Professionals must not make the mistake of focusing only on technology. As they need to work in collaboration with other professionals, they must also focus on being good team players and possess excellent communication skills. Organizations require them to adhere to their policies and procedures and adopt their best work practices.

In addition, they must understand data and how businesses function. But, despite the area they work on, IT professionals need to have strong analytical and problem-solving skills, the ability to multitask, and excellent customer service skills. After they are hired, they need to continuously acquire new IT skills by undergoing training, as each company’s unique work style will mean that their methodologies will vary.

These professionals are the first point of contact for end users seeking help to resolve incidents. They either resolve or escalate the issues to the IT team.

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First and foremost, Avaya Certified Solutions Architects offer technical and analytical support to their clients. They must identify, analyze and resolve issues relating to highly complex computer systems. The specialist must evaluate organizational needs and creating Avaya-based solutions based on them. They should examine customer data and voice typologies to assist in modeling, analysis, and planning.

The specialist collaborates with members of other departments to resolve disputes relating to system design, quality control, and security. They deal with multiple technology providers and assist in integration analysis and test plans. The professional makes recommendations and approvals relating to major system installations. They create software with engineering, business, and database management functionality.

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The technician will play an important role in rectifying minor repairs and upgrades to the equipment. They are responsible to verify the integrity of the equipment as well. It is the Wireless Communication Technician who maintain the infrastructure that supports wireless communication systems. The professionals should take care of the complex networks and also rectify any other wireless devices as well.

The professional has to be well-versed with electronics and cellular systems. They professionals will review, test, inspect and troubleshoots the system following its installation. The professional need to be qualified enough to identify the equipment failures and explain it to the equipment operators. They should use schematic drawings and other written specifications to locate and repair problems.

The technicians must have a proper understanding of broadband technologies, electronics, and mobile systems. They should examine and evaluate electronic equipment with the aid of measuring and diagnostic tools. It is their duty to report equipment failures, and creating work orders that resolve them.

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With the arrival of the Internet and video conferencing, the ways in which businesses communicate with their vendors and clients have become more comfortable. It is the responsibility of Telecommunications Managers to ensure that these technologies work uninterruptedly. They are, in fact, the intermediaries between their organizations and the providers of these services.

In addition, a Telecommunications Manager monitors the configuration, setting up, maintenance, and upgrading of an organization’s LAN and WAN systems, network software, hardware, and voice, among others. They plan and assign work for installing, operating, and maintaining telecom network and equipment, such as routers, switches servers, and modems. Managers also supervise the installation of the latest facilities and locations. They document issues concerning telecom systems and maintenance.

They also work on fiber optic cabling, switching systems, voice mail, VoIP telephone systems, and network infrastructure.

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