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Files go in the clouds. Choosing a cloud storage

Recently, many cloud storages were opened, hence there comes the question: What kind of cloud storages do we have and where we can store our files?
So I have done some search and made a list of such storages:

Baidu, Bitcasa,, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, SpiderOak, Wuala.

At the end of the article I put a comparison table.


This Chinese web service offers storage for the files, and its free capacity is 15GB. Indeed, there is 15 GB free, but there are a few faults:
The web service is only in Chinese language, so there is a need to use the built-in translator in Chrome. The Chinese causes certain difficulties that are related to the client for Windows.

The client for Android was workable and English-speaking, so that everything is fine. To expand the storage size is very easy too: we send invites, waiting for friends to sign up, and we get 300 MB - the maximum is 3 GB.
Overalls: a good service, now it is in beta stage and it is likely that the client is going to be repaired.


Many of you have already heard about this service. Now this storage is not limited and is free. There is a client for Windows. The depressing thing is that it has the slow speed when files are being uploaded to the storage. Perhaps, it's because a lot of people like freebies.
Also, I would like to note that unlike other services this service allows us not to store the data on the PC. Namely, the files that are automatically filled on the server and get deleted from the PC.

It gives 5GB of free storage. The client for Windows is available only to paid users (Business level and above). However, in the application directory is a free third-party client for Windows: GPDesktopBackup. Also, there is the client for Android.


It is popular one. Originally, it gives 2GB free, but its storage size could be expanded up to 25GB. Its client is convenient for the Windows that shows the progress of synchronization in the tree, as well as in the folder using an icon. There is the client for Android, which is easy to use. Its disadvantage is the lack of synchronization with an arbitrary folder, although it is the disadvantage for almost all services (see the table at end).

Google drive

This service was a disappointment for me, because Google is a large company with a huge budget and it could give more than 5GB to all users. Sincerely, I hope that this limit will be reconsidered up to 10GB or 25GB. There are clients for the Windows and Android. It does not have sync with arbitrary folder, but there is an entertaining moment: the files from Google.Docs get in the synchronized folder, but not as documents they get as the links to Google.Docs. On the one hand, this saves some space, and on the other hand, it does not give an offline access.

Microsoft SkyDrive

According to me, in this round of competition between Google and Microsoft wins the last one, because it initially provides 7GB free space, and later there is an option to expand storage size up to 25GB for life. There are the clients for Windows and Android. However, there are the third-party alternatives. In addition, it displays the progress in the folder and the icon.


It gives 2GB of free space. There are clients for Windows and Android. The client for the Windows has the necessary element that is missing almost in all other services, namely it can synchronize any folder or folders. Another interesting fact is that the program can provide support service for the storage of encrypted data blocks, and when it is restored from a backup copy, the storage is checked first. This may be a local folder, FTP server or sFTP.


It gives 5GB of free storage. There are the clients for Windows and Android, sync arbitrary folders and it shows the progress in these folders. One more thing, when it is installed, the client asks a permission to create a virtual drive with all synchronized folders, which may not good.


I have made my personal rating as follows:
Services that are easy to use: SpiderOak, Wuala
Services with the big size of free storage: Dropbox, SkyDrive
Services that provide the best client for Windows: SpiderOak, Wuala
Services that provide the best client for Android: SpiderOak, Wuala, Dropbox

In addition, I have made a comparison table of all tested storages for the UMumble users:
ServiceFree storage spaceWindowsAndroidWebDavSynchronization for arbitrary foldersProcess displaying in folderFree ways to expand storage size
Baidu15± Does not work yet+-??+
BitcasaNo limit yet+-----
Box.net5± Third-party+-±Through third-party application-+
Google Drive5++----
Microsoft SkyDrive7->25+± Third-party± Size file restrictions-++
Wuala5++— Virtual drive option+++

P.S. I continue to enjoy all these services, and I will look for new ones for you. I'll update this post.
Skull 27 june 2012, 16:00
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0 isolthai June 28, 2012, 11:59
hey comparison table is very help full. thank you.

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