An employee with the last name Null brought corporate software down

Over a year ago one user of StackOverflow programming site asked for help concerning this issue. Namely, they have the employee with the last name Null at the firm. The problem is that because of his name falls a corporate search application, if the employee’s name will be used as search query (it has happened very often recently). Error:

<faultstring>coldfusion.xml.rpc.CFCInvocationException: [coldfusion.runtime.MissingArgumentException : The SEARCHSTRING parameter to the getFacultyNames function is required but was not passed in.]</faultstring>

Here is given a string data type for a parameter. It is used WSDL (SOAP). Flex 3.5 Actionscript 3 ColdFusion 8.

The author of this question says that the bug does not happen if it is referred to the object from the ColdFusion page.

Even though the question was asked in December 2010, the discussion goes to this day.

The most popular response contains the assumption that the problem is in coding of SOAP in Flex application. It is recommended to debug the program, namely how a null value is processed, and perhaps it is recognized as NaN(Not a Number). Sometimes these things interfere with the demarshalling process of SOAP messages. At least, this debugging once helped the author of this response to solve a similar problem on the Jboss 5 server.

P.S. This is a classic of humor, because another classic case says that the employee with the last name NaN received the huge salary due to a glitch of the program.
Tags: humor, NaN, Null
MeLavi 12 may 2012, 5:49
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