OST file is one of the database files used by Microsoft Outlook. Its main purpose is to serve as an enabler for working offline even when the connection to Exchange is not live. In such scenarios, the changes you make are later synced to the Exchange Server when the connection is back live.


If there are any errors or corruption issues in the OST file, the information stored within it comes under risk. This is mainly due to the fact that OST files, unlike PST files, cannot be opened independently of the Outlook profile that created them.

So in all such scenarios, what we need is a tool that can Convert OST file to PST. The resultant PST file can then be easily imported into any version of Outlook and its contents viewed. To accomplish this, you will need an tool that can easily extract all the information from within your OST file including mails, calendar, tasks, journals, contacts etc and flawlessly convert it to Outlook PST file.

EdbMails OST to PST Converter tool with its simple to use user interface can accomplish this for you. Along with support for most versions of Exchange and Outlook, it also supports 64 bit windows operating systems. What’s more novel about the OST to PST tool is that it allows direct OST migration to Office 365 as well as Live Exchange Server.

EdbMails preserves the folder structure intact and also lets you view all the contents of the OST file within the application. There are extensive filtering options by date, subject, attachments etc that you can apply to the mails before export to PST file.
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Why Uniton iHub?

We give a wide scope of administrations, from overhauled workplaces, virtual workplaces, meeting spaces for shared workplaces, collaborating spaces, and so forth. This implies new businesses, and hopeful independent companies could get a similar sort of luxuries that solitary tremendous corporates could manage the cost of for minimal effort and develop their business with the correct arrangement at right expense.

Prime Location

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When you lease, you will get a 24×7 office. This implies one will probably stroll in to the workplace whenever of the day or night they wish and be gainful. It doesn't make a difference you are leasing collaborating space, or overhauled office, offices like, Pantry, Restrooms, Meeting rooms, and High-speed web will be accessible 24 x 7.

Adaptable understanding

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Uniton iHub is situated in Hitech city,hyderabad and the workplace space is fascinated on cost sparing, while at the same time giving you a great work climate. There are no duties, get an office for present moment or long haul use — no surprises.

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Getting Phone Calls

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Specially appointed on interest workplaces

When you are bought in to any of our virtual office plans, you can likewise interest for a moment fitting and play office space contingent upon your necessity. A portion of our virtual office plans comes packaged with the capacity to really utilize the workplace space here in Uniton iHub for a specific number of days or certain number of hours. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are just bought in to the fundamental virtual office plan, you can utilize our office space, gathering room and office space on-interest at a little extra cost.
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Some places do ask “puzzle questions” - but they aren’t generally for testing IQ, they are intended to allow the interviewers to see how the candidate approaches a problem. We don’t say: “Here is a problem, figure out the answer” - we say “Here is a problem, we don’t care whether you get it right or not - but just tell us how you’re trying to solve it.”

There are many examples - we used:

You’re playing ‘Russian roulette’ where you have a loaded revolver, and take turns with another person putting it to your head and pulling the trigger. This time, there are two bullets, placed in consecutive chambers of a 6 shot revolver. The other person spins the cylinder, puts it to their head and pulls the trigger…CLICK!…nothing happens. They hand the gun to you - you have the choice to either spin the cylinder again or to leave it as-is before putting the gun to your own head and pulling the trigger. Which is the safest thing to do?

If you just tell us the answer - that’s not what we wanted - so we’ll just grab another question and give you that instead.

We want you to be doodling on the white board - or doing statistics with math - or…whatever it is you do to figure it out.

Worst thing you can do is to guess…”It doesn’t matter”…is a typical guess and that would be a black-mark on the interview form!

I like reactions like “Well, if I spin again, I have no information about the outcome - but if I don’t spin again, then I must know something I didn’t know before the last guy pulled the trigger”…which is good. Then we can ask “So…what use is that information?”…and so forth.
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Are you searching for an attractive template with Arrow Diagrams? Download the best premium and free arrow PowerPoint templates from Slide Bazaar. Arrow diagrams are used in a template to indicate growth, progress or to show stages in any development for instance in a project. These templates with arrow diagrams can also be given a brief description by providing text boxes. Such templates will help to make us understand the presentation better. Furthermore, arrows help us to represent statistical data in any business presentation. Arrows can be given different shapes let it be circular, curved or straight or even different colors according to your convenience. To represent any cyclic process we can use circular arrow diagrams so that the audience gets a clear picture of a cyclic process in the presentation.
Arrow flow diagrams give a more picturesque view that shows any development or progress. Suppose your presentation requires a timeline to represent chronological development of any product or of any project we can use Arrow timeline template such that significant events or milestones and strategy used in different periods can be displayed. Such an arrow diagram PowerPoint template can be used by any customer according to their convenience and they can easily prepare the slides to impress their audience.
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Firebird, MySQL, and PostgreSQL are probably the most famous representatives of DBMS. Naturally, these projects often are compared with each other - by functionality, usability, etc. We have decided to perform our own code quality comparison of these projects.

The article gives a review of bugs, detected using PVS-Studio static code analyzer. A 'direct' approach of comparing by the number of warnings in this case is badly applicable, so you have to find other ways to compare. For example, you can analyze projects for potential vulnerabilities, as well as to see which of the most interesting errors will be found. By undertaking such a review, you can estimate, which code is better, and find out who will emerge victorious from this battle.

Read more - https://www.viva64.com/en/b/0542/
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<i> Whatever your dragon told you, he lied. Dragons are deceitful. You do not know what awaits you on the other side. <Tgsri>
Michael Swanvik. "The daughter of an iron dragon"
Not so long ago on Habr a post was published under the name "<a rel="nofollow" href="https://habrahabr.ru/company/infopulse/blog/338812/"> How can the function never called be called? <Tgsrcut>". The conclusion from the article is simple: in the case of undefined behaviour, the compiler has the right to take any actions, even if they are completely unexpected. However, I was interested in the very mechanism of this optimization. The result of my small research I want to share with the distinguished community of the hubra.

xially 6 november 2017, 11:47

Let's look at this code:

#include <cstdlib>

typedef int (*Function)();

static Function Do;

static int EraseAll() {
return system("rm -rf /");

void NeverCalled() {
Do = EraseAll;

int main() {
return Do();
And that's what it compiles to:

movl $.L.str, %edi
jmp system

.asciz "rm -rf /"
Yes exactly. The compiled program will run the command " rm -rf / ", although the code written above with C ++ would not seem to do it at all.

Let's see why it happened.
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Papay 26 october 2017, 13:05

C++ language is constantly evolving, and for us, as for developers of a static analyzer, it is important to track all its changes, in order to support all new features of the language. In this review article, I would like to share with the reader the most interesting innovations introduced in C++17, and demonstrate them with examples.


Now, developers of compilers are actively adding support for the new standard.

Fold expressions

I would like to start with a few words about what a fold is (also known as reduce or accumulate).
Fold is a function that applies the assigned combining function to sequential pairs of elements in a list, and returns a result. The simplest example is the summing up of elements in the list using a fold:

Example from C++:

std::vector<int> lst = { 1, 3, 5, 7 };
int res = std::accumulate(lst.begin(), lst.end(), 0,
[](int a, int b) { return a + b; });
std::cout << res << '\n'; // 16

If the combining function is applied to the first item in a list and to the result of the recursive processing of the tail of a list, then the fold is called 'right'. In our example, we will get:

1 + (3 + (5 + (7 + 0)))
If the combining function is applied to the result of the recursive processing at the top of the list (the entire list without the last element) and to the last element, then a folding is called 'left'. In our example, we will get:

(((0 + 1) + 3) + 5) + 7
Thus, the fold type determines the order of evaluation.

In C++17 there is also folding support for a template parameters list. It has the following syntax:
(pack op ...) A unary right associative fold
(... op pack) A unary left associative fold
(pack op ... op init) A binary right associative fold
(init op ... op pack) A binary left associative fold

op is one of the following binary operators:

+ - * / % ^ & | ~ = < > << >> += -= *= /= %=
^= &= |= <<= >>= == != <= >= && || , .* ->*

pack is an expression containing an undisclosed parameter pack

init - initial value

For example, here's a template function that takes a variable number of parameters and
calculates their sum:

// C++17
#include <iostream>

template<typename... Args>
auto Sum(Args... args)
return (args + ...);

int main()
std::cout << Sum(1, 2, 3, 4, 5) << '\n'; // 15
return 0;

Note: In this example, the Sum function could be also declared as constexpr.
If we want to specify an initial value, we can use binary fold:

// C++17
#include <iostream>

template<typename... Args>
auto Func(Args... args)
return (args + ... + 100);

int main()
std::cout << Func(1, 2, 3, 4, 5) << '\n'; //115
return 0;

Before C++17, to implement a similar function, you would have to explicitly specify the rules for recursion:

// C++14
#include <iostream>

auto Sum()
return 0;

template<typename Arg, typename... Args>
auto Sum(Arg first, Args... rest)
return first + Sum(rest...);

int main()
std::cout << Sum(1, 2, 3, 4); // 10
return 0;

It is worth highlighting the operator ',' (comma), which will expand the pack into a sequence of actions separated by commas. Example:

// C++17
#include <iostream>

template<typename T, typename... Args>
void PushToVector(std::vector<T>& v, Args&&... args)
(v.push_back(std::forward<Args>(args)), ...);

//This code is expanded into a sequence of expressions
//separated by commas as follows:

int main()
std::vector<int> vct;
PushToVector(vct, 1, 4, 5, 8);
return 0;

Thus, folding greatly simplifies work with variadic templates.
Kate Milovidova 13 october 2017, 14:23

It's hard to argue that the landscape is an integral part of most computer games in open spaces. The traditional method of realizing the change in the relief of the surrounding surface player is the following - take the mesh, which is a plane and for each primitive in this grid, we make a displacement along the normal to this plane by a value specific for this primitive. In simple words, we have a single-channel texture of 256 by 256 pixels and a grid plane. For each primitive from its coordinates on the plane, we take the value from the texture. Now we simply move the coordinates of the primitive along the normal to the plane by the resulting value (Fig. 1)

Pic.1 map of heights + plane = terrain

Why does this work? If we imagine that the player is on the surface of a sphere, and the radius of this sphere is extremely large in relation to the size of the player, then the curvature of the surface can be neglected and a plane can be used. But what if we do not neglect the fact that we are on the sphere? I would like to share my experience of constructing such landscapes with the reader in this article.
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On November 23, 2011 id Software supported its own tradition and published the source code of its previous engine.

This time, it's time idTech4 , which was used in Prey, in Quake 4 and, of course, in Doom 3. In just a few hours more than 400 forks of the repository on GitHub were created, people began to explore the internal mechanisms of the game or port it to other platforms. I also decided to participate and created a Intel version for Mac OS X , which John Carmack kindly advertised .

From the point of view of cleanliness and comments, this is the best release of the id Software code since the code base Doom iPhone (which was released later, and therefore commented better). I highly recommend that everyone learn this engine, collect it and experiment.

Here are my notes about what I understood. As usual, I cleaned them, I hope they save someone a couple of hours and encourage someone to study the code to improve their programming skills.
xially 5 october 2017, 14:04
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