Give your users the pleasure of online groceries shopping. When it comes to online groceries shopping, Instacart comes to play. They offer quality services and unmatchable shopping experience. If you have plans to develop an Instacart like app, then this blog will help you to achieve the same.

Top features of the application:
The user can login to the app even with their social media handles.
With the wide range of available categories, users can select their desired items and add to the cart.
Users can get bonus points from referring the app to their friends/family members.
Based on the quality of service, users can input their ratings and reviews.

Benefits of choosing the app from us:
In addition to the above mandatory features, we integrate many other features to the Instacart delivery script, based on your requirements. Each feature will have a fixed amount.
With Adservice integration, admin can post ads and boost the revenue.
With Gift card options, users will have more affinity towards the application.
Spread your business across regions by integrating multiple languages.
Apart from these features, the app like Instacart supports cross platform accessibility making it easy to switch between apps and web. The app has an inbuilt payment wallet like Paypal and other wallet systems.


We are bound to provide white label and customizable solutions. We’ll provide the original source code of Instacart clone, and you are the sole proprietor. We will also provide support, post product launch. Give us a call and we are happy to have you onboard.
VanessaWilson 28 october 2020, 10:50

In today’s era, people are getting inclined to On-demand services. There are many vendors who provide services in their niche areas. But imagine having a single app with all the services infused in it. There are Gojek-like clone apps that can be quoted as, “One and done” apps. We dedicate this blog to help you understand the key aspects in Gojek clone app development.

Vehicle service- Be it a bike ride or helicopter ride, you can accommodate any number of services.

Other on-demand services- Your users will no longer have to install a number of apps for different services. With this app, users can avail of different services like courier, flower, alcohol, and marijuana services. Other services include groceries, medicines, salon, plumbing, baby sitting, mechanic and even maid.

The functioning of the Gojek clone script starts with the user’s request. Suppose, a user requests for a service and the admin will process the request. The admin will map the nearest available vendor with the user.
The user can track the location of the vendor with an inbuilt GPS. Once the user avails of the service, he/she will make the payment and the admin confirms the same.

Reviews and ratings- Users have the freedom to choose their vendor by checking the ratings and reviews of the available vendors.

On-demand services will never go out of trend. The rate of adoption has been increasing and the same pattern will continue in the future. Keeping this in mind, we deliver scalable and customizable Gojek clone source code. Also, we provide support post the launch of the application.
VanessaWilson 27 october 2020, 12:16

Jump into the bandwagon of food delivery services with an eccentric application. Yes, you heard it right. Food delivery app clone tend to reach heights in on-demand service applications. And Ubereats is keeping its customers glued to their assistance with extraordinary customer support. You can also attain this success with Ubereats clone.

App functioning:
Every application has a few initial settings, like profile registration and verification. In that line, the Ubereats clone has some configurations too. And here are the further steps in reaching out to the service.
Users will search for their favorite cuisine under the search column.
With a list of available cuisines, users can select food from their favorite restaurants.
Based on availability, users can add any number of items.
Once the user confirms the payment, the admin will take the order.
Users can track their orders via GPS integrated into the app.

Notable features of the app include:
Search field- The search field enables users to type in names of cuisines/food. Voice search is even more helpful that avoids manual searching.
Social media login- Users can even log in to the app with their social media credentials.
Call/Chat option- Users can call their favorite restaurants and inquire about them in case of any queries.
Cancel Bookings- Users can cancel their booking at any time and claim refund according to app policies.

With many e-commerce platforms, food delivery apps will never narrow down. At TurnkeyTown, we curate Ubereats clone scripts that are scalable and 100% customizable. Schedule a demo call with us, and we’re glad to partner with you.
VanessaWilson 23 october 2020, 14:09

COVID-19 has had major impacts in all fields. The retail industry is unable to keep up with the ongoing demands. This has propelled the growth for grocery delivery apps on a global level. As per the French Retailer, there has been a 600% increase in growth in the grocery delivery app sector. In the US, Walmart Grocery, Shipt, and others are experiencing a growth rate of 218%,160% and 124% respectively in a single day. Grocery clone app development is anticipated to have immense growth potential in the current period. Entrepreneurs can utilize the ongoing trends to their best advantage and invest in Grofers clone app.

Features of on-demand grocery delivery application
Admin panel
This module in Grofers clone script helps in tracking each order separately. Admins can enter each id then view the status of the order. It is an efficient tool as the admin can keep track of the orders in case of demands.

Assign managers: Admins can allocate managers and offer functionalities for each manager to operate on.

Order management: As and when the orders get processed the details are updated in the order management panel. It gives the admin leverage to access the orders and offers better services for customers.

Advanced reports & analytics: It represents the profits made in various sectors in graphical manner so admins can evaluate their present business profits and take the required actions.

Online payments: Grofers clone app offers a variety of online payment modes so customers can choose the digital payment mode as per their needs and make the payment. These details are instantly updated in the admin panel.

These are some of the effective ways to manage your business through grocery delivery apps solutions.
VanessaWilson 21 october 2020, 10:25

When Uber launched in 2011 it got instant reception worldwide, which in turn inspired many others to build an app in the business model as that of Uber. Uber for X works based on a simple concept for customers to get their products and services accomplished from the comfort of their homes. In order to offer better services for the customers, Uber for X app functions by operating around three different apps.

Driver app/delivery agent app: Drivers app in case of taxi or other commuting services and delivery agent app for flower and grocery delivery service. The app comprises features of receiving customers’ requests, navigation, and payment module. As it separates apps more features and functionalities can be incorporated into it.

Customers: The registration process is entirely different for customers when compared with the delivery agents. The delivery agents have to be verified for their authenticity, which may seem unnecessary for customers. These are one of the reasons pertaining to the usefulness of having a separate app. On the other hand, features are also different for each app.

Admin app: Uber for on-demand service makes it simpler for customers to get the services done remotely. The admin app has features comprising dashboard, advanced analytics and reports, earnings module, content management system, and many more.

These are some of the common functionality for customers, admin, and driver/delivery agent app while there are certain exclusive features pertaining to each on Uber for X clone based on their niche they belong to. On-demand app development has an immense scope as it is one of the preferred means among customers. TurnKeytown’s Uber for X clone script has all the advanced features required for efficient functioning.
VanessaWilson 20 october 2020, 14:38

The recent events have shed light on the essential needs for grocery delivery applications. A recent survey revealed that almost 48% of the people purchase products through grocery delivery applications. The current pandemic scenarios has increased the need for remote solutions that offer minimal contact, one among these solutions is Instacart like app. Budding entrepreneurs can utilize the trend to their best interest and invest in Innovative Instacart clone app development.

In order to partner with the best app development company, it is essential to have a complete idea about the app development process and tech stack to include. This will provide insights about the functioning of Instacart app development solutions.

Stages involved in app development process

UI/UX development: The front end is the visible end for the customers and the first impression is set based on the user-interface the app offers. Here are some of the aspects that needs to be considered while designing front end:

The application must have simple navigation facilities so that customers can easily book for grocery via Instacart clone script.
There must be consistency maintained throughout the application in terms of font face, icons used, color, and so on.
Moreover the app must have a workflow the customers are familiar with so that they can easily familiarize with using the app.

Back-end development: The server management, data storage, and information retrieval are managed extensively by the back-end. Try to use cloud storage and servers to enable seamless experience for the customers.

In addition to that the testing process is crucial as the software bugs are resolved in this stage of the Instacart clone app development process. The errors detected in these stages are to be resolved in subsequent development stages.

TurnKeytown offers a ready-made Instacart clone app which has included all the salient features offered by major applications. Visit our website to learn more about attractive aspects of clone apps.
VanessaWilson 19 october 2020, 11:35

Technological process has transformed every aspect of our lives. People are used to the comfort offered by food delivery apps and prefer these apps over dining in restaurants. Most of us order through Food delivery apps like Swiggy and are familiar with the convenience offered by these apps. The less explored areas are the benefits offered by food delivery apps to restaurants and eateries. Let us look at some of the major perks of partnering with Swiggy clone app.

More orders procurements: Restaurants have a limited operating range, people who are nearer to the restaurants place orders through it. Food ordering apps increase the operating range of the application to several fold. Customers from all over the city place orders to the app, which in turn increases the popularity and revenue for the business.

Efficient business management:
Customers orders will appear in the admin panel of the customers. Once the order is processed, the revenue made through the order gets updated in the earning panel. Swiggy clone script has provision to provide earnings module updation and business profits graphs. Customers can analyze the current business profits rates and take the necessary action.

More profits: Restaurants need not worry about the delivery as apps like Swiggy take care of the delivery for them. Depending on each order they have to pay a fixed charge, compared to the profits made through these apps, the cost is considered almost negligible.

Swiggy clone app development has inbuilt features required to enhance the profits restaurants. It is one of the main reasons for more restaurants for being part of the food delivery app sectors. Entrepreneurs can invest in the Turnkeytown solution and become witness to the magic it holds!
VanessaWilson 16 october 2020, 11:50

According to expert opinion multi-services apps are always more successful than single-service apps as customers have more options to choose from and they are likely to prefer it. Gojek app has almost 29.2 million users in Indonesia alone. Entrepreneurs can have immense business growth by investing in Gojek clone software. Here are some of the popular services to include in the Gojek Clone App Development.

Food delivery services
: The concept of cloud kitchens are getting immensely popular among restaurants. They operate specifically for online orders, do not have dine-in and regular takeout facilities. The new trend can be proven to be viable for a multi-service app like the Gojek clone app.

Medicine delivery services: Medicine is one of the essential services required by people. There is going to be a never-ending demand for medicines. So it will be viable traction

Grocery delivery services: By 2022, almost 10% of grocery sales will occur online. The demand for getting grocery delivery is increasing as customers find it simple to get the services they need.

Gojek clone software can include a variety of services from rental services, professional service, logistics services. TurnKeyTown offers services which include all the services as per customer requirements.
VanessaWilson 15 october 2020, 7:13

The current pandemic situation has been a boon for the grocery delivery app sector. People can get the groceries and other essentials as per their needs via Instant Instacart clone script solution. Amidst the pandemic, Instacart and Shipt have witnessed dramatic growth of 218% and 124% respectively. There is immense scope available for grocery delivery sectors.
VanessaWilson 10 october 2020, 11:53

With the prevailing pandemic conditions, most of the orders take place online.
The number of app downloads for Grofers is around 3 million as of February 2020. As there are many grocery delivery apps, there is a need to stand out, in order to become successful.TurnkeyTown takes care of the Grofers clone app development and offers readymade Grofers clone script to its customers. These solutions can be customized to suit business requirements.
VanessaWilson 9 october 2020, 13:36
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