Many economists believe that the economy as we have come to know it will seamlessly merge with the modern day sharing economy at some point in the near future. At the center of this transition is Airbnb. Started by two roommates in San Francisco. They put out an airbed mattress and offered free breakfast to travelers.

How AirBnB Started?

Considering how expensive SF was (and still is today), the two roommates got themselves bookings in a flurry. They brought on another mate of theirs to code a platform and allow anyone to list their room or home to earn extra income. This is the power of sharing economy.

Where are we headed?

The world will look different in the future. There are already companies working to disrupt the real estate industry as we come to know it today – both residential and commercial real estate. Instead of buying or leasing office spaces or residences, we all will just become members of a large platform – which will allow us access to any office or residence across the city, state, country or even the world. This is the future, and it looks darn interesting.
ShirleyStewart 23 november 2020, 14:34

Portfolio management software programs are one among the tools most generally employed via individual investors. As an investor’s personal portfolio grows over time, it frequently encompasses numerous investment accounts, including 401(k)s, IRAs, brokerage accounts and savings accounts. Tracking of those bills correctly is an exhausting undertaking, and masses of investors want help. Thankfully, the persevering with the development of technology has caused increasingly more effective portfolio management software programs aimed towards presenting simply that. Portfolio management software program is private, expert, or marketing consultant variations for the character investor, expert trader, or investment adviser.
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With everything in just a tap away, on-demand services isn’t a novel concept. Mobile applications along with the technology advancements, has made people’s lives easier. Having a myriad of devices like TV, Refrigerator, Air conditioners etc. everything needs extra maintenance and professional services along with it. With increase in demand for home services, there demand for apps like Urban company are also increasing.

That’s why, it is the right time for you to start your venture in on-demand business using the Urban Company Clone.
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The online games are a constant source of entertainment for the user. The online gaming industry is overflowing with many compelling features and an easy-to-use UI. But still, users watch the space to try out new gaming applications. When it comes to gaming apps, the cricket betting app never loses a chance to amuse the user. Since cricket is the preferred game for most of the users, you can consider launching an online cricket betting app. If you wonder how we are here with a solution. This blog will spin around the features of the app that will drive the user’s attention.
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Worldwide there are millions of mobile app development based solutions startups, that builds mobile applications from scratch according to your requirements, though all in those organizations mobile app development Chicago companies charge the highest amount when we compare their hourly rate to each other.

So why these Chicago-based mobile app developers charge this much for the same work other companies can do in many cost-effective ways?
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Snippet: in this post we look at the impact of self driven cars on parking spaces across the world. We also look at how close we are to a self driving world.

What are self driven cars?
A car which can drive itself through the use of road and traffic sensing technologies such as RADAR, LIDAR, and cameras. Lot of regulations bind this category of transportation. The idea is simple, human drivers have a rhythm. Not all of us drive the same way. This alone costs a lot of traffic issues.

Self-Driving Cars: The Future of Transportation
The belief with self driven cars is that, if every car drives diligently, similarly and is equipped with technologies to sense obstacles (other vehicles or people on the road), it would lead to a more predictable and smooth movement of vehicles – which ultimately reduces delays, jams, and saves energy (gas and electricity).
ShirleyStewart 20 november 2020, 4:04

With everything made digitized in today’s modern world, entrepreneurs are most commonly seeking ways to make their businesses get into the world of digitization with ease. By the way, MLM is a smarter option to do so, when it comes to making investments with cryptos. Yes! Ethereum smart contract MLM software gives us the path to indulge in the digital revolution made as of now in the crypto space.

The MLM industry holds enough scope for those who wanna launch their own crypto trading platform for the exchange of crypto assets. MLM is an effective business model where a huge amount of products or services get marketed over a broad network of users thus resulting in better sales. It is the fastest way of attaining popularity in a short span. If we integrate smart contracts into it, then it will bring some more extraordinary results for us. The three most basic types of MLM include referral marketing, network marketing, and pyramid selling. Whatever might be the type of marketing we choose for our MLM business; the intrusion of smart contracts will obviously make us end up with guaranteed returns.
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