Is the rabbit hole deep?


How many minutes do you need to understand what the chip is?

Francis Bacon in 1620 divided the sources of human error in the way of cognition into four groups, which he called "ghosts" or "idols" (Latin idola).

"Ghosts of the genus" stem from human nature itself, they do not depend on either culture or individuality of a person. "The human mind is like an uneven mirror, which, mixing the nature of things, reflects things in a distorted and disfigured form."
  "Ghosts of a cave" are individual errors of perception, both congenital and acquired. "After all, in addition to the mistakes inherent in the human race, there is a special cave that weakens and distorts the light of nature."
  "The ghosts of the square (market)" - a consequence of the social nature of man, - communication and use of language in communication. "People unite with speech. Words are established according to the understanding of the crowd. Therefore, the bad and ridiculous establishment of words surprisingly precipitates the mind. "
  "Ghosts of the theater" - this is a person's assimilated from other people false ideas about the structure of reality. "At the same time, we understand here not only the general philosophical teachings, but also the numerous principles and axioms of sciences that have gained strength due to tradition, faith and carelessness." [ Wikipedia ]

Under the cut - a visual demonstration of the vulnerability of our brains to attacks through visual input. I present to you the translation of the article of the product designer and front-end developer Balraj Chana, about how you can use / neutralize the effect of optical illusions.
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What "circle" is perceived as the most "round"?


Our eyes are a rather strange organ, which, often, deceives us. But if you know the features of human visual perception, then you can create a more understandable and clean design. Typographers are not the only ones who use optical tricks in creating readable and harmonious looking fonts. This knowledge is also useful to interface designers who organize communication between the user and the machine.

How to create visually proportional icons, correctly arrange objects of different shapes and perform an ideal rounding of corners. In the post there are more than 50 images.
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