemble software and systems to tackle issues. They use displaying language and different instruments to devise arrangements that can frequently be applied to issues in an overall manner, instead of just addressing for a particular occurrence or customer. Software designing arrangements stick to the logical strategy and should work in reality, similarly as with scaffolds or lifts.

Software designers have a less conventional job than engineers and can be firmly engaged with explicit task territories — including composing code. Simultaneously, they drive the general software development lifecycle — including working across utilitarian groups to change necessities into highlights, overseeing development groups and cycles, and leading software testing and maintenance.

Crafted by software development isn't limited to coders or development groups. Experts, for example, researchers, gadget fabricators and equipment producers likewise make software code despite the fact that they are not essentially software engineers. Nor is it limited to conventional data innovation ventures, for example, software or semiconductor organizations. Indeed, as indicated by the Brookings Institute, those organizations "represent not exactly 50% of the organizations performing software development.

A significant differentiation is custom software development instead of business software development. Custom software development is the way toward planning, making, conveying and keeping up software for a particular arrangement of clients, capacities or associations. Conversely, business off-the-rack software (COTS) is intended for a wide arrangement of necessities, permitting it to be bundled and industrially advertised and disseminated.

Individuals both inside and outside IT frequently ask what is software development. It is a cycle to make PC software utilizing at least one explicit programming dialects that gives usefulness to address specific business or individual targets. The development of software is normally an arranged activity with various advances and stages that bring about the making of operational software. Consequently a decent definition is: "a cycle with a bunch of exercises that make program items, including their plan, development, testing, and arrangement." Software itself is a bunch of directions or projects that guide a PC. It is free of equipment and makes PCs programmable.

Development Since the appearance of software item development during the 1960s, a wide range of approaches have been utilized for building up the software; the most well-known today utilizes a light-footed way to deal with development. A deft software development definition incorporates a methodology where development necessities and arrangements are conveyed through the synergistic exertion of self-sorting out and cross-utilitarian groups and their clients. Dissimilar to the more customary and regularly unyielding development software models, deft empowers and elevates adaptable reactions to change, by supporting versatile arranging, transformative development, early conveyance, and constant improvement.

Software is created utilizing PC programming, completed by a software designer. A software engineer definition is "an individual that makes software, either without help from anyone else or related to other people." What do software designers do everyday? They use cycles and procedures to make working software, including necessities definition, information stream configuration, code configuration, measure stream plan, flowcharting, code creation, software development testing, and investigating. The start to finish measure is now and again alluded to as the software development life cycle (SDLC). The term 'full stack software engineer' is somebody that creates both client confronting software and worker software, including data set development and the development of use interfaces.

What are the Different Types of Software Development?

There are a few distinct sorts. They can be gathered into four fundamental classifications:

Application development that gives usefulness to clients to perform undertakings. Models incorporate office profitability suites, media players, online media devices, and booking systems. Applications can run on the client's very own registering gear or on workers facilitated in the cloud or by an inward IT division. Media streaming development is one illustration of use development for the cloud.

System software development to give the center capacities, for example, working systems, stockpiling systems, information bases, organizations, and equipment the executives.

Development apparatuses that give software engineers the instruments to take care of their work, including code editors, compilers, linkers, debuggers, and test bridles.

Implanted software development that makes the software used to control machines and gadgets, including vehicles, telephones, and robots.

Every one of the classifications of the various kinds of development normally pulls in various sorts of software designers, with various characters, attributes, and specialisms. For instance, clinical gadget software development requires software engineers that are completely familiar with creating wellbeing basic systems. This is a specialism that a commonplace application software engineer is probably not going to have, yet which is basic for all parts of medical care software development.

A music software designer should have melodic capacity, just as an establishing in proper music hypothesis, to be effective in creating software for the documentation and execution of music. A security software engineer needs to have something beyond development abilities, they should likewise be knowledgeable about all parts of IT security. Versatile development has some expertise in creating application software for cell phones, for example, telephones and PDAs. Endeavor software development is utilized to build up a set-up of uses that are utilized across an association.</p>

The software that is created can stay exclusive inside the association, or be offered to other people. It can likewise be made unreservedly and generally accessible to anyone that needs to utilize it; this is called open source development.
VetronITService 21 january 2021, 11:00

When Airbnb was launched, the peer-peer rental marketplace was a relatively new concept for customers. Since then, the popularity of the rental business has skyrocketed. Ecommerce rental marketplaces and the sharing economy are current trends with massive business potential.

Renting out costly products instead of buying them is a lot more convenient and affordable. At the same time, it also helps individuals to rent out their own items to earn some extra money. Marketplace platforms also come with a huge business benefit- you can start a rental business without any initial inventory. Besides, creating a rental marketplace is quite easy with an Airbnb clone where you can create an Airbnb-like rental business with similar features and functionalities customized according to the niche you choose.

An Airbnb Clone is a ready-made rental business script that comes with basic features essential to run powerful rental platforms just like Airbnb. However, the most crucial question is what are some of the successful business ideas to start with? Do not worry; this blog will help you out with that.
Best rental business ideas to choose from for your business venture.
Event venue rental

Event venue sharing marketplaces make hunting the venue for events like outdoor meetings, parties, weddings, etc. easy. Hosting an event requires a lot of planning and preparation. From finding the menu to managing the guest lists, the host has to handle all of these tasks in a given period. The event venue-sharing marketplace is an all-in-one solution for hosts to run an event as it decreases the burden of planning.
The clothing rental
Renting your clothes to a stranger or wearing some else’s clothes might sound weird. However, this is the concept behind the clothing rental marketplace. While clothing renting isn’t an entirely new concept, recent business additions are disrupting the market by offering an efficient peer-peer rental model.
This means the clothes are sent directly from owners to renters-not from a warehouse of a company. However, it can be the other way as well. This business model perfectly suits people who would like to save a couple of thousands of dollars for their wedding dress, which they will use once in their life or for those who want to indulge in luxury fashion but don’t want to spend a fortune on it. Clothing rental will help to reduce the propensity for fast fashion consumption by providing customers a sustainable alternative.
Construction equipment rentals

The market for renting construction equipment has ripened in recent years. A typical construction project calls for a variety of tools and machinery. The budget for construction goes higher if you want to purchase all the necessary construction equipment. If a construction project needs specific requirements for a short duration, the equipment is likely to stand idle after the project. So why you have to invest in something which you won’t use after some time. This is there a construction equipment rental comes as an ideal choice. It is one of the popular rental businesses to start and boldly invest in. There is a 100% assurance that the business is to thrive due to its high level of demand.
Camera rentals

In the fast-paced tech world we live in, camera technology is constantly changing. New models get launched frequently making the previous model outdated soon. That is why it makes sense for professional photographers and moviemakers to rent expensive cameras instead of purchasing them. Clearly, you can launch a camera rental business that leases out the camera and related equipment to customers.
However, you must invest in high-quality cameras and rent them out frequently to recoup the purchasing cost. Profitability for this rental business idea, like any other sharing business model, depends greatly on the fee you charge and the number of times you rent out your equipment. Alternatively, you can also start a business that connects people who are willing to lease out cameras with people who want to rent it.
Bike rentals

The popular trend in urban areas is to rent out bikes. People commuting around the city love the idea of hiring a bike for some time. The fact that many bike rental businesses have launched is proof that it is one of the best rental business ideas to invest in. Bike rental gives customers the facility to rent out bikes for a few hours to explore the locality. The customer base mostly can include tourists, college students, and office goers, etc. Besides bike rentals, you can also sell merchandise related to biking to generate more income.
Parking lot rentals

Finding a parking space gets hectic with the rising number of cars on the road and the inefficiency in managing parking lots. To alleviate the parking woes in the city, it is one of the rental businesses to start with. The parking space rental business is a lucrative source of income. The parking lot rental market works just like an Airbnb for parking lots. Your marketplace acts as a medium that connects both local homeowners and businesses who want to rent out their parking space with car owners who are looking for parking spaces.
Office space rental

Just as you can rent out a home to a guest, you can rent out office space to freelancers, startups, and small businesses. The concept of co-working spaces is a great way to connect people while they are working and to generate passive income. The profit of this rental business idea depends on the price you charge and the number of tenants you get. As a thumb rule, charge a premium price if you offer a premium experience. Regarding the business models, it works in a bit different way. While the basic way to make money out of an office space rental is in the form of rent, it is possible to widen the horizon to other revenue sources like memberships and partnerships with your regular clients.
Water sports equipment rentals

People who go for a vacation to exotic destinations usually engage in different types of water sports like kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling, scuba diving, and a lot more. Such water sports require specialized gear to protect people. In most cases, it is not practical to own snorkeling or diving gear.
Hence, water sports equipment rental makes the best rental business ideas to start in conjunction with the boating business or as an independent service. Rent out equipment like Jet Ski, paddleboards, and snorkeling gears or any other accessories to enhance the water sports experiences. In addition to all these essential water gears, you can also offer add-ons like waterproof cameras, or special glasses to use while diving underwater.
Book rentals

It is true that digitization is replacing our book-reading habits by reading eBooks on tablets and mobile phones. However, there are people who are still keen on reading books in the traditional way. Most people hate paying for books, as the cost of these nooks may not be favorable always. Hence, book rentals come as an easy way for avid readers who love to read books. Nevertheless, as most people prefer renting out books at their local library, the key with this business type is to add some unique elements by offering particularly rare books or textbooks which will help to gain you more customers.
Medical equipment rentals

If you are looking for some great rental business ideas, a medical equipment rental business can be one of the best bets. All medical professionals from midwives to doctors need specific supplies to do their jobs. Mostly, medical suppliers are brought from niche companies that offer certain types of media supplies and equipment. However, it is possible for an independent medical equipment rental business to find success in the industry. All you have to do is to find a niche market to target for your business. For instance, you can rent supplies to dentists, nursing homes, veterinarians, midwives, etc. Offer a variety of medical equipment rental services of both short term and long term needs.
To wrap up

When Airbnb came into existence, the idea of renting out private space for guests was a new business concept. However, when Airbnb grew to 33.7 million in 2017, new players started exploring more innovative ways to expand rental business ideas. With more people being accustomed to the idea of a shared economy, the trend of the rental business is growing, making this the right time to start your own peer-peer rental venture.

I hope you liked this blog and got some striking rental business ideas for your new venture. Whether you are planning to launch a vacation rental business or a parking space rental business, the Airbnb business model can offer the right tools required to build a fully functional website and get more traffic on the site.
The good news is we can help you launch your rental marketplace quickly. No matter how creative or complex is your idea; we can help to successfully build, launching, and growing your rental marketplace. Get in touch with us now.
ShirleyStewart 21 january 2021, 6:01

Imagine those times when people have to visit some elite restaurants after booking a reservation through telephones and then arrive on time. Doesn’t it sound like a scene from literature? That’s how technology has changed things. Those days are gone where people would be waiting for weekends so that they could travel to their favorite cuisines to have their favorite dishes. Because right now, with the advent of many food delivery/ordering businesses whirling around, no one wants to travel to have their favorite dishes.

Just a few taps and swipes, and ding! Their meal is right there at their doorstep. If you are one of the restaurant owners, who is hoping for that one auspicious day where everything would change, and you can run your restaurant business just like old times, then better stop dreaming because your success can never be the same without your business making an online presence with the restaurant delivery app development.
Just like there is a 99% chance that you are reading this blog on your mobile phone, there is a huge chance for success only when it provides convenience to the people. And how to provide it? By developing a mobile restaurant app. If developed with sparkling functionalities, you can have the users hooked to your app, and this automatically helps you maintain success.

Functionalities your app should contain:

Menu: As this is the grand entrance and the first factor to allure your users, provide the app with some alluring images of the dishes from your kitchen.

Ordering and payment: It is not a good mobile app if it doesn’t have an attractive and intuitive interface. Along with it comes the convenience in payment, which serves as a big no for compromise. So focus well on it.

Loyalty programs: Our world is filled with a huge number of food lovers. So, try to attract them by providing some rewards and points.

On the whole, for gaining a skyrocketing success, develop an app right away using the restaurant app solution. Bring it on!
AngelinaJo 20 january 2021, 13:15

PayPal is the first and famous entrant in the market of P2P and is the leader and pioneer in the space. There are many businesses today that are using PayPal as their payment service provider. The key reason that sets the app apart from the counterparts is the distinct features of the app.

The number of users using digital payments in many forms for making transactions are reaching sky high. Therefore, there is no better time than PayPal like app development than right now.

Why should you create a PayPal Clone app?
According to recent studies, 3 out of 4 millennials are accessing one or more online payments on a regular basis. Well, it is not surprising that people have started loving to send money in just a couple of swipes and clicks.

The growth of the market is expected to reach $336 billion by the year 2021. That’s why investments have been freely flowing for developing these apps. It is estimated that around 50% of the P2P payment users will make at least a single transaction a month by the year 2022.

Revenue model:
A monetization strategy must be in place for the app’s success. You can choose any of the two models developing your app.

Premium service model:
You can allow your customers to use basic features like transferring money, accessing transaction history, and the free version of the application. The high-end features such as text messaging, currency rates, and conversion facilities can be accessed on the paid version.

Marketing model:
You can allow some financial institutions like banks or credit card companies to advertise their products.


Due to the unprecedented advancements in technology like NFC, these apps have become popular among people across the globe. It proves to us that there is an ample requirement for the development of PayPal like apps. To start developing the app right now with the sturdy PayPal Clone scripts!
marcus 20 january 2021, 6:24
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