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imageI had a dream to write the maps a long time ago. Convenient maps that do not require an access to the Internet with the actual data, fast and work on any device. After I worked as an engineer in Google Maps that dream only became stronger, and at some point it turned into the particular actions.
If it's interesting, I'll write something as I was leaving Google Zurich, and at the same time all around did the square eyes:) and then I with me friends were writing a project for almost a year.

The result of all this was the off-line maps for the iPhone and iPad released on April 12, soon there will be ready versions for the android, Mac and Windows.
The idea is as follows. You are going to go to another country with some purpose, for example to relax, and take along your trusty android or iPhone / iPad, MacBook or laptop with Windows, or all together.
Before you travel, you install the application and quickly download the desired map of the country.
United States and Russia, of course, will be slower, but, for example, a map of Belarus is 45 MB, Switzerland is 58 MB (soon the next version will be released, there will be all the countries compressed for a quarter).
Yes, the program is free.

In appendix is a guide that you can always read about the place, where you are going to go, about the coming attractions, history, etc.
You use the Internet only during the installation of application and download of the necessary map.
So you do not need any roaming, if you want to find the nearest toilet in the center of Paris or read from your device about what there is interesting.
Cartographical data has taken from Open Street Map, this is a guide based on Wiki Travel.
In the plans to make available detailed information on the restaurants, museums, hotels and all sorts of other services with ratings, reviews, etc.

Monetize the project we will through the most relevant advertising of the various related services. For example, when you are searching for a restaurant or store, it will display ads of the nearby restaurants and shops, offer the discount coupons and table reservation over the internet. That is geo-targeted advertising; it will not be a source of irritation, but the additional services, useful for the user.
Minuses of the current version: a guide is in English only and is not tied to the map; there is no search, but it will be updated in a few weeks. Now we are actively working on the picture’s quality. Also, we are working on the other disadvantages too; the speed will increase greatly when we find the funding and move on the full-time.
We are currently looking for the investors and the designer of graphical interface.
In general, the objective of the project is to make maps free and accessible to everyone.

Very welcome your criticisms and other comments :)

Program for iOS can be downloaded from AppStore. If suddenly your download of maps from the program will be slow, because of habrahabr’s effect, you can download them from here and add it manually in iTunes, and then restart the program.
“Translated from another resource”

P.S. All developers are from Belarus.

P.P.S. We have not worked on the advertising and promotion at all, since there was no time :). During the first week MapsWithMe for iOS downloaded 12 000 users.
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Pirat 30 august 2011, 13:03
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