The E-learning app like Udemy has experienced the most powerful and trending market place in growing their business. They can produce ample online resources quickly to educate the students' knowledge with simple concepts. Our udemy app clone script comes with a highly interactive and enjoyable session for students, and entrepreneurs can consider this business app to raise their business standards.

What is Udemy App?

The Udemy clone app is a blooming online education platform that allows tutors to build online courses on their preferred courses to make students understand their concepts with ease. Tutors can record videos of the topics to upload in the app so that students can have access to it and learn from anyplace & anytime.

How does the Udemy script work?

We designed a Udemy script to have an extraordinary responsive session with students to offer more tutors' easy concepts. The tutor offers course videos according to students' interests with a certificate and charges them at an affordable price.

To create this app on your own, you will experience many mistakes so that your effort, time & money gets wasted. Instead, you can buy a Udemy clone app's working model at a reasonable price from the development team.

Advantages of Udemy App :


1. Aggressive revenue generation of the tuition fee.
2. Creator decides the price.
3. Proprietary technology for publishing videos.
4. Access to established customer service.
5. Building brands and tie-ups for growth.


1. Less competition for extensive course offerings.
2. Offers discounts and low-fee courses.
3. Get feedback for tutors and students.
4. External service with Tie-ins tutor.
5. Access for trial free videos of courses.

Features of Udemy App :

1. Wide range of courses offered.
2. No pre-qualifications necessary to access any course.
3. Free and cost-effective courses.
4. Instant access to the app.
5. Lifetime access to enrolled courses.
6. Self-paced learning.
7. Certificate of completion.

Conclusion :

The Udemy clone app is an exciting and evolving start in the field of E-learning. It focuses on transferring valuable knowledge to students rather than obtaining a diploma. If you are willing to own a working model of an E-learning app like udemy with up to date features at an affordable cost, reach out to the Appdupe team.
Mariyana378 23 january 2021, 8:41

The on-demand Binance clone app has the most extensive and trending crypto exchange by trade volume in the world with instant success. For the entrepreneur's flexibility, we have come up with a white label binance clone software to customize the app's ideas by raising their business.

What is Binance Clone App?

A cryptocurrency app like binance allows its users to buy and sell their cryptocurrencies in a simple & secure way. This binance app provides a crypto wallet for its users to store their electronic currencies.

How does the binance clone script work?

The binance clone script is a multi-tested & readymade crypto exchange software with the latest architectural design and secures your crypto exchange app to prevent hacks and thefts.

To create this app by yourself, you will experience a lot of effort, time & money to waste by overcoming your mistakes. Instead, you can buy and opt for a working model of a binance clone app at a reasonable price from the development team.

Advantages of binance app :

1. Supports multiple cryptocurrencies.
2. Fast buy and sell feature.
3. Secure 2-factor authentication.
4. Referral bonuses.
5. Affordable trading fee.

Features of binance app :

1. Live trade analysis.
2. Simple user interface.
3. Crypto wallet integrated app.
4. Multi-language option.
5. Integrated Initial Coin Offering (ICO).
6. Integrated Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO).


The growth of cryptocurrency exchange like binance indicates people are progressively involved in this crypto exchange system. So this digital asset opens an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to invest in this app and experience a rise in growth. To own this binance clone app with compelling features at an affordable price, reach out to the Appdupe team.
Mariyana378 22 january 2021, 11:19

The byju's app allows you to gain knowledge from the best Indian educators through fascinating video exercises. This app has changed the whole learning process to an E-learning platform for the students by covering various courses. This E-learning app like byju’s has seen a high rise in recent years and has generated more revenue for entrepreneurs.

What is the byju's app?

The byju's app is an E-learning platform with professional tutors to assist students with their preferred courses. They provide online educational videos and conduct various tests to make students gain more knowledge. The syllabus is developed in a visual form to quickly understand that particular subject by allocating a separate tutor for them.

How does this byju's app work?

The Byju's app is intended to sell their online courses to students with a tutor to assist them personally. This E-learning app can be built with E-learning software or some coding experience. The cost of each course differs from one another. The app can be created by giving to a development team rather than doing it on your own by making mistakes, wasting time, effort, and money.

Advantages of byju's app:

1. Price will be comparatively cheaper than tuition classes.
2. Students can learn anytime and anywhere.
3. Students can learn with fun.
4. Highly qualified tutors.

Features of byju's app:

1. Engaging video lessons.
2. Personalised learning journey.
3. Mapped to the exact syllabus.
4. In-depth analysis and unlimited practices.
5. Parents connect.

Summing Up

The E-learning app development has brought considerable changes in recent years for students. This app has helped many students of different classes in their studies. The app is developed in such a way for students to understand the concept clearly by saving their time and money. For creating an E-learning app like bujus at a reasonable cost, reach out to the Appdupe development team.
Mariyana378 19 january 2021, 10:33

Cryptocurrencies are the current trend in recent days. Many aspiring entrepreneurs and startups are emerging towards the crypto exchange solution business. Many cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, LocalBitcoins, Poloniex, paxful, Coinbase, etc., are available to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

Among all, Binance is the second-largest decentralized crypto trading platform. This Binance exchange platform provides multiple trading options and helps more than 45 cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Bitcoin, USDT and more.
Mariyana378 23 december 2020, 10:03

Hey there! The technological advancements has found to be infinite as it revolutionizes our daily lives. In that order, finding one’s partner has become simple with an App like Tinder. Dating apps like Tinder lists a number of features that will help its users find their preferred partner. The Tinder app was found to be welcoming among users and is one of the most downloaded dating apps. The app’s quick reach inspired many business persons to invest in developing their dating apps.
Mariyana378 22 december 2020, 10:01

As everything has become digital it is the same for education. The advent of the internet and various other technologies have been a constant source of enhancements in the education sector. Anyone can access any type of education material online. That too the online educational apps have started lifting their heads to provide contents right from school kids to professionals. Of the popular educational apps, the Online learning app like Coursera is setting trends in bringing quality education to people at a nominal cost.

The huge hype for the online learning apps like Cousera triggered business evangelists to invest in Coursera like app development. Let us now see the features of the app that makes business professionals stick with this app to promote their business.

Course certification- The best part of the app is that it accredits the user with e-certificates. Providing e-certificates will encourage the user to pursue more content from the app.

Course catalogue- The app is a repository of multiple courses subjecting to different domains. The main objective of the app is to provide a range of courses covering different domains.

Download lectures- The highlight of the app is that it allows users to download their favourite courses/lectures to access it later.

Quiz section- The app has a dedicated section for quizzes that will help users to enhance their knowledge.


Appdupe develops a similar version of the app called the Coursera clone incorporated with interesting features through which users can access various courses.
Mariyana378 21 december 2020, 12:23

E-learning breaks the barriers of place and time in spreading knowledge. Building an E-learning app like Byjus helps your business reach more users and ensure developing and designing apps intuitively that keeps them engaged using the app.

Unique features of e-learning app
Through gaming
This feature in the e-learning software attracts users towards learning through games that they want to play. This majorly benefits users to not forget about the topic they learned.

Virtual Classrooms
The virtual app ensures users have a digital classroom and can learn anywhere without missing any class.
Mariyana378 19 december 2020, 8:59

The on-demand tutoring app like Uber has always been in huge demand due to its convenience. Its growth has tremendously brought a revolution in the education sector during the global pandemic. Even after the schools and colleges are being closed, and the whole industries are shut down, the education industry cannot be confined.

How an on-demand tutor app helped learners amid a pandemic?
It is reported that globally, over 1.2 billion students stopped going to the classroom due to the shutdown. As a result, the education system has changed drastically. With the rise of e-learning, enabling teaching is done remotely on digital platforms. This helped users to be updated with their subjects and enabled them to gain more knowledge by using uber for tutor apps irrespective of all the situations and struggles the world is going through now.
Mariyana378 18 december 2020, 9:42

A cryptocurrency exchange software allows traders to exchange a digital asset for another based on the value of the market of the given assets. The current popular exchanges are Binance and GDAX.

The cryptocurrency transactions are recorded on the blockchain, ensuring secure transactions. By developing your cryptocurrency exchange platform, you are just a few steps away from being a part of the billion-dollar revolution.
Mariyana378 16 december 2020, 8:25

Tutoring online has a massive demand in the education sector, especially when it locks everyone at their home, restricting them to not step out due to the pandemic losing hope of opening schools again.

But an app for tutoring online helps bridge the gap between the students/learners with their prospective teachers/tutors. Nothing can stop them from learning even after schools and colleges are closed as now there is a way to take classes online using an Uber for tutors app.
Mariyana378 15 december 2020, 5:33
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