7 Reasons Why Android App Development is Popular Among Developers

There is a growing trend of people accessing the internet or performing any task through their handheld devices than traditional desktop systems. Mobile applications have gradually become a significant part of consumer behavior in modern times.

As part of this, Android and iOS are the two major mobile platforms in the world. However, Android enjoys the majority of the mobile market share. As per a recent report by Statista, Android has a significant lead in the Global mobile OS market with a 74.13% share in December 2019.

Here are the top reasons for the popularity of android application development.

1. Huge Market Share

As of January 2020, Android has collaborated with 161 brands that ship devices equipped with Android OS and tested for high tech security and performance. Also, Android has joined hands with 46 original design manufacturer (ODM) firms to help other companies create devices with Google apps. Owing to these partnerships, Android caters to over 41% population on earth, which is approx. 3.2 Billion. This large user market is one of the notable factors for the popularity of android application development among developers.

2. Latest Technologies

Android innovates and upgrades its product at a breakneck pace. Android`s initial version Android 1.0, was launched in September 2008. Since then, the platform has undergone numerous software upgrades. On September 3, 2019, the company released the latest version of the OS, i.e., Android 10, with many new, advanced features.

Rapid innovation and inclusion of various APIs in the platform have helped Android developers to extend its functionalities, subsequently making it possible for them to create high-end applications.

3. Powerful Platform

Android is an Open-Source platform and based on a modified version of Linux kernel. It allows developers to study, change, and distribute the software to anyone and for any purpose. Open collaboration makes it easier to resolve bugs and add features at a faster pace.

Android provides multi-layered security with Google Play, which means every app passes through a thorough evaluation process before deploying. Android has a record of patching 100% of critical vulnerabilities before public disclosure. Android version Nougat or higher uses hardware-based locks for protection. Moreover, the updated version has also improved its battery and CPU performance by optimizing the platform to a substantial extent.

4. Application Marketplace

The Google Play Store is a default marketplace for distributing Android apps. According to Statista, over 2.9 million applications are live today on Google Play Store with downloads reaching billions in number. Android supports other marketplaces as well, including Amazon app stores, Getjar, Aptoide, and more.

5. Developer Support
Android provides Software Development Kits (SDK) - simple collections of tools for developers to build their projects with ease. Tools like virtual device manager, Android Debug Bridge, and library of additional code for Java programs make the core component of an SDK. It helps in faster coding and efficient programming.

6. Low Investment & High ROI

Android application development can be accomplished in negligible investment. It includes some workforce costs or app store rentals associated with the development. However, it is still cheaper than iOS. If your app serves the purpose, then ROI is faster and better. Some apps have indeed generated billions of dollars in revenues.

7. Job Opening

There is a decline in the mobile app developer’s requirement in the job market. However, the industry is witnessing a surge in demand for programmers with Kotlin skills, which is a preferred language for Android programming. According to a survey by StackOverflow, Kotlin is the fourth most-loved language.

If you are looking for a career in this industry, you must make sure that Kotlin is a part of your Android app development training. As per PayScale, an average android developer receives a package of ₹3.61 lakhs per annum. Excellent pay packages, lots of opportunities, and technical features are some of the reasons that make android application development popular among developers.
Anannyaagrawal 13 march 2020, 13:35
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