Be Nice to Programmers

You are so lucky to be a programmer. I would like to be the programmer.
- Why do not you learn?
- I already tried. I checked out codeacademy and other websites, but it is not mine.
- Yep, the programming is not really for everyone.
- You are well paid, and you can create different things. Almost every day you get some crazy offers at least for 100 thousand dollars.
- Yep, honestly it's very flattering and a little mind-blowing.
- You get your share in the company and you know that the software engineers are always respected. You can implement any idea in the app and get rich. Moreover, you do not need to hire anyone for this.
- Actually, the programming makes me miserable.
- Wow. What do you mean by that?
- In order to be a good programmer, I need to develop a special mindset and that makes me sad. I noticed this in other programmers, of course, not all, but in many.
- What is this mindset?
- This is concentration on the strengths, and not on the weaknesses.
- Why do you need this to become a good coder?
- I work like this:
1. I write code
2. I run it
3. I get an error message
4. I find the error and go back to step 1.
I do this every day. I keep looking constantly for what I did wrong and rarely thinking about what's good. It is a system with negative feedback.
- It's crazy I know that.
- If I'm not in Vim, then I am in a bug tracker going through an error list. The list of what is broken and requires some corrections. The list of where I screwed up.
- I think you dramatize this too much. Besides, the error correction and their deletion from this list bring some pleasure.
- Of course, it brings the sheer pleasure. The programming itself offers a lot of incredibly pleasant and inspiring things. But all that still does not change the fact that the programming creates a very negative mindset within the time. I always ask myself “What's wrong here?”. Positive-minded people always keep looking for "What's good here?".
KlauS 28 may 2014, 15:11
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