Ridesharing apps are quite different from normal taxi-hailing applications. Ridesharing apps allow multiple passengers to share the same ride, on the other hand, taxi booking apps are focussed on a particular customer. The ride-sharing sector is projected to grow at a CAGR of 19.87% from 2018 to 2025, within the period the projected growth is $61.3 billion by 2025. When it comes to the development of the BlaBlacar app clone, here are three different types of applications:

Ridesharing: The application algorithm selects riders if they are traveling in the same direction. Ridesharing services of Ola and Uber’s work based on this model. When a driver is going from point A and point B, the customer requests which belong to the intermediate locations or even the same route are assigned to the driver.

Carpooling: When a driver goes to a particular location then the customers along the same route as the driver tag along. The popular ride-sharing app, BlaBlaCar is based on the carpooling model, wherein driver posts then prospective customers can book the ride based on seat availability. The drivers review them and decide whether to accept or reject requests. It is devoid of any third party negotiations.

Peer to peer sharing applications:
In this model, car owners have the option to rent their vehicles for a fixed amount to customers. It is one of the less explored models when compared to ride-sharing and carpooling services.

Major benefits of using taxi booking applications

Customers prefer ride-sharing services to regular taxi booking applications. There is immense scope still unexplored in the sector of the BlaBlacar clone app.

Affordable travel experience: Customers can travel more conveniently using taxi booking applications. The travel fare is more affordable as the cost is split between many customers.

Faster travel time: The driver assigned is nearer to the customer’s location. In comparison to the regular taxi booking apps, the BlaBlacar clone script offers the nearest ride to the customers. So the travel time is significantly minimized.

Environmental friendly: People are more concerned about environmental protection nowadays. As more and more people use ride-sharing services there will be fewer cars on the road which will significantly reduce air pollution.

The workflow of the ride-sharing app

The best BlaBlacar clone app script must offer amazing services for the customers. Simple workflow makes the app more desirable and suitable for the customer’s requirements.

Request: Customers can request the services by entering the pickup and drop location.

Matching: Depending on the customers’ requests drivers nearby are pinged in about the ride. They can either accept or reject the request based on their availability.

Ride hosting: Customers can share rides with other customers depending on their needs. Based on the number of passengers shared per ride the fare is allocated.

There are three main steps other processes of digital payment modes, reviews & ratings are similar to Uber-like taxi apps.

Carpooling app has a promising future ahead, entrepreneurs can utilize this ongoing trend and invest in ride sharing applications.
jackricher 20 october 2020, 6:38

Fast-growing Indian-based hotel booking company Oyo has witnessed revenue of $951 billion at the end of 2019. Out of which 64% of the profits were from India and 32% of revenue from China. This outstanding growth has led to buzz in the hotel booking industry. Entrepreneurs are interested to know about the secret behind the success of Oyo rooms.Here is how Oyo has an entire fleet of hotels operating under it: As per the business model of Oyo, the rooms are not owned by Oyo, instead, they acquire certain rooms from hotels that match their standards. It is far simpler than buying establishments for business expansion purposes. Oyo currently has over 23,000 hotels, 8,50,000 rooms, and 46,000 vacation homes across the globe. Hotels are in favor of the association offered by Online hotel booking apps as the hotel gets famous through it and more revenue is guaranteed throughout the year.

Business trends revolving around Hotel booking reservation apps

According to Statista, the online travel reservation reached $430.034 billion at the end of 2019.
As per a recent study with an annual growth rate of 6.2 %, the hotel booking app development is expected to reach $551.262 million by 2023.
The number of users of smartphones increases tremendously with that there will be a significant increase in the number of users for online travel booking apps.

Key features that ought to be part of the Oyo Rooms app

Here are some of the must-have features that are to be included in Oyo Rooms like app:

User app features

Easy registration

Customers should be able to log in quickly within a few minutes. The app should have social media login features facilitating instant login aspects.

Availability calendar

Once the required hotel is sorted out from the list, customers can book for the rooms based on their availability.

Search functionality

In the vast availability of hotels and rooms, customers have difficulty in finding the room as per their requirements. The search filter assists customers in searching the rooms as per their choice as the Artificial Intelligence algorithm prompts relevant suggestions based on their previous searches.

Push Notifications

After completing the booking process, customers will receive alerts based on their booking choices. This will also help customers know about the current status of their hotel booking order.

Simple check-in and check-out process

Customers can avoid the long lines in the reception by swiftly check-in and check-out directly from the application with a touch of a button.

Payment modes

The online payment modes will be an added advantage over the other services for your online hotel booking app like Oyo. Customers can pay for the services they require through a variety of secure payment modes of their choice. They can avoid the time spent in the booking process upon reaching the hotel.


One might wonder if features are all that is required to become of a reputed hotel booking app like Oyo. The answer is no, there are other crucial processes like simple workflow, captivating user-experience, and the latest tech stack to offer seamless user-experience. Features are one of the interface elements which provide the medium to access the functionality to use the app. It is one of the important pillars of development in hotel booking script.
jackricher 12 october 2020, 10:36

Time has long gone for the traditional mode of taxi-hailing. It has become conventional to get a taxi using Uber-like apps. Customers can get the taxi according to their needs with few tabs in the smartphones using Uber clone apps. The taxi booking apps are taking the market away for traditional apps. The time is ripe to invest in on-demand taxi app development.

Taxi-hailing apps can be a way to expand your business for traditional taxi services. For instance, if you are a taxi service provider offering shuttle services between Airports and Railway stations. You can increase the number of taxi bookings tremendously by operating through the app.

Here are some aspects to include in taxi app development to increase convenience among customers:

Location tracking: Customers can easily book for the taxis quickly by training on the location. People’s current location is taken as a pickup point when users type in “ My Location” in the search bar. By simply turning on the Bluetooth, the current location of the customers can be captured.

Optimized route panel: There are a variety of options available for people for choosing the ride-booking services. In order for the customer to choose your products, the app must offer the fastest navigation route. Consider factors such as traffic, weather conditions, and other factors that offer the best route to your customers.

Fare calculation: Make sure you offer rates which are far less than the regular taxi services as people must prefer these services over traditional taxi services. Offer price calculation rates, along with breakups for each such as travel cost, commission charges, etc. It is an efficient yet simple way to gain customers’ trust.

Payment integration: Customers can pay for the taxi using a variety of payment modes such as credit cards, debit cards, and in-app payment modes. Most importantly the process must be simple and the customer should not spend more than a few minutes to pay for the rides.

Major steps involved in Taxi app development

The advanced taxi booking application must include a comprehensive development process to satiate the needs of the stakeholders. Here are some major steps involved in taxi app development:

UI/UX design

Customers determine the success of the taxi booking application. The end that is visible to the customer is the Front end. Apart from exquisite functionality, it must offer a visual appeal so that customers will prefer the app over other apps. The end product must be consistent and should offer a seamless workflow for the customers.

Backend development

The app must be capable of handling network traffic. The app must be built using the latest technologies to offer a seamless workflow to the users. The user’s data are stored in the application. There must be privacy and security algorithms in place to protect users’ data.

Java, Node.js, Python, Ruby on rails are some of the technologies that are used to build effective back-end.

In addition to these, the Cloud servers and Geolocation APIs have to be proficient so that users can instantly use the services they require without any latency. Build taxi apps for Android & iOS as more customers can be expanded easily as the target audience range expands through this. Entrepreneurs must employ an expert team to customize taxi applications, as the specification of the app varies according to the target audience. Have a team evaluate your customer needs and build high-end taxi booking apps to suit their niche.
jackricher 6 october 2020, 12:58

The concept of time and space has puzzled us for many years. With increasing life demands for productivity and the world functioning at the speed of light, we need to be present and mindful of any situations. The need to travel and reach a destination always comes with a concept of time and space. We have large distances to cover in a limited amount of time. The advent of on-demand taxi applications in 2009 altered this significantly, and people can travel much quicker. So what next? What is the update/ progression in the commuting service?

Well, the answer is a bike taxi app development. You might ask how can shifting from a taxi cab to a taxi bike be a progression? Well, the answer is here.

1.It saves an abundant amount of time. You can travel easily within some time and can avoid the heavy traffic. This is not the case in traveling by a taxi cab where you need to wait for a longer time for the traffic to clear out. Hence a bike taxi provides you with quicker travel solutions.

2. It is much cheaper to travel. A taxicab would cost you a considerable amount and is not a go-to option if you travel daily. The taxi bike would cost less than a taxi cab and saves you a lot of money.

3. Smart way of transportation for a single person ride. Suppose you travel daily and alone. Why waste energy and money on getting a taxicab? Instead, you can avail of a taxi bike and travel easily on a day to day basis.

4. It is a good idea for those who have bikes to work on as gigs. They can drop the customers on the way to their destination and can also fetch a reasonable sum of money through this.

5. Sometimes less is more, and taking a taxi bike over a taxi cab can help you travel in a minimalistic way, saving up a lot of fuel and human resources.

How does it work?

The bike taxi software works in the same way a taxi cab app works, and taxi fleet management software is developed to set how the users can avail ride services through the bike. It works similar to the on-demand taxi service app.

1. User books for the bike ride

2. The app algorithm and open source taxi dispatch software detects the driver nearby, taking a similar location.

3. The driver gets a notification and accepts it based on their availability.

4. On acceptance, the bike details, number plate, and the driver details are generated.

5. After availing of the service, the user can pay off quickly using the in-app wallet and rate the services.

The on-demand bike taxi software can be built similar to the taxi service application.

The app development firm should provide a useful passenger app, driver app, and admin panel in their bike taxi app development solution. This is a more accessible and cost-effective way of commuting, which will be availed by many consumers henceforth.
jackricher 23 september 2020, 9:20

In comparison to the taxi-booking apps, the bike taxi apps were not as popular among people. The trends are changing amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. People feel they are no longer safe from the deadly viruses in the close door of the taxi. CDC reports that the virus tends to be more active in closed areas. Taking that into consideration, there could be no transportation modes as safe as bikes.

It is one of the main reasons there has been an increase in bike taxi apps usage worldwide. As per Mordor Intelligence, the bike taxi industry is expected to witness a CAGR of 25% in 2020-2025. The trends are changing in every online sector. Experts believe the bike taxi industry is going to reach tremendous heights in the next couple of years.

Open source bike taxi software cannot be customized to our requirements. One of the main factors that determine the app's success is that it matches the target audience, and a custom app development process can only achieve it. The blogs highlight the simple aspects to consider during the bike taxi app development for becoming successful.

The simple workflow of bike taxi apps

Quick registration process: Customers can easily register their account by providing the necessary details like username and password.

Seamless Navigation
: People should book a taxi that matches their requirements through Uber-like taxi apps. Offer advanced filters for users to promptly choose the service that matches their requirements.

Booking Updates: As the status of their order changes, taxi booking software sends updates to customers.

Drivers details with ETA: Once the ride is confirmed, the driver details the estimated fare presented to customers. Customers can view the ride's current status through real-time tracking features and connect with drivers using the in-app call facility.

Payment processing:
There are digital and regular payment modes available to any for the rides. The app must offer a secure payment gateway to pay for their rides using a taxi management system, including digital and mobile wallet payment options.

Feedback & ratings: Feedbacks and ratings are offered to the customers based on the ratings provided.

Digital Invoice: Upon the ride completion, customers receive a digital invoice, which includes breakups of the services offered.

Major cost determining features involved in Bike taxi app development

Geolocation & routing

It must be accurate that the software must offer complete coverage of traversing through the city. The task of providing routes is simpler. The challenge lies in the fact that the route offered must be the optimal route. User Google map integration for GPS and GNSS position and provide accurate results for the users.

Payment Integration

The payment gateway must be secure for there are secure encryption algorithms to protect customers' data. The payment gateway can be integrated with G-pay, PayPal, etc. for an e-wallet.

User-friendly interface

The interface must be user friendly so that users can book for rides without any hassles. In order to ensure that, the design team can offer a familiar interface with consistent color and icon styles.


Several aspects need to be considered while designing a taxi fleet management system. Thorough planning and analysis prove to be crucial for app development. Choose the best app development companies to assist you with it.
jackricher 11 september 2020, 9:48

It has become a daily routine for people to check out social media. So promoting your app in e-commerce sites would be a great way to capture the attention of the audience. The main question that arises among people is the difference between social media marketing and social e-commerce marketing. The former uses social media handles to advertise their products and users have to go to the linked app to make the purchase. While the latter involves direct purchase from social media apps so customers need not leave the app to make purchases. Lately, there has been an increase in social e-commerce app development following the reach it has among the global audiences.In order to build the best social e-commerce app solution, developers can get inspiration from the top leading social e-commerce apps. Here is a list of top Social Ecommerce apps.


Facebook has 1.8 million active monthly users. It has users belonging to a wide age group. Business owners can either build the app layout and showcase it using Facebook “Shop Now” store or they can use Facebook store builders to create a site for their online ecommerce store. The store showcases several attractive layouts to create your websites such as Squarespace, Wix, and Shopify. LoonyStore, a fashion store has captured 20% of the business via Facebook live sessions with Message Integration.


Instagram has amazing visual appeal capturing the attention of a wide audience.Instagram offers two ways to advertise products: via posts and stories. Instagram shoppable posts go hand-in-hand with Facebook. Business owners can link their Instagram post with Facebook for business apps.

We might often come across stories where we have to swipe to buy the products, get the music album, contribute to fundraising, and so on. Yes, that is what Instagram Shoppable Stories is about, users can create stories with a link that leads to their sites. The cache is that only one link can be added per story. The stories capture the attention of users more than posts so people can use this in their white-labeled social-Ecommerce app.


Business owners can showcase their products with attractive images and add a description where users can purchase their products. This is the ‘buyable pins option for social Ecommerce scripts. There are also ‘Rich pins’ posts wherein your Ecommerce website can be linked to your Pinterest account so as and when changes are made in the website/app, pins will get automatically updated.

Expand your business horizon and venture more profits by building a white-labeled social e-commerce app according to your market trends. By getting the assistance of leading app development companies, social Ecommerce development would be seamless and you can launch your business efficiently!
jackricher 2 september 2020, 14:00

Social e-commerce is a new and innovative approach to building e-commerce websites. People can buy products worn by influencers, celebrities, and famous personalities directly via social media handles. With the increase in social media use, sellers can market their products in the app as well in popular social media sites via social eCommerce app solution. It expands the range of buyers for people. According to Statista, Ecommerce websites had long surpassed the revenue of $1.79 million in 2019, and it will reach $2.26 million by 2023.

People are looking for quick and effective ways for shopping, with attractive pictures and essential details social ecommerce apps have all it takes to attract a broad customer base.

Customer retention techniques for social ecommerce apps

These are some of the factors to consider when developing social e-commerce app development, and it will also be effective in expanding the customer base.

Attractive images
: People will buy the products based on the images they see on the app. By offering accurate images, the apps can capture the attention of the customers. In addition to that, the product must be accurate according to the image.

Capture attention: When users buy the products through regular shopping apps, they intend to buy so they will spend more time on it. As these are placed in social media, the images and descriptions should be presented in a manner to capture people’s attention to buy the product.

Social media Page:
The social media page is going to act like a virtual shopping page in addition to the app. Customers should get a complete idea of the app’s services by looking at the social media page. So try to informative details of the products offered.

Analytics: Social Ecommerce development is built to increase profits than the regular commerce website. It can be achieved to the fullest extent by understanding the analytics. Google Analytics is a productive tool to understand customers’ mindsets. In the pages where there are more viewerships, advertisements in stories and posts can be added. So for both increase in business and marketing analytics can come in handy.

There must be a simple booking process, upon clicking onto the post, the customer must be directed to the secure payment module. Offer both digital payment modes and in-app payment modes to make buy products via a preferred gateway.

Live videos: Sellers can post live videos endorsing all their products through the social ecommerce platform. As in the social media channels, users can share their queries by posting it in the chat. Customers are always interested in watching live videos as it gives them a first-hand experience in buying the products.

The bottom line

When comparing with ecommerce websites, social e-commerce is an unexplored area having immense growth in business potential. Business owners can utilize this trend and gain traction to their business through a white-labeled social e-commerce app. With few competitors, it would be a cakewalk to become successful in this sector.
jackricher 28 august 2020, 14:10

According to IBIS reports, the demand for flower delivery app 6.9% in the year 2019 alone. The demand will increase in the coming years as it has become conventional to get the services fulfilled through online resources. The on-demand flower delivery app has made it possible for people to get their flowers from any part of the world.

Perks of using Uber-like app for flower delivery

Quick and effective delivery solution: People can get the services they require instantly by selecting the flowers needed from a well-categorized list and then having it delivered to them within days of booking it. Compared to purchasing from stores, these apps offer a more efficient solution.
Convenient: People can book for flowers whenever they want through these efficient solutions. Features like social media log in, advanced search & filter, and real-time tracking have made it simple to navigate and order through these apps.
More Options: Customers can buy from any stores of their choice. They have lots of customization options for gifting as a bouquet to others, along with notes.

Futuristic technologies to impart in on-demand flower delivery apps

There is a need for the Uber-like app for flower delivery to be in-par with the current market trends. More customers will book through flower delivery apps, use

Amazing high-end features enabled through the latest technology.

Data Analytics: The network traffic present in the Uber-like app for flower delivery can be analyzed better through data analytics. Then more resources could be allocated there. For instance, currently, the demand for tulips means more delivery professionals can be allocated to deliver those areas.

IoT: Internet of things has become a technology that is part of almost all delivery services starting from food delivery to logistics applications. So why not flower delivery app? Admin can manage the entire fleet and direct more delivery executives in the areas where there is an increase in demand.

Chatbots: Customers can get the services done by reciting it to the chatbots. Then the order details will be displayed; then, they can confirm the order. It reciprocates, placing an order through the drive-thru.

Drones: The concept of drones may sound far-ahead in the future. It isn’t actually, amazon has to deliver through certain areas in the US. With just a few years, it would become conventional to deliver through drones.

Summing Up:

Uber for flower delivery app development is empowered with the latest technology to provide a seamless experience. The future lies in on-demand delivery sectors so people can invest in these without any second thoughts and become successful in their business ventures.
jackricher 25 august 2020, 9:01

Uber for E-scooters is the appropriate choice for short-distance travel. People need not worry about traffic congestions and roadblocks. They can take the bike from any of the stations, go-to the place they want to travel, and drop it off at the nearby stations. What could be simpler than that? The trend of using vehicles that are much smaller than cars is called micro-mobility, it is extensively popular across the world.

Why is Micro mobility like E-scooters a viable option for traveling?

There has been a tremendous increase in congestion. Let it be cars, busses, trains, or any other public transportation medium. All we witness is congestion. According to the 2019 INRIX National Traffic Scorecard, Americans have lost an average of 99 hours are a lot due to traffic congestion. Considering that, there will more people contributing to the E-scooter business profits.

Affordability: On-demand E-scooter app development solutions offer more affordable solutions compared to other transportation modes. People need not wait long hours to find that ride; they can pick the bike and take it for a spin.
Convenience: The bikes have in-build automatic locks; all the riders need to do is place the bike in its stand. They can quickly pay by scanning the QR code on the bike.
Environmental friendly: Many awareness campaigns have been going on globally, promoting eco-friendly transportation modes. People can be part of an environmental friendly future by opting for e-bikes for transport.
Safety: We have been witnessing many speeding-related accidents. The number of cases has drastically reduced when people use an e-bike for commuting.

Factors to consider while developing a business model for E-bikes

Before venturing into the E-scooter business, there is a variety of cost determining factors to consider. Conduct thorough research to anticipate the following:
Customer requests you will get per day
The cost to charge per ride
Number of Stations to place
The distance between stations
According to the McKinsey market study for 2030, in the US, the market could be between $200 billion and $300 billion. The micro-mobility market in Europe could be between $100 billion and $150 billion. The Chinese micro-mobility market could be between $30 billion and $50 billion. Decide on your target market, depending on the demand for Bird clone.
Choose the right revenue model that would bring in more profits for the Bird clone app. Feature listing and in-app advertisements are some of the popular means to consider for the E-scooter app.

Summing Up

E-scooter business involves investing in both hardware components and application development. Entrepreneurs can opt for readymade bird clones and reduce the cost involved in the app development process. These solutions are as effective as the app developed from scratch.
jackricher 21 august 2020, 10:16

Spending hours in transport can come in the way of hindering the productivity offered by the work offered by the employees. In the regular means of commuting, the employees witnessed many problems, such as traffic issues, lack of proper transportation modes, weather-related delays, and so on. It is one of the main reasons that led to many corporates offering transportation services for their employees. With the employee transport management system, this could be managed even more effectively as the app’s best route is provided.

Why should corporates use employee transport management solution?

It would be time-consuming and requires significant planning by companies to plan the transportation methodology, which is well-suited for all its employees. Corporate taxi software offers route optimization, schedule creation, security, and many more. With everything included in the same app, it eliminates the burden faced by the employees.

Productivity: Employees can reach organizations in time. The innovative system use technologies like IoT and AI and predict the shortest possible route after considering factors like traffic congestion, roadblocks, etc., for both pickup and drop off. Works couldn’t be affected as they would reach the company on time.

Talent Expansion: Companies can hire the best talent across the city. As reaching the workplace would be a cakewalk with the corporate taxi software.

Effective monitoring: With the admin module, employees can know the current status of all the vehicles and the location there are present. The seating plans to ensure the vehicles are upto full capacity can be monitored through the comprehensive dashboard.

Features of employee transport management system

Route Navigation: The route module is powered by GPS services, and it is part of both employee app and drivers apps. Drivers can use it to navigate while users can stay updated on the route.
Notification alerts: Employees are notified about the pickup and dropoff details and other related information related to their ride via push notifications.
Ad-hoc requests: Employees can request for last-minute requests through this panel. Then the ride is scheduled for the riders accordingly.
Checkin: It is security features that are part of employee transport management solution. It like attendance where riders need to type in the employee Id.
Trip details: The details such as vehicle number, pickup & dropoff locations are sent to the concerned employees in advance so that they can plan their ride.
SOS button: In case of emergency, employees can click the SOS button, immediately the company would receive an alert.

Corporate commute solutions are one of the effective solutions which provide hassle-free transportation, end-to-end monitoring, security, etc.. It is a complete package for all transportation and safety needs. So incorporate the employee transport management system for your company and reap from its benefits.
jackricher 17 august 2020, 9:04
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