One of the most popular tradings in the current world scenario is cryptocurrency trading. Nowadays, most of the peoples have started to show their interest in this type of trading. The reason is that the price of the tokens keep changing day-by-day and it won’t be stable. Even though there is a lot of risk in this trading, but peoples are ready to invest in crypto trading and also taking a lot of risks because to earn more profits. Now, it’s the right time to launch your crypto exchange platform if you want an earn more profit from it.

As a business owner (or) crypto enthusiast, probably you would like to start your own cryptocurrency exchange platform. But the only question when comes to everyone’s mind is, “how much costs does it requires to build a crypto exchange platform?”, “will the cost be more for developing a crypto trading platform?” more and more. For your questions, this article is going to reveal all of those stuff in your mind.

So, What is the cost to start a cryptocurrency exchange platform for your business?

Before knowing about the cost here, you should need to aware of the basic steps to start a crypto trading platform.

Basic things to learn before launching a new crypto trading platform:

Initially, to know about the cost, you should know about the types of cryptocurrency exchanges in the industry. There are three different types of exchanges available.

⦁ Centralized Exchange.

⦁ Decentralized Exchange.

⦁ Hybrid Exchange.

In a centralized type of exchange, there is a middleman requires to perform any kind of transaction ie, to buy and sell digital assets. While in the decentralized exchange, without the need for a middleman, you can make transactions. In hybrid exchange, there is a combination of both centralized and decentralized. Therefore, you need to know about the working strategy and choose the desired exchanges that you want to launch.

Secondly, you must know about the type of cryptocurrency exchange product you have planned to launch for you. It could be,

⦁ White-label cryptocurrency exchange (or) Ready-made crypto trading platform.

⦁ Cryptocurrency exchange from scratch.

As an industry-leading cryptocurrency exchange software development company, we provide both solutions.

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Development:

In this type of exchange platform, you can buy and change according to your requirements. You can even add or remove more functionalities and also you can customize it entirely as per your business needs. A ready-white label script avail at Osiz Technologies, which will aid to start your own platform instantly and with more ease. One of the main advantages here is that you could save your money as well as yout time. And also, if you are lack in technical knowledge this is the perfect choice for you.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development from Scratch:

On the other hand, there is also a chance to start a cryptocurrency exchange from scratch. You can choose your own layout, advanced features, and futuristic functionalities in your platform.

Moreover, the time usually takes more than 4 months to start a cryptocurrency exchange development, and also it may vary based on your requirements and advanced functionalities in it. Therefore, you have a clear idea that which one suits you. In case, you have any immediate requirements, then you should go with the white-label crypto exchange.

Estimate Time and Budget Restrictions:

It is very difficult to calculate the exact duration within which you required your platform to be built. And also it is very important to estimate your cost requires to build a crypto exchange. For example, if you want your platform to be established within a week, the cost would be comparatively high.

The next thing is to display your maximum budget. Remember that, the budget should include future plans as well. For example, if your crypto exchange platform leads to any issues, you should have to back up the amount accordingly.

In addition to this, you have to spend your money on general factors like,

⦁ Offering payments to the employees.

⦁ Get legal compliance for your crypto exchange.

⦁ Due Diligence and more.

Therefore, you have ensured sufficient funds to manage the time effectively to start a crypto exchange platform.

Features of Cryptocurrency Exchange:

Before you start to launch your crypto trading platform, you must draft the functionalities and features you need for your business. Here is the list of components you will have to include in the cryptocurrency exchange.

⦁ Rich UI/UX

⦁ Overflowing TPS

⦁ Admin Panel

⦁ Investors Panel

⦁ Margin Trading

⦁ Escrow System

⦁ Liquidity API

⦁ Cryptocurrency Wallet

⦁ Multi-Lingual Support

⦁ Multi-Layer Security Protocol Implementation

⦁ Integration of Payment Gateway

⦁ KYC/AML Solutions

The above mentioned are the entities that we have integrated into our tailor-made crypto exchange platform at Osiz Technologies. In addition to this, you can also include other features in the platform.

Wrapping Up:

As an industry-leading blockchain development company, Osiz provides the best-in-class cryptocurrency exchange platform at an affordable cost. As we have discussed earlier that, the cost may vary depends on your requirements you need to implement into it. If you are willing to launch a white-label crypto exchange or it from the scratch, you can reach out to us at any time. We are ready to provide answers to all your questions which makes you feel happy.
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Headways in GPS innovation have made vehicle tracking accurate and more simpler, while distributed computing administrations give a less difficult approach to make sense of data tracking via SaaS. The outcome is GPS tracking - a vital tool to assist you oversee all your vehicles.

GPS vehicle tracking solution with fleet management software can be an incredible way to assist you with understanding the area of your vehicle, regardless of whether you’re several miles from them, in case you are a fleet manager. That, however, a fleet management system can be an extraordinary method to increase asset’s visibility, improve driver security and streamline the fleet operations easily.

Pursue on to study how a taxi dispatch system works with GPS vehicle tracking solution and what to consider while choosing this for your fleet management.

How might you use GPS enabled taxi dispatch software to increase efficiency of your fleet management.

Despite the fact that GPS tracking devices are basically used to get the location of the vehicle, they can give extra advantages to your fleet which is mentioned in the below,

1. Enhance Your Resource Management

2. Reduction of Your Fuel Cost

3. Advance a Deterrent Fleet Upkeep Plan

4. Smooth Out Consistence With an ELD

5. Make Effective Streamlined Optimization

6. Upgrade Security With Geofence Alerts

7. Track Usage of Energy and Fuel

8. Assist Your Workforce With Fleet Management Software
1. Enhance Your Resource Management
It’s getting progressively essential to have a GPS tracking trailer solution set up an extra layer of more visibility as trailers keep on dwarfing trucks out and about three to one. GPS enabled a fleet management system present a speedy and simple path for you to find and monitor these main resources with nearly 6.5 million trailers being used in the U.S. alone.

By giving location updates real-time, fleet management software with GPS vehicle tracking devices give cost-effective fleet approach to precisely right-size fleets, keep up payload perceivability, prevent robbery with geofencing and reduce spent on yard hunts.
2. Reduction of Your Fuel Cost

It’s an obvious fact that fuel is one of the main costs for fleets. In any case, exactly what amount does fuel management sway your fleet’s primary concern.

To enable your fleet fuel cost reduction, decide on the GPS vehicle tracking solution that assists you with distinguishing regions of over the top fuel use. In particular, search for a telematics supplier that in turn helps you with track idling time through cautions, forestall fuel robbery and screen DEF levels to ensure your fleet optimizes its fuel use.
3. Advance a Deterrent Fleet Upkeep Plan

So as to keep your vehicle healthy and your fleets out and about, choose a taxi dispatch system with GPS enabled taxi dispatch software that gives continuous perceivability into your fleet’s diagnostics. It implies getting experiences into your engine issue codes, battery voltage, fuel range and whatnot.

This degree of detail makes it simpler to plan deterrent support based off-mileage motor hours and see precisely when a fleet is expected for upkeep to limit downtime out and about.
4. Smooth Out Consistence With an ELD

Business engine transporters for the most part use ELD’s to note drive time. In any case, since ELD’s record a scope of information past driver logs, they are a basic part of an extensive fleet management software. With constant perceivability into each driver’s log, it provides you visibility into driver’s activities while arranging routes so Hours of Service infringement can be kept away from.

Some ELD providers, like UnicoTaxi, even give HOS reports that permit you to rapidly recognize violations of consistency or an alarm if a driver is approaching a violation of HOS. You can decide to be advised if a driver is moving toward a compliance violation, these alarms can be customized easily.

5. Make Effective Streamlined Optimization

Regardless of whether you have routinely planned routes, make new routes every day, or do a blend of both, the taxi dispatch system with GPS tracking solution can help you with settling on data decisions for effective directing and dispatch. To analyze the performance of your existing routes, a telematics solution can help you plan the time efficient routes and most fuel for better prediction and future deliveries.

Certain GPS vehicle tracking providers investigate the route performance so you can find deviations. This combined with site report and time can give you more visibility into where drivers are and how much they spend at every location, making it simple.
6. Upgrade Security With Geofence Alerts

With geofencing technology, you will be consequently cautioned if your vehicles or resources move outside unexpectedly; your yard’s edge so you can make quick moves to stop robbery. GPS enabled fleet management system can give you with moment access to a helicopter view real-time of your fleet, that you can impart to specialists to recover your taken property, if a vehicle which should not be moving moves.
7. Track Usage of Energy and Fuel

In specific occurrences, the best way to deal with the eco-friendliness of a vehicle is to electrify which can be a decent choice for fleets looking to significantly lower operational costs and can be important if your fleet wants to meet some emission or TCO necessities.

In spite of the fact that it accompanies their own operational difficulties, there are some GPS vehicle tracking solutions that provide you the devices expected to oversee an electric fleet.
8. Assist Your Workforce With Fleet Management Software

Consider choosing a GPS vehicle tracking with taxi dispatch software that incorporates rapid LTE availability. It can help empower a connected vehicle and can accelerate your activities in the back office, giving exact and real-time data, with less dependence on paper trails such as, with UnicoTaxi driver app, drivers are able to keep awake to date with modifications in deliveries and routes, and with fast Wi-Fi, they can simply submit administrative work in a hurry even in low availability regions.

“Need extra information about how UnicoTaxi’s GPS vehicle tracking solution can assist your fleet management? Connect for a free live trial today to become familiar with how UnicoTaxi can enable your fleet to be more safe, feasible and productive.”

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Best Tech Accelerator Program In USA/UAE/CANADA conceived and developed by X-Byte Enterprise Solutions to boost the nation’s entrepreneurial spirit. We are open to up to 25 startups to teach, guide, assist, mentor and share everything we know about running a successful business in this current day and age. Our Program walks every selected entrepreneurial candidate through the following essential modules.

1. Conceptualization and Consultation
2. Research and Learning
3. Wireframing and Design
4. Proof of Concept
5. MVP Development
6. Full-Fledge Development & Launch

Waste no time and immediately reach out to us with your pitch and let everything else go on autopilot with our Best Start-Up Tech Accelerator Program by X-Byte Enterprise Solutions in USA UAE CANADA

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Blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger programmed for the economic transaction that not only records financial transactions but also values everything virtually. It has a massive benefit of fitting to the diverse industries with its game-changing features that help entrepreneurs in thriving their businesses.

Here are the top 12 industries where blockchain plays a crucial role. Also, the article explains why every business model needs to be integrated with blockchain technology for a secure future.
TimJosh 20 november 2020, 9:41

X-Byte Enterprise Solutions Introducing The Country’s First Ever Startup Tech Accelerator Program that help startups to take their business to whole new level.

X-Byte Enterprise Solutions is launching its super-exclusive Tech Startup Accelerator Program to help and guide all the aspiring business owners out there to scale their operations and grow their venture in 2021. We are here to set things right and offer you insights, best practices, tips and tricks and all the knowledge you will ever need to run a successful business.

Get all the insights, guidance, mentorship and assistance required for you to make your business a success straight from the industry veterans.

What will you get from us?

1. Conceptualization and Consultation
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• Pioneers in tech development services
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If there’s one tribe that has the ability to change the world for the better tomorrow, it’s the entrepreneurs. So your startup has decided to have a startup accelerator to help grow your company. Tech accelerator programs help your startup to grow with all the insights, guidance, mentorship and assistance required for you to make your business a success straight from the beginning.

There are many industry in which startups can help you to grow like travel industry, E Commerce industry, hospitality sectors, ott platform etc

How Can Startups Make The Best Use Of The Changing Dynamics Of The Business Market After Pandemic?
kent 19 november 2020, 8:15

Covid-19 pandemic has shaken the economy of many countries. Covid-19 has infected many people and the death count is increasing every day. Additionally, it also impacts the economy, curtails economic activity, and reduced mobility. As a result, many industries that have been dependent on physical activity have been impacted. But there has also been a spillover effect in many industries.

Industries play a major role in the development of a country. There are Some important factors of industries that help in the development of a country. They are economic stability, utilization of natural resources, improvement of government revenue, investment, and spending. In this covid19 crisis, many industries were affected badly. Such as Airline, travel, tourism, automobile, retail, textiles, wholesales, education, and film industry. Even some IT industries are completely affected due to the covid-19 pandemic. But it does not affect some industries in this crisis.

In this article, we take a look at some industries that have not been impacted and are surviving this pandemic.
Healthcare and pharma

In this covid-19 pandemic, governments and many global companies are providing plenty of resources and money for improving healthcare infrastructure. Some resources are pharmaceuticals, PPE kits, testing kits, and more medical instruments. So healthcare and pharmacy are the obvious sectors that do not suffer any major impacts in this crisis. However, there will be an upsurge in focus on improving our disease response capabilities. So we can see further investments being made into the healthcare and pharma industry.

Also, due to this pandemic, many people had fear of whether it would affect us. So even when they feel a small illness in their body. They will visit hospitals to check whether they are infected or not. But for the Covid-19 test, they need to pay some amount of fees. As we know, the number of infected people is increasing day by day. So there is a flow of people in hospitals every day. This makes the healthcare and pharmacy industry as surviving one in this covid-19 crisis.

When the number of corona cases increased suddenly, governments from various countries announced lockdown. Also, the government requested citizens to stay home and maintain social distancing. So the effect of the lockdown has made a rise in the usage of telecom infrastructure. Also now, People are increasingly relying on mobile data and internet access to communicate with each other. Not only this but a sudden increase in the number of people started working from home has also increased mobile data usage.

In January and February, when China announced lockdown, the revenue of the telecommunication sector was raised 1.5% compared to last year. This information was officially released by the ministry of industry and information technology of the people’s republic of china. The growth rate of the first two months of 2020 is greater than the last year. Also, mobile data traffic has increased compared to the last 12 months. Work from home is expected to increase data usage by 10-15 percent in the home broadband and mobile space.

By seeing these signs many IT companies would look for continuing with a remote-work policy. So that they can cut costs even after the lockdown is completely lifted. For instance, TCS is considering making 75% of its huge workforce to do work from home by 2025. So that other companies will also follow suit soon and lead to a bright future for telecommunication. This makes the telecom sector a safe one and not impacted in a pandemic. Also, this covid-19 crisis completely boosted the revenue of this industry.

Blockchain is one of the advanced technologies that have made a huge revolution in many sectors. The characteristic of blockchain acts as a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). Here the data will be recorded and protected in the network. The transparency maintained over this network made many startups and entrepreneurs jump to the blockchain industry. Many people neglected blockchain before the birth of Bitcoin. But after Bitcoin’s arrival, many people started utilizing it. During this covid-19 when other industries are affected but blockchain industries do not have a much impact. Because it is completely based on online and many companies implementing this technology for security.

In this covid-19 crisis, there are some successful crypto business models in the blockchain industry. Such as launching a crypto exchange, crypto wallet, and more. The invention of crypto coins gave birth to blockchain technology. Many people are already aware of cryptocurrencies. But some people still don’t know about cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency exchange. If you are a newbie to this, then definitely your mind will be popped with a question: what are a cryptocurrency and a cryptocurrency exchange.

First, you need to know what cryptocurrency is. It is a digital asset that helps to trade other digital assets. The first cryptocurrency is bitcoin. It is a famous crypto coin in the marketplace. At this current time, more than 3000+ reliable cryptocurrencies are present in the crypto market. Now, let us see what crypto exchange is. A crypto exchange is a crypto trading platform where anyone can buy, sell, or trade a wide range of major cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.

Here you can trade all the popular digital currencies. Such as bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ripple, EOS, and other reliable cryptos. Crypto exchange is also one of the best online businesses for budding startups. In this covid-19 pandemic, already many startups started to build their crypto exchange by using the powerful bitcoin exchange script from the professional crypto solutions provider. Not only crypto exchange but other blockchain businesses are also helping startups to earn lucrative money. From this, we can see that the blockchain industry is not affected by this covid-19 pandemic.

The insurance industry has also not been affected because of this covid-19 crisis. One of the main reasons that insurance is not an impacted industry like other financial services is, it has remained immune to up and down cycles in the economy. Another main reason is that insurance is only taken out by a small section of the population. So it has completely minimized the impact on the insurance industry. Currently, the government said providers to include COVID-19 in their cover. Also, to quickly process any kind of claims. They may see an increase in payouts, but the insurance industry is almost okay in this covid-19 crisis.
Video streaming

Video streaming is one of the beneficial factors for many people who are staying at home all the time. In this covid-19 crisis, there is an upsurge in video streaming service usage. Because most of the people spend more time at home. Also, they use video streaming as an easy entertainment option. Some video streaming service providers are trying to increase the competition by offering discounts on subscriptions to users. The shooting of new films and series has completely slowed down because of this covid-19 crisis. but it looks like many users are happy with existing streaming movies and series. Also, many people are even revisiting their childhood favorites. From this, we can see that this industry is also not affected by the covid-19 pandemic.
Wrapping up

I hope this blog helped you to know about the industries which are not affected by the covid-19 crisis. Whenever you are planning to start a business, remember these industries in your mind. Because these industries will not let your business down even though there is a critical situation. Among these industries, the blockchain industry has a wide range of business opportunities. Choosing the right blockchain business might help you to reap more profits in a short period.
akshara 6 november 2020, 7:40

What is the Forsage Platform?

Forsage.io is an entirely decentralized smart contract-based crypto acquiring MLM Scheme established on the Ethereum Blockchain network. It operates on the traits of the Ethereum cryptocurrency, allowing members of the MLM Platform to deserve long-term enduring Ethereum assets through a referral scheme.

On the Forsage, MLM platform users pay a small amount of ETH as a registration fee, and the user has referred at least three peoples and process continue at each new user and earn rewards for their referral. Forsage is a Smart contract-based MLM, in which smart contracts are the self-executing programs that are precisely described among the parties involved in the transactions. Due to the immutable property of the smart contract built on the Blockchain platform, no one can alter the agreements among them. In case if Forsage closes this business, MLM smart contracts remain working without any hurdle.

Highlights of Forsage Smart Contract MLM:

- Decentralized & Independent

- Forsage is SmartContract-Powered - No fraudulent/theft

- Forsage is automated with Smart contract

- No admin fees Required.

- Get passive recurring revenue

- Members of Forsage get paid instantly, securely, and directly to their Crypto wallet

- Cost-effective- Low entry cost and low risk

- Get Access to Nonstop revenue through random Inputs

How Forsage Smart Contract MLM Works?

Forsage is multiple layers of marketing programs, in which anyone can enter and earn money. To register Forsage, One should pay the one-time registration fee of 0.05 ETH. Once the user's registered in the MLM Program, the user starts receiving residual ETH income on the number of people they refer to based on the program. The number of referrals is directly proportional to the earnings. Forsage requires a wallet for participating in the program. A trust wallet can be used with Smartphones. Metamask Wallets works on a Desktop. The User can Pick the wallet based on their choices, and all the royalties they receive will be paid instantly to their chosen ETH wallet spontaneously.

Business Profits Of Beginning a Smart Contract MLM Like Forsage:

- A Constant Revenue Driving Business Model

- Requires less or human resource to work

- 100% Decentralized Matrix Platform

- Completely Immutable as it is built on blockchain Smart Contract

- Zero Percent of the Risks Involved

- Faster Way to make more money

- Best and most invited crypto business model among business individual of recent digital days

How to start a Smart Contract based MLM like Forsage?

Cool Right!!! Yes, there are readymade Forsage Clone Scripts available at markets to launch your Decentralized Smart contract-based MLM on Tron/Ethereum Blockchain instantly.

Here, let us discuss the Forsage Clone Script,

What is Forsage Clone Script?

Forsage Clone Script is A Decentralized Smart contract-based MLM that operates on Ethereum/Tron Blockchain and has inbuilt features of Fosage MLM, futuristic functionality, and customizable according to the business demands.

Forsage Clone Script Features:

- Ethereum Smart contract MLM Clone Script

- Basic ethereum smart contract MLM features

- X3 and X4 Matrix Plan Available

- High Return on Low Investment

- 100% Customizable Script

- Automatic Transactions and Withdrawals

- Peer to Peer Payment System

- Eliminates Risk of Fraud activities

Summing Up:

The above-mentioned things that describe what is Forsage smart contract MLM platform and how it works?. If you are in the idea of building a decentralized smart contract-based MLM on Tron/Ethereum Blockchain, then get the best Forsage Clone Script from Osiz by today to start your own business instantly.
TimJosh 5 november 2020, 7:31

Nowadays, DeFi Lending platforms have filled the gap in traditional banking. Frequently, it's considered as the new technology for the financial sectors while fulfilling the adoption of the blockchain and cryptocurrency. It is popularly known as open finance because it doesn't need any individual third parties for financial services. In this article, we will be going to discuss DeFi lending, and let's get to know about the top DeFi lending platforms.

DeFi Lending and Borrowing:

In the DeFi lending process, the investors and lenders provide a load or deposit fiat currencies for interest through the distributed network and a decentralized ecosystem. On the other side, a single person or business gets money for interest through the decentralized network. Both the lending and borrowing process makes the use of DApps, smart contracts, and other DeFi Protocols.

Why Lending for Decentralization?

Decentralized lending offers various lending opportunities and more benefits to the lenders. Here, we have listed some of the benefits of DeFi lending below.

- Hegde funding.

- Earn your interest by holding crypto assets.

How Decentralized Finance (DeFi) lending works?

Decentralized lending is like putting your hands into the pocket to lend a borrower as much as simple. Moreover, dapps and smart contracts represent your intermediaries and negotiators. For example, you have been getting a loan of $10000 through a decentralized application (DApp), you just need to press a button on your PC, and that' all.

The process is that when you open a DApp which have a smart contract and a pool of borrowers. So click and decide at what interest do you want to provide a loan. Simultaneously, the smart contract automates lending and borrowing agreement.

Top DeFi lending platforms:

A DeFi lending platform is very similar to the traditional lending platform but there is no central authority. Concurrently, all the process is done across the trustless network. However, there are several DeFi lending platforms available that I have listed below.

- Aave

- Maker

- Compound

- InstaDApp

- dydx

- Dharma Protocol

- bzx

- Kittie Fight

- Mainframe

Summing Up:

These decentralized platforms provide various benefits like more security, transparency, and accountability. However, most of them involve the use of cryptocurrency, and it will be a challenge for the people who are not more familiar with it. Moreover, this platform is much efficient than the traditional one that most of them have started to use today. So, are you planning to build a decentralized lending and borrowing platform over the DeFi protocol? Then Osiz Technologies is the best place. We are the top-most decentralized finance (DeFi) lending/borrowing platform development company that offers the best defi lending and borrowing platform development services in a cost-effective way that makes your platform more secure and trust for the users.
TimJosh 23 october 2020, 6:43

Appkodes Joysale, a ready to use and reliable Letgo clone solution is pre-built with responsive design, innovative features and modern functionalities such as dynamic filter, product insights, instant chat, etc to arrive at an impressive online classified platform. This readymade solution can also be quickly customized based on your varying online classified business requirements. So, if you are really interested in starting and running your own lucrative online classified business, then you can surely make use of this remarkable Letgo clone solution. Therefore, get ready to attain success in your online classified business venture with Appkodes Joysale.
tanvyperg 16 october 2020, 11:06
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