Blockchain technology has started reaching high in the market and also have a huge impact on the manufacturing industry. In the current days, the world highly gains attention towards terms like cryptocurrency, bitcoin, ethereum token & blockchain technology. The reason is nothing that most of the peoples are getting more benefits from those technologies, especially blockchain.

When it comes to blockchain technology, it has evolved a lot in the market and has brought more benefits. In this article, I am going to cover blockchain technology, its evolution, and how blockchain technology helps in the manufacturing industry.

Lets we start a discussion with blockchain and how it has an impact on different industries.

What is Blockchain Technology?

Initially, Blockchain is just one of the technology which supports all cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin but the experts can see that it have a large scope in the future then just meets the needs of bitcoin. On further analysis, we found that it can bring enormous changes in the internet networks itself. Consistently, technology has evolved more and a type of blockchain has grown a lot. So, from today, blockchain is widely being used as a distributed ledger technology. This technology has created a chain of blockchain where each of the blocks contains information as well as the data stored together and verified. These blocks are further validated and attached to the string of transactions and information in the previous blocks.

In simple terms, let's compare it with google docs. As you know, multiple users can simultaneously use and can edit a single document on google docs. Likewise, even with blockchain technology, you have a distributed ledger. There is a difference here, unlike in google doc, you can't change the previous data. You can only add to the ledger. Some of the features of blockchain technology are blockchain keeps all data records which is referred to as a "ledger". All the data which is exchanged is a "transaction". Once the transaction is verified, it is added to the ledger as a "block". To verify the transactions, blockchain uses a distributed system. ie. a Peer-to-peer network (p2p network). Once the transaction gets completed, the data is verified and added to the blockchain, it can't be changed anymore.

After that, demand for blockchain has gradually increased a lot and also being noticed in other industries. In short, blockchain can create revolution almost in all the industry. But, the most likely ones that can have large benefits from it includes:

⦁ Healthcare
⦁ Banking and financial services
⦁ Real estate
⦁ Supplychain and logistics
⦁ E-commerce

Out of the above-mentioned industries, the manufacturing industry has become more inclined towards blockchain technology. Let us get into deeper that how blockchain technology can have an impact on the manufacturing industry.

Role of blockchain in the manufacturing industry:

When we talk about modern ways of manufacturing industry, the supplychain can work across many organizations, as well as many countries. This can make the system more difficult in the way of finding solutions for increasing efficiency and chasing individual events. Most of the time, the company information in the manufacturing industry flows through the supplychain. They have a uniform way of storing and exchanging data. When it comes to blockchain, it can make smarter as well as secured supplychain whereas you can track the journey of your products within the real-time visibility.

For example, if you are looking for material delivery, you can track the materials which you have ordered on the website and when it will arrive, who receive them and when they transport the material to the next stage and so on. Everything is recorded as blocks in the blockchain. So, you have seen minimalistic details of the supplychain process and there is no chance of any kind of manipulations.

There are many benefits that the manufacturing industry can get while using the blockchain technology. If you are the one among them who do experimentation with the blockchain, you must don't miss the opportunity to read the below mentioned five benefits are currently works in the real scenario.

1. Amplified inventory management

Blockchain offers a holistic and permanent data of every single transaction details that take place in your supply chain process. Moreover, it opens you to connect to each party in the value chain - be it suppliers, production sites, and distribution centers. The records which are store are easily accessible by those who are connected to the network. As everyone in the networks has a copy of the information, so there is no confusion happen in the supplychain process. This, in turn, becomes the intensify inventory management.

2. Upgraded data security

Information like Invoices and contract details that are exchange in any supplychain process is highly confidential. Sharing details by the way of traditional methods can be a risk and it can be easily hacked by anyone. Instead of using traditional methods, blockchain keeps the information more secure with the best cryptography techniques. So, if you are looking to build blockchain networks for your manufacturing industry then either choose freelance blockchain developers (or) blockchain development company for solutions in supplychain management to avoid cyber attacks.

3. Better traceability and transparency

Blockchain Technology in the supplychain can provide the data of all information related to your transaction. For instance, how the products are made, from where they start shipping and how will manage data and much more. However, if the data is permanent and it can be easily shared with your supply-chain network, it provides you a detailed tracing and tracking abilities.

4. Automatic Payment Process to Suppliers

Blockchain technology has s facility to transfer of the fund to any part of the world. You don't stick it to the traditional banking methods. Money transfers can be made directly between the payers and payee. The whole payment system through blockchain is secured. It can be done quickly. You don't want to wait for a day or even for an hour. Once all the digital secure transactions data becomes a part of blockchain agreements and if your networks agree with the terms and conditions, then the smart contract can begin the commercial process automatically.

5. Improve Customer Engagement

Blockchain is stronger than normal storage technology. Because you can analyze the data to create forecasts and predictions, which can further help you to solve the flaws in your supplychain management. Not only this, but your analytic tools can help to boost your customer satisfaction. You can use the blockchain database to find ways for developing your delivery timeline. Moreover, the customers can also have the ability to access the blockchain data to a certain extent. For Instance, one of the clothing brands provides customer access while showing them an approval form or a labor union sheet. Sharing data will create transparency, which ultimately results in loyalty and also creates ever long-lasting customer relationships.

Blockchain Technology can be a Game Changer for your manufacturing industry:

A lot of new technologies are enhancing the way of manufacturing industries used to work with their supplychain management and blockchain technology is one among them. As blockchain technology continues to grow, the supply chain industry is sure to look up the true forms of transparency, accountability, and efficiency. I am winding this blog that, the manufacturing industries will adopt the blockchain technologies sooner and they will be able to benefit from a better way of running their business.
TimJosh 31 july 2020, 12:35

Do You Know? Crypto Block Concept was first invented in 1991 by the two scientists – Stuart Haber and W.Scott Stornetta. The idea was based on the need for tamper-proof documents and ledgers. The idea may have been around for ages, but its actual implementation of blockchain – commonly called blockchain was introduced in the year 2008. After a year, Bitcoin has become the first cryptocurrency. Blockchain is not a new concept, but the idea continues to grow in terms of development and application.

In recent years, the market for blockchain technology has tremendous growth due to the usage of cryptocurrency transactions and it can destroy the other industries. The concept of blockchain is that it’s an open ledger that can store any kind of transaction data in a transparent and immutable way. Blockchain technology is a decentralized concept and it doesn’t need intermediaries during transactions. Ledger technology helps in many cases and also records bitcoin transactions.

The below-mentioned list is some of the interesting facts about the blockchain technology that everyone should know.

1. The Inventor of Blockchain and Bitcoin

Satoshi Nakamoto is the person who invented both bitcoin and blockchain technology. But nobody knows the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. But, some of the people have imagined that a man of Japanese – American origin from Temple City, Los Angeles named Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto who is the father of Bitcoin. Many coincidences have happened at that time. For Example, a computer scientist – Hal Finney, who is the neighbor to Nakamoto was the first person to receive a bitcoin transaction. But Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto denied it at that time. So, we are yet to find the true identity of the bitcoin inventor.

2. Top 3 Crypto-friendly and Blockchain Countries

Switzerland, Gibraltar, and Malta are the three most recommended blockchain and crypto-friendly countries in the world. When it comes to the country Switzerland – they have the most stable economy in the world and also have been accepting of both blockchain and cryptocurrency. Gibraltar was the first-ever country to introduced and facilitate trading by the way of cryptocurrency for establishing a financial service commission. The main aim of this commission is to provide a license for ICO Operations. It also keeps on track of the organizations which deal with crypto. Malta is a famous place for blockchain and cryptocurrency. Malta is commonly called as the blockchain island and is considered as the hub for the blockchain development. It is considered as the birthplace for the blockchain and many crypto companies. It is the first choice who are ready to start your business and work in the blockchain sphere.

3. Countries Focusing on Official Crypto Development

Passing the phase of initial Pyrrhonism, governments all over the world are gradually realizing for having their crypto can be very useful. It doesn’t take much time to launch crypto against virtual currencies. They are safe, secured, and environment-friendly as well. It is cost-effective than minting currencies. Currently, there are over 15 countries including the world’s best economic countries like the USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, Japan, China, Korea, etc, are interested to launch their official cryptocurrency.

4. Boost for IoT Markets

Increased use of blockchain is expected to increase the adoption of IoT through vehicles, household devices, etc. As per the market reports, it will help the industry to reach $50 billion by 2020.

5. Increased Usage of Blockchain

Blockchain will be one of the trending technologies of this era. As per the market survey, 40 millions of people have started to know about this technology and many of the started implementing for the business purpose. The number will get high up to 80% in the next 10 years.

6. Growth of Blockchain Technology in the Global Market

Blockchain development is still in its formative years, but the advancement is progressing fast. Most of the companies have started to implement this technology to bring out the changes to transform legacy systems. As per the market survey and review, the market for blockchain will grow up to $60 million by 2024.

7. Blockchain can either be Public or Private

A public Blockchain like bitcoin doesn’t have any kind of restrictions, anyone who is in the network can be a part of it, and the result is that there will be a large no of transactions. In a public blockchain, the verification process takes a long time. When comes to the private blockchain, it is controlled by the single entity and the transactions will be easily carried out and faster.

8. Most Bank Industries Started Exploring Blockchains

Transactions carried out on blockchain technology is much faster when compared to the traditional methods, which would save many transactions fee especially for the international transactions. This is the main reason that many banks like American Express, ALFA banks have started incorporating blockchain to make their services efficiently.

9. Blockchain in Food Supply-Chain Industry

The major reason for incorporating blockchain technology in the food supply-chain industry to determine food contaminations. Many multinational companies like Nestle, Walmart have implemented blockchain into their industry to track bad food products.

Wrapping Up:

From the above-mentioned facts, it is clear that blockchain technology will be the trending technology and it is expected to take over the entire world completely in the upcoming years. Looking to integrate blockchain technology in your industry? Choose the front-runner blockchain development company which can be easily able to get the best solutions for your major issues and enhance your business to an extent level.
TimJosh 30 july 2020, 9:05

One of the most popular tradings in the current world scenario is cryptocurrency trading. Nowadays, most of the peoples have started to show their interest in this type of trading. The reason is that the price of the tokens keep changing day-by-day and it won't be stable. Even though there is a lot of risk in this trading, but peoples are ready to invest in crypto trading and also taking a lot of risks because to earn more profits. Now, it's the right time to launch your crypto exchange platform if you want an earn a more profit from it.

As a business owner (or) crypto enthusiast, probably you would like to start your own cryptocurrency exchange platform. But the only question when comes to everyone's mind is, "how much costs does it requires to build a crypto exchange platform?", "will the cost be more for developing a crypto trading platform?" more and more. For your questions, this article is going to reveal all of those stuff in your mind.

So, What is the cost to start a cryptocurrency exchange platform for your business?

Before knowing about the cost here, you should need to aware of the basic steps to start a crypto trading platform.

Basic things to learn before launching a new crypto trading platform:

Initially, to know about the cost, you should know about the types of cryptocurrency exchanges in the industry. There are three different types of exchanges available.

⦁ Centralized Exchange.
⦁ Decentralized Exchange.
⦁ Hybrid Exchange.

In a centralized type of exchange, there is a middleman requires to perform any kind of transactions ie, to buy and sell digital assets. While in the decentralized exchange, without the need for a middleman, you can make transactions. In hybrid exchange, there is a combination of both centralized and decentralized. Therefore, you need to know about the working strategy and choose the desired exchanges that you want to launch.

Secondly, you must know about the type of cryptocurrency exchange product you have planned to launch for you. It could be,

⦁ White-label cryptocurrency exchange (or) Ready-made crypto trading platform.
⦁ Cryptocurrency exchange from scratch.

As an industry-leading cryptocurrency exchange development company, we provide both the solutions.

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Development:

In this type of exchange platform, you can buy and change according to your requirements. You can even add or remove more functionalities and also you can customize it entirely as per your business needs. A ready-white label script avail at Osiz Technologies, which will aid to start your own platform instantly and more ease. One of the main advantages here is that you could save your money as well as yout time. And also, if you are lack in technical knowledge this is the perfect choice for you.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development from Scratch:

On the other hand, there is also a chance to start a cryptocurrency exchange from scratch. You can choose your own layout, advanced features, and futuristic functionalities in your platform.
Moreover, the time usually takes more than 4 months to start a cryptocurrency exchange development, and also it may vary based on your requirements and advanced functionalities in it. Therefore, you have a clear idea that which one suits you. In case, you have any immediate requirements, then you should go with the white-label crypto exchange.

Estimate Time and Budget Restrictions:

It is very difficult to calculate the exact duration within which you required your platform to be built. And also it is very important to estimate your cost requires to build a crypto exchange. For example, if you want your platform to be established within a week, the cost would be comparatively high.

The next thing is to display your maximum budget. Remember that, the budget should include future plans as well. For example, if your crypto exchange platform leads to any issues, you should have to back up the amount accordingly.

In addition to this, you have to spend your money on general factors like,

⦁ Offering payments to the employees.
⦁ Get legal compliance for your crypto exchange.
⦁ Due Diligence and more.

Therefore, you have ensured sufficient funds to manage the time effectively to start a crypto exchange platform.

Features of Cryptocurrency Exchange:

Before you start to launch your crypto trading platform, you must draft the functionalities and features you need for your business. Here is the list of components you will have to include in the cryptocurrency exchange.

⦁ Rich UI/UX
⦁ Overflowing TPS
⦁ Admin Panel
⦁ Investors Panel
⦁ Margin Trading
⦁ Escrow System
⦁ Liquidity API
⦁ Cryptocurrency Wallet
⦁ Multi-Lingual Support
⦁ Multi-Layer Security Protocol Implementation
⦁ Integration of Payment Gateway
⦁ KYC/AML Solutions

The above mentioned are the entities that we have integrated into our tailor-made crypto exchange platform at Osiz Technologies. In addition to this, you can also include other features in the platform.

Wrapping Up:

As an industry-leading blockchain development company, we provide the best-in-class cryptocurrency exchange platform at an affordable cost. As we have discussed earlier that, the cost may vary depends on your requirements you need to implement into it. If you are willing to launch a white-label crypto exchange or it from the scratch, you can reach out to us at any time. We are ready to provide answers to all your questions which makes you feel happy.
TimJosh 29 july 2020, 13:36

The entire size of the billion-dollar cryptocurrency market is a witness to expand the popularity and global adoption of cryptocurrencies. According to the CoinMarketCap, the number of cryptos has grown up to 2,300 in 2019, and the entire global market witnessed a tremendous increase in the number of cryptocurrency investors over the years.

Before, most of the people preferred bitcoin mining to earn a reward. Therefore, the reduction in rewards has changed people's minds to start their crypto exchange platform. Every business and entrepreneurs globally are looking to start their crypto exchange website to enter into the crypto market and generate high revenue for their business. Currently, Binance is one of the top-leading crypto exchange platforms, with millions of users, a $1 Billion mark in the cumulative profit out of which $183.5 Million was made in 2019 Q3 alone.

If you are planning to start your own cryptocurrency exchange platform, but don't know where to begin? So Don't worry. You have landed at the right place. This article helps you to understand the types of 10 things required to launch your cryptocurrency trading platform with the top-most cryptocurrency exchange development company.

Here, are the 10 basic steps needed to launch your crypto exchange platform in 2020 instantly and ease.

1. First of all, you want to know the type of exchange ie, centralized, decentralized, and hybrid exchange that you have looking to launch.

2. Before launching your cryptocurrency exchange platform you need to do deep market research.

3. The Next step is, define the location that you have planned to launch your crypto trading website.

4. After that, check the entire guidelines of the country where you have planned to start your exchange website.

5. Hire a legal team of counselors.

6. Once its done, make sure that you have the funds required to start a crypto trading website.

7. Then Hire the top-most cryptocurrency exchange software development company for building your platform.

8. Chek-out the technical aspects of your platform.

9. Then, plan your marketing strategy according to your website to get the user flow.

10. Provide 24*7 customer support to your users if any issues occur from their end.

Wrapping Up:

The year 2020 has started with good news for business owners who are all in the crypto industry. They are here to stay and will stay and also most of the peoples have started to know about blockchain technology and they are ready to invest in it. We Osiz Technology, one of the best blockchain development company that offers all kinds of cryptocurrency exchange development services which helps you to stay ahead of competitors, and also you can generate revenue for your business.
TimJosh 22 july 2020, 15:23

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Appkodes Randou, our ready to use Azar clone solution is pre-built with modern features and trendiest technologies such as discover and connect, high-quality video/voice chat, highly advanced filter option, scan QR code option, and many more. If you are one among those aspiring proprietors trying hard to build an astounding random video chat application, then you can definitely make use of this readymade and dynamically adaptable Azar clone solution. Also, if you want to include certain innovative features in the future based on your online video chat business requirements, it is also completely possible with Appkodes Randou. Reach greater heights in your random video chat business venture with our customizable Azar clone solution
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We understand the importance of process in the business as we grow. Our custom web and mobile app development company keeps on redefining processes as per the problems in each phase of app development and is ever open to doing modification in the process as per client demands wherever necessary. Here, we have summed up our time tested app development process at CodeToArt, from ideation to implementation to release to support, engaging our clients at each stage of the process.

Estimation Phase
.Once we receive a query from the client end, we immediately send the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to clients.
.Sign in to start a further discussion.
.If you have not documented your idea while planning for web app outsourcing, we can send the Request For Proposal (RFP) template.
.We assign this requirement to the Account Manager with technical expertise and sound business acumen.
.The Account Manager will have several calls and email communications to discuss all project-related queries, issues, risks, and solutions and advice.
.Once the requirements are precise, he will decide the technology stack and team structure.
.Hold talks with the UI/UX team and the Development team to find approximate estimates.
.We will send you a personalized offer approximate time and effort required for each feature, tech stack we'll be using, and team structure.
.Sign the contract to start the work.

.Analysis by the account manager
.Studies your requirements in detail
.Understands user personas
.Conducts competitor and market analysis
.Finds third-party APIs
.UI/UX designer starts doing UI/UX research
.Designing the wireframes, which give you the whole idea of how your app will look.
.While designing, we send you designs frequently for the feedback to suggest the changes and approve further processes.

(a) Implementation phase: The designer completes a few initial screens, and once the client approves them, we start with the development.
.Set up a project in the project management tool (JIRA or Trello) and add developers and testers into it.
.Sets up a git repository and adds respective developers and testers to the git repo.
.Creates user stories & project backlog based on functional and non-functional requirements and business needs.

(b) Testing
our tester tests the build validates it and raises the bugs in the project management tool.
.Deployment and Release
.Development - Used by developers and testers.
.Staging/Testing - Used by testers and clients.
.Production - Used by testers for sanity testing and end-users.

Post Release and Support
We do provide post-release support services where we quickly develop and ship the new features as per the client’s feedback.
Post-release support in two forms:
.Fixed Monthly Retainer
.Sprint Based

Tools for visibility
.Slack - For Team communication
Zoom - For meetings. But we are open to other options if the client prefers other tools for meetings.
.Gitlab - Code Repository
.JIRA or Trello - We use JIRA or Trello for Project Management, but we are open to other tools for the same if the client prefers a different tool.
.Clockify - For Time tracking

We would love to walk you through our portfolio page and check out our client’s success stories on codetoart.com
We provide full-stack mobile and web app development services to clients across the global, SME’s, and startups. Contact us for your next project!
Glen 30 june 2020, 11:24

Parenting is full of excitement and confusion, especially when it's a newborn. It is not easy for sleep-deprived and stressed-out parents to remember everything concerning a newborn like feeding, pumping, diaper change, sleep pattern, vaccination, and much more. With app development companies coming up with robust baby tracker apps is a game-changer. Here we help you understand every essential aspect related to the development of a baby tracker app.

Features that parents need in a baby tracker app

The most critical part is that the baby should let parents and caretakers or any authorized person to log every activity related to the baby quickly and in a simplified manner. Let's see what key activities the app should have.

1. Feeding - The mom of a newborn needs to feed the child timely and in the right proposition, be it milk, formula, juice, water, or solid. Parents can input details of every feeding session in the app, and via reminders, they will get to know if it's the right time to feed the baby again and in what proportion.

2. Pumping - For pumping mothers, it gets challenging to keep track of every session. The baby tracker uses a timer for tracking pumping or nursing sessions. Automatic reminders are available that do not let users forget to nurse or pump.

3. Diaper Change - Baby tracker apps help parents stay away from the stress of checking diapers constantly for leakage or anything. In Diaper change activity, it is essential to record the reason for a diaper change, whether Pee, Poop, Both, or None. Parents and caretakers can record baby time of urine and diaper change to understand the timing.

4. Sleep pattern - However, the sleep pattern of a newborn keeps changing, but with the help of a sleep timer in the baby tracker app, the user can track sleep time better. It starts quickly when the baby goes to sleep and stops when the baby wakes up. It is a good idea to show the sleep timer in a notification that cannot be canceled unless the user stops the timer. Also, parents can set alarms for putting the baby down for sleep or create more structured nighttime feeding sessions.

5. Growth Records - users can enter the baby's measurement data like height, weight, milestone, and compare it against World Health Organization averages already available in the baby growth app.

6. Vaccines - keeping track of all the medications and vaccinations is crucial. Baby tracker apps ensure parents stay on top of the baby's health and vaccines calendar by letting them easily log in to the baby's medical history like medications, temperature checks, and vaccine shots. You can take all records available in the app during the doctor's visit.

7. Charts - It becomes easy to understand the sleep pattern, growth, feeding sessions, and diaper change via graphs and charts. Data logged in can be viewed by day, week, or month.

8. Ability to add caretaker
- Users can add as many people in the app as caretakers, grandparents, and each one can log activities throughout the day for seamless communication and easy scheduling.

Monetization of baby tracker app

Freemium - Apps like glow babies offer a premium package for an enhanced experience to its users is it for an ad-free zone, individual consultations, customized services apps charge a premium. Users can opt for monthly, quarterly, or annual subscriptions.

Advertising - Companies dealing in baby products love to use the platform and immense database available on baby tracker apps. They advertise via banners, videos, podcasts, native articles. It is a massive revenue generation for mobile and web apps.


While developing a baby tracker app is a great proposition. It requires a proper framework to establish an engaging android application. You must consult an experienced app development company for consultation. For more insights, read here. Developing Baby Tracker App - Features, Factors and How it works
Glen 26 june 2020, 10:23

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