Flowers are one of the traditional and popular methods of showing appreciation, affection, and gratitude towards our friends and family. It is certain that the flower is going to be evergreen as the tradition of gifting someone flowers cannot be replaced by anything else. With the on-demand Flower delivery app, users can customize the packaging and send it to people.

The growing technology and increased usage of smartphones have brought many florists worldwide to partner up with the flower delivery app. Uber for the florist app acts as an effective medium for flower business owners to enhance their business and get more loyal customers. With some deep analysis, understand the business strategies adopted by your competitors and then develop the flower deliver app such that it conquers the shortcomings of similar niche apps in the market.

Flower deliver sector stats and market trends

As per IBIS reports, the revenue generated by the flower delivery business is $800 million, and it is expected to grow in the upcoming years.
Last year alone, the flower market gained $60 million in the US alone.
Around 36% of flower purchases are used for home decorations. This is the new trend that is going on that is to use flowers for home decor.
Among the flowers sold online, 34% are fresh flowers, 46% are from outdoor breeding/ gardens, and 20% are flowering green house plants.
In the flowers that are purchased, 63% of the buyers purchase it for themselves, and 37% gift it to others.
Advanced features that ought to be part of flower delivery business

Features are crucial aspects to attract more customers and florist partners to the Uber for flower delivery app. Here are some of the looked out features:

Analytics: The app should provide real-time analytics for the partners through this; they can know the current trending flowers and equip themselves with those flowers.
Notifications: The notification should act as announcements regarding offers, order status, discounts offered, and so on.
Customized flower & gift sets: Customers can choose the flowers to make the bouquet and the gift wrapping of their choice. There must be attractive wrapping for special occasions such as birthdays, valentine’s day, anniversary, etc.
Chatbot: Customers can ask their order related queries through live chatbot features. This chat option should be available at all times.
Live video session: Customers can schedule live video sessions with the concerned florist using this feature.
Display trending: The trending session should contain the flowers and gift wrapping that customers mostly ordered.The best online flower delivery business should have all these features mentioned above, to lure more customers to the app.

Winding Up

With the high-end flower delivery app, you can easily lure customers to your platform. Make sure you choose the flower delivery app development company that meets your requirements and get the Uber for florist app.
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Coronavirus has impacted every sector all over the world. With the reduction of travel, there has been a drastic decline in the taxi industry services. Though things are getting better, the number of customer requests the taxi-hailing apps get is still far less compared to the usual times. Bike Taxi app development has upgraded its methodology pertaining to the current requirements in order to serve its customers efficiently. In this blog, let us look at the ways the primary online taxi service has enhanced its apps to meet COVID-19 requirements.

Let us look at the statistics related to Taxi-booking app after the pandemic outbreak:

According to Statista, the taxi-hailing business’s revenue is expected to grow at an annual rate of 19.1% between CAGR 2020–2024. It will result in a revenue of $52,538 billion by 2024.
The revenue in the taxi-hailing segment is projected to $25.13 billion by 2002.
As per Mordor Intelligence, the Asia Pacific is the fastest-growing sector with CAGR of 10.8% in the period between 2019–2025. Some of the major players contributing to the growth are Uber, Ola, Lyft, and Grab.
Asia Pacific region has contributed to more than 70% in the year 2018. With the increase in traffic congestion, more customers are opting for taxi booking apps as they pose a convenient means of transportation.
In China, Didi luxing holds 90% of the online taxi booking sector’s market share, serving more than 550 million customers.

Changes conjured by major online taxi booking apps

In order to gain people to trust and provide a safe environment for both customers and riders, the bike taxi app development solution has undergone some productive changes. Here are some of it


Bike-taxi service provider, Rapido has resumed its services after a short break owing to the lockdown guidelines. They are only operated in green and orange zones. When customers book for the service, they will know beforehand through notification as to whether services are available at the selected locations. The drivers have to install the ‘Aarogya Setu’ app to ensure that they travel only in safe zones. In addition to that, they have to wear the PPEs as instructed by the health sector.


It has introduced the door-to-door safety standards. These include guidelines to follow, health tips from doctors, and so on to spread awareness among customers.Uber has removed the pool services for now and has restricted the passenger count to two in cabs. Customers have the right to report the driver if they disobey the safety standards.


Lyft regularly checks driver records and warns the concerned driver if any complaints are reported against them. As a precaution to curb the spread of the deadly virus, the drivers are required to sanitize the frequently used areas such as door handles, holders, etc.

Summing Up:

The bike taxi management software has seen an increase in customer requests after implementing the complete set of precautionary measures as per WHO regulations. Though it is a tough time for the taxi sector, it will only last for a few months, after which they would demand more than ever. So invest in the Bike Taxi software and reap from its benefits.
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People are in the lookout for eco-friendly solutions to protect the environment form the increasing pollution levels. One such solution is E-scooters. These vehicles run on electricity, so there is no smoke emission. Uber for E-scooters allows users to use scooters whenever they want as they are multiple pickup points across the city. When they enter their location, the nearby place of pickup would be visible to them.

Benefits of Investing in Bird clone app

Super Fast return investment: The younger generation is looking out for eco-friendly modes to travel from point A to point B. So naturally, E-scooters come top on the list. With several pickup hubs in several hotspots in the city, the Bird clone app is bound to become trending among users. More customers mean more revenue for the E-scooter app.

Low competition rate: It is a relatively new yet trending sector. There are countable contenders in the market, so your Bird clone’s chances to become successful are high.
Demand utilization: The time to taste the success of app development from scratch is slow compared to readymade solutions. The main reason for this is it will take months to develop a full-fledged app, and it will take time for an app to be recognizable among users. With readymade solutions, it will only take weeks to release the E-scooter app on major platforms.

Features of E-scooter app such as Bird clone

Real-time tracking

Using real-time tracking features, users will be able to track the E-scooter located near them. The scooter is located in prominent locations making the pickup and drop off more accessible and straight forward.

QR code

Once the QR code is scanned from the label pasted in the scooter, the ride initiated details will be updated in the Bird clone app. Using the factors as distance covered, time spent, etc., the fare is calculated.

Smart lock

Using this feature, the users can lock the E-Scooter once their ride ends. This way, the next user will have to unlock the vehicle from their app before starting their ride.

Ride History

The list of the rides taken before appears in the ride history panel. Upon clicking the ride, detailed information is listed.

Push notifications

Users get a notification for the latest offers and rides in the app. This can also be used to advertise third-party vendors.

User feedback

Users can review the e-scooter ride experience and also provide feedback for future improvements.

In-app payment

Users can pay for the ride using the payment gateway options presented in the app. These are secure modes of payment, so it provides complete safeguard over users’ details.

Summing Up

Entrepreneurs only have to invest substantial amounts in the beginning. Later on, they enjoy substantial profits by managing the Jump clone, E-scooter app remotely through the comprehensive admin panel.
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Flowers act as the best way to reciprocate emotions such as joy, gratitude, sorrow, etc. People find it challenging to find the flowers they require at the time they need. This is where the Uber for florist app turns out to be helpful. People can select flowers they need and present it to others or keep it for themselves. The florist app categorizes flowers from all over the world. As per reports submitted by IBIS, the floral industry has generated over $800 million in revenue for the last five years. With the increase in the usage of on-demand delivery services, the market share of flower delivery will increase in the coming years.

Working of On-demand Flower delivery app

Users have to log in or sign up if they are using the app for the first time. They can also use the social media profiles to sign up then the necessary details such as name and address are imported to the app.
People have a wide variety of flowers like lily, rose, orchid, chrysanthemum, etc., to choose from. Once the flower type is chosen, users must decide on the bundle size. They can either order flowers or choose packaging materials if they are purchasing it to gift it. Customers can directly send it to someone with the necessary messages wishing their loved ones on special occasions.
They can add the items to the cart as they purchase it and review it before proceeding with the payment.
Users can seamlessly integrate their bank details with the app and directly proceed to checkout and place the order within a few moments. The on-demand flower delivery app is built using the latest technology, such as blockchain guaranteeing that the app’s data remains safe from hackers or misusers. They can also use the in-app wallet for paying for flowers.
Once the order is placed, the florist makes the bouquet and notifies the delivery agents. Users can track the order status through unique tracking Id provided.
The delivery system works on route optimization integrated GPS service. So the flower would reach the customers on-time.
Whenever people want to place the order, they can click the reorder option and place the same order again.

Summing up

Florists are looking to partnering with Flower Delivery App Development company to supplement their business and increase their profits to a greater extent. By investing in Florist delivery apps, investors can reap immense revenue from the flower business without worrying about maintaining the flowers. Several app development companies offer Uber-like apps for flower delivery, choose the best among them, and apply them.
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Almost every business is stepping into a digital platform for better management and scalability aspects. We are all familiar with the ways Uber has assisted taxi-owning professionals in getting more customers through the comprehensive database. The same can be said about limousine management software. People can manage their business remotely through the comprehensive admin panel.

Market stats related to the Limousine software business

The Limousine market in China has seen a growth of 11.2% in the year 2015. The elite class is one of the main reasons for the significant growth.
According to transparency market research, the limo business’s growth rate is also equally high in terms of CAGR for other countries in the Asian pacific. Luxury car usage in India has risen to 1.3% in recent years.
The limo cars are considered a luxury ride; the demand for these services can increase significantly if there is a robust dealing service to offer limousines.

How to use the Limo reservation system?

Customers can log in by specifying their necessary details. Once logged in, they can search for the limousine services they require.
The nearest driver is connected to the customer, and users can avail of the service almost instantly. Users can share the ride details for security purposes.
Once the ride is complete, users can pay using cash or through mobile wallet options.
What are the beneficial aspects for App owners through Limo software?

Synchronized data:
Admin can easily view the current status of the ride. As the drivers fulfill customer requests, it will get automatically updated in the system. In the same way, the commission for every ride gets automated credited to the app owner’s account, and the details are the transactions are present in the Earnings module. This reduces the burden of maintaining the record.
Accessibility: In the case of manual means, admins have to check regarding the status frequently. With the limo dispatch software, admin can remotely view and make the necessary changes as and when required. Customers’ queries related to riding discrepancy can immediately be addressed through the advanced dashboard options.
Future enhancements: Almost every software needs regular updation to keep up with the system requirements. The future upgradation related adding features, technology-related changes are easily possible through the limousine software.
The bottom line
A Limousine management system will play a significant role in taking your limo business to the next level. The customer base will expand as people prefer digital means to get their rides in the present era. In a nutshell, with menial investments, entrepreneurs can get complete software from reputed companies and gain profits from day one.
jackricher 24 july 2020, 7:09

A manufacturing company or any other company related to large stocks transportation requires an efficient management system to manage the stocks efficiently. A small wastage of resources regularly can affect the organization in the long run. So there is a need for efficient corporate transportation software to eliminate the loss incurred due to inefficient management.

The working of the app is simple, users can select the ride specifications they want and book it. The dispatcher can monitor the ride using their comprehensive panel. They are updated at every stage as the dispatch status changes. Let us look at the ways by which these apps can be useful:-

Ways by which employee transport management software can be effective

Managing the routes better

There are certain specific attributes in the route management software that assist in navigation thereby ensuring timely pickup delivery of stocks.

Route planning:
It offers to provide the quickest route for easy navigation for the drivers. The Machine Learning algorithm is based on factors like weather conditions and traffic congestions.

Vehicle-related Alerts:
The admin is alerted in case of speeding or if any other traffic violation is detected by the app.

Tracking shipments
These apps generally deal with tons of packages so it is difficult to manage and track each and every package. Once updated with the inventory of the trucks along with their number plate, it becomes simpler as a comprehensive view of all the trucks.

Tracking: Admin can search the vehicles using their number plate or similar unique ID and get an update of the current status of the vehicle.

Not only these apps provide a real-time view for the users. If there is any change in the pickup or delivery location these can be communicated to the respective driver through Employee transportation management software.

More revenue
With an efficient software for managing the fleets, the goods will reach the stakeholder on time. This leads to an increase in trust among users for these services. Thereby, increasing the number of customers which leads to increase in revenue.

Employee transport management software allows people to schedule goods.

Stock management: In addition to that it has analytics & reports features which employ the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms and computes the areas for truckload optimization, inventory planner, and so on. Within a short span, more customers can be managed efficiently.


Through new-age tracking and development, corporations can efficiently manage their inventory and gain substantial profits. The high-end employee management software dashboard acts as a medium to manage logistics business remotely. Get the Transport management software from reputed app development companies and manage merchandise better
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Almost every school in the city offers school bus services to the students. Parents are concerned about the bus services’ timeliness, especially during the drop-off services after the school gets over. School bus routing apps can be employed by schools and other significant institutions for efficient management of routing.
Distinctive features of School transportation software

Auto Routing

Auto routing is helpful in managing whether the bus runs up to the optimal level. These are the following ways by which it checks that:
Once the app is installed, the data relating to each bus capacity, routes including every pick and drop off location, and so on. Based on this information, it checks whether every bus travels according to the planned route.
Drivers can use the in-app navigation facility whenever they require it.
The school bus routing software calculates the fuel consumed based on the route and pick up locations. It provides methods to reduce fuel consumption.

Ensuring safety to students

Parents entrust the responsibility of taking care of students to school management. So it is their responsibility to ensure that the students are safe while traveling on the school bus. With the increase in the number of crime rates, there is a need for safety measures to protect students. The school bus software offers a surveillance system, so it prevents drivers and bus conductors from indulging in foul play.
Moreover, parents are regularly updated on the students’ status through the school bus tracking app. This system will provide a safe means for school pupils to travel.

Aid to follow traffic rules

We often come across instances where the school buses exceeded the speed limit, disobeyed traffic rules, etc. The school transport app not only provides an efficient means of updating the parents. It has monitor logistics such as speed rate. So whenever the driver exceeds the speed limit, the admin is alerted. On the other hand, these apps act as proof when the driver disagrees with the speeding allegation.

Real-time tracking and access to location information

These features enable parents and the school administrators to track the bus in real-time. Real-time tracking provides assistance in sending notification of the parents whenever there is a delay. Such tracking features increases the trust among parents.


In comparison to the advantages offered by the school bus management software, the cost incurred in purchasing it can be considered negligible. More and more schools are opting for these school bus route software to provide a safe means of transportation. Parent’s trust is vital, so high-end software ensures that through that. With the state of art of technology, a safe and reliable school bus traveling experience can be provided to the students.
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Cuddle therapy is one of the new advancements in the healthcare industry. It is said to relieve people from stress, depression, and other mental issues. People are undergoing a lot of stress through their professional and personal lives. So they are looking for ways to relax, cuddle apps are one such beneficial solution to loosen up. The professionals involved in the on-demand cuddle app are trained in ways to boost users’ minds spirit. Let us look at the benefits that cuddle app offers.
Benefits of cuddling:

Immune boosters: A warm hug is said to create a positive aura and rejuvenate their mental strength. It is hard to believe, but cuddling is part of Swedish massage routine, these are some of the benefits of this cuddling therapy:
It lowers the stress levels thereby reducing the levels of cortisol
Increases the immunity rate of one’s body
Relieve pains: Cuddling is said to increase the oxytocin levels, which will block the pain signals and give a calming effect on people. Apart from the physiological benefits, it offers immense psychological benefits. It provides a serene and peaceful environment for people having anxiety and depression issues.
Lowers the risk of heart disease: Stress management coach Catherine A. Connors says, “ Hugging increases oxytocin levels, which is a ‘bonding’ hormone — this chemical reaction can help to reduce blood pressure, which in turn reduces the risk of heart disease.”
Reduces social anxiety: A warm hug, especially at the beginning of the day, is said to provide a positive and enhances one’s interest in going forward with the day.

Features of on-demand cuddle app development

The on-demand cuddling app development understands the importance of trust in these services. So a comprehensive background check for every professional is settled. After approval, they can offer their services. It is one of the main factors that many customers are trusting these services.

Service provider profile: Once the professional is assigned, the customer can view the detailed profile of the service provider, which includes their experience, visiting fee, contact details, etc.
ETA & fare estimation: Once the service is booked, the estimated time of arrival and fare is calculated to the customers.
Geo-location: Customers can track the professional through live tracking features. On the other hand, professionals can locate customer locations through this feature.
Push notifications: Customers are updated as the service status progresses through push notifications.

The bottom line

According to reports by Technavio, between the period of 2020 and 2024, the on-demand service sector is expected to grow by 43%. So the time is ripe to invest in a Cuddler on-demand app. Leading app development companies offer ready-made cuddle apps for android. So utilize this excellent opportunity and venture into this trending sector.
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Although many industries have faced a setback during the COVID-19 times, the on-demand doctor app sector is not one. The demand for doctors’ apps has increased as many hospitals are specialized to take care of the Coronavirus patients, and also, people are hesitant towards visiting the hospitals as they are afraid of virus contractions”. We have just been climbing and climbing since March,” says CEO Hill Ferguson. He says the main reason attributing to the company’s growth is not only COVID-19 but also pandemic’s ripple effects.

Ferguson has witnessed a 132 % increase in patient appointments. In addition to that, more than 1000 doctors are willing to join this sector.

Some of the successful Doctors on-demand services


The on-demand doctor consultation app was found in 2015, and it provides healthcare across Malaysia and Singapore. They are planning to expand in other countries like Thailand and the Philippines. They offer four primary services to the patients- doctor house calls, medication delivery, live chat, and video consultation.


Doctors consultation apps facilitate patients to connect with the preferred doctors through chat, call, and video call. Users can communicate with nurses to discuss their symptoms and connect with the doctor. They also provide medicines online. These can be purchased based on the prescription users get.


There are two kinds of services: Instant care through video calls and In-person care wherein doctors visit your place for diagnosis. The app for doctors on-demand is taking the necessary precaution to protect the customers from the deadly virus. Some of the measures taken by them include:

Physicians were the required PPEs before entering patients’ homes.
They sanitize the medical equipment thoroughly with alcohol before and after each visit.
Patients are requested to wear facemasks, and physicians maintain 6 feet distance whenever possible during diagnosis.

High-end technologies that can be part of Uber for doctors app

Virtual Reality:

It is one of the high-end technologies, with which patients can experience as they are in the hospital itself. At the same time, doctors can diagnose the patients better.


The sensitive information regarding patients are stored; these include lab results, medical records, etc. So blockchain tech will ensure these data are safe and secure.

AI and ML:

The efficient algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning can improve user experience in finding the right medical services they require. They can also analyze patient’s records and provide them with diagnoses for mild health issues.

The Bottom line

With the advent of many advanced technologies, the on-demand Uber for doctors app is set to bring about a revolution in the healthcare industry. Thousands of doctors are already willing to be part of these consultation apps after seeing the sudden surge in demand. Entrepreneurs can make use of this wonderful opportunity and launch their medical consultation app.
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Satta Matka is a game of numbers. It isn’t entirely dependent on luck. People have to be familiar with the probability of playing this game. People across the globe enjoy playing this fun-filled game. Satta Matka app facilitates people can play the game whenever and wherever they feel like it. People should draw a number between 1 to 10, and these numbers are put into the virtual pot. Based on the algorithm, two numbers can be drawn by the players. If these numbers are the players’ choice of numbers or appear close to the numbers’ summation, the players get points.
The Satta Mataka software is built using the high-end technologies to ensure that the probability of winning is entirely random so that it doesn’t end-up favoring any players.
Rules of Satta Matka app and the features
Single Panna: It is the simplest version in which all three digits are unique and different.
Double Panna: It is a slightly more complicated version game where two consecutive numbers are the same. Double panna has two repeated digits altogether.
Triple Panna: This is the extreme and rare version of the panna, where all the three-digit numbers are similar to each other.
Half Sangam: Satta Matka is a four-digit game version played by players; it is a combination of ank and panna.
Sangam: Sangam is the most rewarding game version where players deal in 6 digits.
Features of Satta Matka game app development
Open shift: The data in this app is completely secure, so there is no chance that data can be leaked.
Opening time: People can hope for their destiny before the winning numbers are announced.
Closing time: When the shift closes, at closing time, the number use to announce, and on that number, people can also bet. After a few minutes of closing time, the winner used to announce and rewarded with the bonus or price.
Close shift: The winning number is announced during the timing of the opening and closing.
Jodi: People can bet on a combination of numbers during open and close shifts. As people bet on two numbers at once, it is called Jodi.
Declaration of the result: The results are always declared as a combination of three numbers, and this is called a panna. The combination of Open panna result and close panna result is the final result of the matka market.
More and more people are using these online betting applications, so it is the right time to invest in Kalyan Satta Matka app development offered by well-reputed app development companies.
jackricher 3 july 2020, 10:13
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