Network Support Analyst job description are responsible for installing, configuring, and supporting local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), Internet systems, and components of network systems. They also diagnose issues relating to software, hardware, IT systems, and network, and troubleshoot them and replace faulty components when needed.

Analysts manage and maintain computer networks, hardware, software, and all configurations. As they need to keep an eye on the performance of networks and systems, and to align network use and access, they work on master consoles.

Analysts interact with users of the network to come up with a roadmap to fix the existing problems of the systems. They suggest changes to enhance network configurations and systems, and decide on the hardware or software needs to carry out relevant changes.

Analysts keep themselves up-to-date with the latest technologies by attending roadshows or reading about them and also learn them to know how they can be deployed within their organization or at the premises of the clients. They take the responsibility of devising, configuring, and testing hardware, the software of operating systems and networking.
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Computer Service Technicians ensure that both the hardware and software equipment of an enterprise are well-secured so that they function uninterruptedly. Known also as PC technicians, they have experience with a variety of tools to effectively troubleshoot problems of computer systems.

Computer service technicians are either employed in large organizations or on-site at client locations or service repair firms. The individual repairs and maintains computers. Technicians also install, support, and repair computer hardware, in addition to addressing networking, software or Internet issues. Typically, they replace or reinstall computer equipment, instead of repairing them because this solution is more cost-efficient. Technicians also work on help desk as technical support specialists. Importantly they should have excellent communication and analytical skills.

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The Infrastructure Lead Engineer is responsible for ongoing management, maintenance of Data Protection tools, Active Directory and Anti-Virus Management. The professional has to manage, maintain and create complex automation solutions to improvise the service delivery. They should have a proper understanding of the policies and guidelines of the Information Security Management.

The Infrastructure Engineer should recognize the accurate procedures and appropriate channels for resolutions. They have to take care of the resolution activities and keep the user updated with the same. They must have the ability to troubleshoot issues across different technology capabilities such as compute, storage, networking, physical infrastructure, software, and cloud. The engineer must offer support and technical guidance on test planning. They have to take care of the implementation, administration, and support of infrastructure solutions and services.
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The Enduser Support Technician provides essential support to computer software development organizations, network systems vendors, software training companies and software and hardware manufacturers. The support technician forms the front line of assistance for customers encountering problems or defects with products and programs.

End-user Support Technicians deliver help to system users by responding to client queries, solving technical problems and retaining an organizational network, software and computer peripherals. They are also called desktop support technicians or computer support specialists depending upon the job roles within the companies.

The Technician addresses client telephone inquiries and emails. They provide on-call support to the user either at an organization’s office or a client-designated site. Support technicians diagnose client software, hardware, and network system problems. Telecom, IT, Network Operation Centers and Security Operation centers remain the primary employers of these technicians.

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The role of network engineers will transform radically in the near future, as they should embrace programming, security systems, and storage, in addition to conventional networking skills. By the beginning of the next decade, they should also have gained skills in LTE and Mobile WiMAX.

After reaching a plateau in their career, freelance Wireless Network Engineers could opt to specialize as Network Security Specialists, Data Center Networking Specialists, Networking Research and Development Specialists, Cloud Networking Architects, Wireless Networking QA Engineers, and Mobility Solutions Architect, among others.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), jobs for BLS network engineers are expected to increase six percent during 2016-2026, more than the average for all occupations.
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Avaya Certified Specialists (ACS) incorporate data networking, voice networking, and applications into enterprise business communications solutions. They will provide service and support for maintaining servers of communications and messaging with an emphasis on telecommunications, networking, and system administration.

The responsibilities of specialists include investigating and resolving various voice and network incidents that end users face. They interact with vendors for resolving trouble, in addition to extending support to core voice systems, including IP telephony.

Finally, specialists need to be good team players.

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The HP printer technician jobs installs, configures and ensures proper functioning of HP printers, copiers, fax machines and peripherals. The printer technician provides regular maintenance for the machine. The technician must be knowledgeable about the full range of HP printers. The individual should collaborate with the internal departments and assist in resolving any underlying problems.

The HP printer technician is responsible for identifying, resolve and maintain equipment and accessories in optimum operating condition. The professional has to deal with the technician and customer problems to the management as appropriate. The technician has to take care of equipment upgrades and should also assist in the sale of maintenance agreements. It is the HP Printer Technician who looks into the installation of new equipment to make sure proper placement and operation.

The technician should be able to handle digital printers and associated pre and post-processing equipment. The professionals have to perform routine tasks such as paper roll loading and unloading, replenishing supplies, and preventive maintenance and cleaning. It is the HP Printer Technician who is responsible for improving territory parts budget and inventory control. They should have an in-depth understanding of Netware.
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Cisco Call Managers also known as Cisco Unified Communications Manager will design, develop and implement network and telecommunications infrastructure according to the needs of their organization. The manager monitors the organization's networks and its connections, and they play an active role in the installation of the Cisco network operating system software. They also evaluate, configure and maintain network hardware and software.

Usually, Call Manager utilize Cisco’s proprietary SCCP protocol. The manager work as part of Cisco’s solution to offer IP Telephony with many of the functions of a PBX system for an enterprise. They must have hands-on experience in monitoring and administering Cisco Telecommunication systems. The managers must play an active role in maintaining, deploying and troubleshooting any issues related to it.

The Cisco Call Manager should have end-user support experience in Cisco VoIP/UCCE environment. The professionals will coordinate with various IT staff, business partners, internal clients, and vendors. The manager must have a good understanding and working knowledge of the Microsoft suite of office productivity applications.

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The Certified Wireless Network Expert should understand wireless network design, protocol analysis, and spectrum analysis. The expert must handle issues related to wireless voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP), intrusion detection and prevention, performance, and QoS analysis. The professional must find solutions for complex wireless problems within a large networking system.

The certified technician must have expert knowledge about Wireless LAN standards, wireless network architecture, WLAN operation, and other subjects. The professional should be able to install, configure, and troubleshoot any issues related to wireless network products and network administration. It is the responsibility of the certified wireless network expert to take care of the controller discovery methods of layer 2 and layer 3 roaming, and wireless controller configurations.

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