Now developers from around the world are trying hard to create software for all kinds of robots, including the quadrotors with "intelligence". Recently, KMel Robotics company and the University of Pennsylvania have introduced a new design of quadrotor, which shows some progress in the development of software for the robots interaction.

In the showcase presentation were 20 nano quadrotors, each of them is equipped with a balancing system as well as able to interact with the "colleagues". In addition, each unit can operate independently, for example, it is able to round encountered obstacles. In this case, the remaining quadrotors will not repeat the movements of its “colleague”.
Pirat 28 february 2012, 10:44

Plankalkül (Plan Calculus) is first high-level programming language in the world designed for engineering purposes by Konrad Zuse between 1943 and 1946 for his computer Z4 (the picture of computer is below, taken from "Wikipedia").


There was the World War II; Zuse worked in isolation from the scientists of other countries, quite independently. During this time he had created not only a programming language, but also he wrote 49 pages of programs for evaluating chess positions using this language. All his work was eventually more comprehensively published in 1972.
Pirat 11 december 2011, 14:27

Let us try to write a simple Drum Machine in Perl using MIDI and Tkx as a graphical toolkit.

Key Features

1. 47 tools, 4 can be used simultaneously.
2. Keyboard control.
3. Volume control.
4. Control of BPM from 60 to 600 beats per a minute.

General MIDI provides a special channel under number 10 for the percussion instruments.

The required numbers of notes can be found on this webpage.

We need the modules: Win32API:: MIDI and Tkx. The last you have to be installed, if you are using ActivePerl.
Pirat 4 september 2011, 19:29