6 Ways to Organize your Parking Lot

Synopsis: in this post we look at 6 steps which will help you organize and run your parking lot easily.

#1 Create a free flow of traffic

Most people who visit your parking lot are not aware of the layout. Use sufficient signs to guide people in and out of the lot. This makes easy movements of vehicles and people would love you for making it butter smooth. Using barricades during peak traffic inflow makes for safe car movement.

#2 Put an end to fast driving within your parking lot

When people are in a hurry, they tend to drive incredibly fast. You cannot man mark each car. Place speed bumps and curbs to force car drivers to drive at safe speeds in your parking lot.

#3 Highlight restricted areas

If ever you wish to block certain areas of your parking lot, use delineator and bollards and no parking stands to indicate. This makes it easy for users to drive through without causing unnecessary gridlock. Restricting parking in certain areas also makes it easy to fill up parking lots in a phased manner.

#4 Highlight access areas

As pedestrians need access to walk to their cars, it is wise to use bright markings to define vehicle and pedestrian access. The more drivers and pedestrians know where they should and shouldn’t be, the easier it will be to maintain order in your parking lot. Use pavement marking tools – such as custom stencils and reflective pavement markers – to indicate safety lines that give individuals some direction in your lot.

#5 Set up a lot of lights

Safety, security and visibility are of utmost importance for a parking lot. Especially during night time. Set up adequate lighting in the parking lot to make it easy for users. There are some parking lots who use green lights to indicate empty spaces, which makes it remarkably easy to spot parking slots.

#6 Turn away trespassers

Intruders may cause damage to grounds as well as company property. Post security signs to discourage unwanted individuals from trespassing.

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