8 Ways A GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution Can Help Your Fleet

Headways in GPS innovation have made vehicle tracking accurate and more simpler, while distributed computing administrations give a less difficult approach to make sense of data tracking via SaaS. The outcome is GPS tracking - a vital tool to assist you oversee all your vehicles.

GPS vehicle tracking solution with fleet management software can be an incredible way to assist you with understanding the area of your vehicle, regardless of whether you’re several miles from them, in case you are a fleet manager. That, however, a fleet management system can be an extraordinary method to increase asset’s visibility, improve driver security and streamline the fleet operations easily.

Pursue on to study how a taxi dispatch system works with GPS vehicle tracking solution and what to consider while choosing this for your fleet management.

How might you use GPS enabled taxi dispatch software to increase efficiency of your fleet management.

Despite the fact that GPS tracking devices are basically used to get the location of the vehicle, they can give extra advantages to your fleet which is mentioned in the below,

1. Enhance Your Resource Management

2. Reduction of Your Fuel Cost

3. Advance a Deterrent Fleet Upkeep Plan

4. Smooth Out Consistence With an ELD

5. Make Effective Streamlined Optimization

6. Upgrade Security With Geofence Alerts

7. Track Usage of Energy and Fuel

8. Assist Your Workforce With Fleet Management Software
1. Enhance Your Resource Management
It’s getting progressively essential to have a GPS tracking trailer solution set up an extra layer of more visibility as trailers keep on dwarfing trucks out and about three to one. GPS enabled a fleet management system present a speedy and simple path for you to find and monitor these main resources with nearly 6.5 million trailers being used in the U.S. alone.

By giving location updates real-time, fleet management software with GPS vehicle tracking devices give cost-effective fleet approach to precisely right-size fleets, keep up payload perceivability, prevent robbery with geofencing and reduce spent on yard hunts.
2. Reduction of Your Fuel Cost

It’s an obvious fact that fuel is one of the main costs for fleets. In any case, exactly what amount does fuel management sway your fleet’s primary concern.

To enable your fleet fuel cost reduction, decide on the GPS vehicle tracking solution that assists you with distinguishing regions of over the top fuel use. In particular, search for a telematics supplier that in turn helps you with track idling time through cautions, forestall fuel robbery and screen DEF levels to ensure your fleet optimizes its fuel use.
3. Advance a Deterrent Fleet Upkeep Plan

So as to keep your vehicle healthy and your fleets out and about, choose a taxi dispatch system with GPS enabled taxi dispatch software that gives continuous perceivability into your fleet’s diagnostics. It implies getting experiences into your engine issue codes, battery voltage, fuel range and whatnot.

This degree of detail makes it simpler to plan deterrent support based off-mileage motor hours and see precisely when a fleet is expected for upkeep to limit downtime out and about.
4. Smooth Out Consistence With an ELD

Business engine transporters for the most part use ELD’s to note drive time. In any case, since ELD’s record a scope of information past driver logs, they are a basic part of an extensive fleet management software. With constant perceivability into each driver’s log, it provides you visibility into driver’s activities while arranging routes so Hours of Service infringement can be kept away from.

Some ELD providers, like UnicoTaxi, even give HOS reports that permit you to rapidly recognize violations of consistency or an alarm if a driver is approaching a violation of HOS. You can decide to be advised if a driver is moving toward a compliance violation, these alarms can be customized easily.

5. Make Effective Streamlined Optimization

Regardless of whether you have routinely planned routes, make new routes every day, or do a blend of both, the taxi dispatch system with GPS tracking solution can help you with settling on data decisions for effective directing and dispatch. To analyze the performance of your existing routes, a telematics solution can help you plan the time efficient routes and most fuel for better prediction and future deliveries.

Certain GPS vehicle tracking providers investigate the route performance so you can find deviations. This combined with site report and time can give you more visibility into where drivers are and how much they spend at every location, making it simple.
6. Upgrade Security With Geofence Alerts

With geofencing technology, you will be consequently cautioned if your vehicles or resources move outside unexpectedly; your yard’s edge so you can make quick moves to stop robbery. GPS enabled fleet management system can give you with moment access to a helicopter view real-time of your fleet, that you can impart to specialists to recover your taken property, if a vehicle which should not be moving moves.
7. Track Usage of Energy and Fuel

In specific occurrences, the best way to deal with the eco-friendliness of a vehicle is to electrify which can be a decent choice for fleets looking to significantly lower operational costs and can be important if your fleet wants to meet some emission or TCO necessities.

In spite of the fact that it accompanies their own operational difficulties, there are some GPS vehicle tracking solutions that provide you the devices expected to oversee an electric fleet.
8. Assist Your Workforce With Fleet Management Software

Consider choosing a GPS vehicle tracking with taxi dispatch software that incorporates rapid LTE availability. It can help empower a connected vehicle and can accelerate your activities in the back office, giving exact and real-time data, with less dependence on paper trails such as, with UnicoTaxi driver app, drivers are able to keep awake to date with modifications in deliveries and routes, and with fast Wi-Fi, they can simply submit administrative work in a hurry even in low availability regions.

“Need extra information about how UnicoTaxi’s GPS vehicle tracking solution can assist your fleet management? Connect for a free live trial today to become familiar with how UnicoTaxi can enable your fleet to be more safe, feasible and productive.”

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