Perhaps, you already know that Windows 8 Consumer Preview and IE 10 Platform Preview 5 were released on February 29, 2012. In this article I'll discuss how to prepare for the new version of IE 10. Moreover, many of these tips could be usable for other browsers with the different platforms.
Pirat 31 march 2012, 22:09

Many people probably know that the latest stable version of Firefox got its own web inspector. Its release was a matter of time, it is potentially very interesting, but now it's not specifically about it. In the 11th version of the browser this inspector will receive an interesting upgrade 3D DOM Inspector. This mode previously could be seen by installing Tilt 3D add-ons. In brief, this thing can visualize the components of the website and view them from different angles, it looks like this:
Papay 8 march 2012, 16:09

According to statistics of Net Application, a historic event happened in October 2011: the first time since 1998 the market share of Internet Explorer has dropped below 50%. It is a symbolic mark, which means the end of dominating era of Microsoft browser. The popularity of IE reached a peak in 2004 (95%), and since it has been consistently declining. Hardly ever IE could recover the lost dominance in the near future, and 95% of the market even less so.


This chart shows the situation of internet market on all platforms, while the situation is quite different in the various segments and countries.

Internet Explorer has not been a leader in Russia for some time. For example, its share was fixed at 20.2% in October 2011 (Liveinternet statistics). For comparison, Opera was 32,1%, Firefox was 22,3%, and Chrome was 17,1%.
Papay 5 november 2011, 18:59