Cloud Application Development is playing a vital role in enabling digital transformation for enterprises across industry verticals. From modernizing applications to scaling up enterprise systems, cloud services and solutions have become an inevitable part of a company’s IT strategy.

RapidValue is an emerging technology solution provider, focused on cloud-driven transformations and Omni-channel applications. We provide cloud services and solutions spanning the entire digital spectrum. Our dedicated team of consultants, technology experts and domain expertise help you navigate the cloud journey seamlessly.
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If you are in the need of developing an alcohol delivery app, then it will be very easy with SpotnEats ready to use uber like alcohol delivery app solution. SpotnEats On Demand Alcohol Delivery app solution dedicated to the on-demand alcohol delivery business industry. You can purchase the solution and make personalize it with respect to your needs and also at a reasonable cost.

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Know how to launch a AI powered food delivery app in 2020 for your on demand food delivery startup venture.

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The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is an innovative method of fundraising. ICOs issue tokens that are comparable to stock, and they can be compared to IPOs. (Initial Public Offering). The tokens issued hold intrinsic value. These are comparable to loyalty tokens that are issued by chain outlets.

There’s a catch. Tokens appreciate in value as the activity volume increases, and these tokens are not restricted to being traded in exchange for services within the platform, but can instead be traded anywhere.

ICO projects market themselves through ICO marketing campaigns, and these campaigns consist of strategies that are developed to attract, retain, and convert prospective investors interested in the project.

As existing investors have the incentive to bring in additional investors to the project, effective ICO marketing enhances the ICO token’s value.

These are some of the ways in which an ICO project makes money:

ICO marketing
Crowdsales (Enabling early adopters)
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Why starting an online food delivery app startup in african countries will be the successful startup idea?

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Today, software constitute an essential part of the world that we live in. Some software largely underpins all the digital conveniences, such as e-commerce apps, banking websites, and so much more. So, it only makes sense that they are tested to the fullest extent before they are offered to customers for their use. Unfortunately, it can be quite challenging to manually test software, which is why we have this thing called test automation. As the name suggests, it is the automation of software testing to ensure that the end product is robust, stable, and works just as it is meant to.

Now that we have established that software testing is crucial, let’s talk about it in detail. See, for such an endeavor to be truly useful, it is essential to make sure that it covers all the crucial aspects. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done, especially when test automation is involved in the equation. Why? Because more often than not, folks will overlook or dismiss some minute details, or, perhaps, forget to include a significant part altogether. The point is that some test automation mistakes are prevalent all over the globe. But we have listed some of the most common ones below to help make sure that you can successfully avoid them and glean the full potential of test automation.
  • Lack of training: It is all fun and exciting when one sets out to embrace test automation — that is until they realize that the actual employees who will be working with it have no training to use the tool. So, before you integrate a tool in the business, make sure that at least staff that will be directly involved with its usage is well acquainted with it and understands how to use it as well in an absolute sense. An excellent way to go about this, then, is developing a training document, organizing workshops, holding testing sessions, and more.
  • Not determining the automation list: One of the critical fundamental rules of test automation is knowing what will be automated and also why. Expecting testers just to start using the tool without explaining the company’s goals and expectations do not bode well for the endeavor. Besides that, it is generally a bad idea for the business if the company decides to dive into test automation without a proper strategy in place.
  • Starting with the automation of more significant tasks: While we understand why one would think that test automation should start with the vital jobs, the fact remains that it isn’t wise. It is because they are decidedly more challenging to conquer. And, it is as well as more time-consuming. And it also subjects the process to more mistakes and risks, thus taking a toll on the entire project.

As customers’ expectations evolve and the competition in the market intensifies, test automation is just the tool; companies need to ensure the success of their offerings. So, go ahead and find a trusted independent software testing services provider to help you out with doing precisely that.
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in-depth dive-in into the PHP Development market

Students today have queries regarding job opportunities in the PHP development industry, as well as how to crack the interview. Their different questions are around job requirements and opportunities available, and more.

Based on the information available on various job portals like Google Jobs, Indeed, LinkedIn, and Monster, it is quite clear that the current job role requirements has a direct effect on the pay scale offered. And, preparing these skills with PHP Training Course can open the doors to more significant opportunities.

Most companies we looked into had different opinions based on their approach towards business. Excellent command over primary frontend designing languages such as HTML, CSS, JS, and more is a must.

The knowledge of using various databases like MySQL, MongoDB, along with developing the understanding of Structured Query Language (SQL) is necessary. There are other technologies as well that are optional in some companies, but knowledge of which can be an added advantage. These technologies are AJAX, JQuery, and Front-end frameworks such as Material Designing, Bootstrap, and more.

Apart from knowledge in basic web designing, candidates should have their basics of PHP Programming and Object-Oriented Programming Concepts (OOPS) cleared. In most interviews, interviewers may ask basic questions to understand your grasp on the very fundamentals of PHP. In some cases, interviewers tend to provide real-life challenges like bug correction, code logic tests, and many more to check the skills.

Most companies prefer to select candidates having practical experience in at least one PHP framework. Frameworks are an essential aspect of PHP development as it enhances security, code-reusability, and extensibility in a traditional PHP code. You should brush your skills on popular frameworks such as Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symphony, and CakePHP. As far as the knowledge of the PHP framework is concerned, the more, the merrier.

Traditional IT Companies have outsourcing projects as their prime business focus from different countries. Companies expect their developers to have excellent communication skills. Having good communication skills can prove to be a deciding factor for most candidates. If you can communicate the project requirements and deliverables with your clients in a practical way, your career growth would be evident. Therefore, it is always better to have sound communication skills.

Interpersonal and project management skills can be a valuable add-on. It includes logical reasoning, critical thinking, design thinking, and time management.

Bonus Point: Nowadays, there is an evolving trend of technologies such as Big Data, Blockchain, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and many more. Having practical knowledge of these technologies can kick-start your career with a bang.

The average salary offered to a PHP Developer is anywhere between 1.5 to 3.6 Lakhs per Annum as per various statistical reports on LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Payscale. An entry-level PHP Developer with less than 1-year experience can expect to earn an average total compensation of 1.73 Lakhs per Annum. An experienced PHP Developer receives an average total compensation of 8 Lakhs per Annum. The fundamental difference between their packages depends on the skills they have and the experience they possess.

Preparing the skills mentioned above can not only help you crack the PHP Job Interview but also help in increasing the net compensation offered. Do you wish to learn the core concepts of PHP alongside practical experience on a framework? Join LearnAtRISE`s 4-month classroom cum on the job PHP training course. It is an all in one program where we train students in their technical as well as interpersonal skills.
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Yes, definitely. The inception of several food delivery applications has made the customers get used to enjoying foods from their favorite restaurants in the comfort of their homes. Hence, it has become vital for food establishments to either develop their own food delivery application or join a service provider who can help them in taking their food business online.

If you wish to set up your own business, then the food delivery service is a great option to consider. With a fully functional food delivery app on board, you can list several restaurants on your app for the users to order from the food establishments of their choice.
You can generate revenue by adding restaurants to your app or placing ads on the app. Also, you can earn a commission for every food order placed through your app. Thus, there are various options available to monetize your food delivery service.
To put it together, do not give a second thought when it comes to starting a food delivery service. If you wish to join the food business in the shortest time possible, it is suggested to go with UberEats clones. The scripts of the clones are 100% customizable as per your business model.
Then, what for you waiting for? Get in touch with the leading app developer in town and get your app developed to join the prospering food delivery industry.
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Satta Matka game is back, and many users are going head over heels to play the game. It led several companies to get into the development of Satta Matka software to keep betting enthusiasts hooked to the game.

Let’s have a look at the game and how the software is developed.

How does the software work ?
The working of the game is quite simple. All you have to do is choose a number of your preference on the software and wait for the announcement of the winning number. If you have selected the same number as the announced one, then you have won the game.

There are three ways to play the game. They are:

Single Panna: The players have to submit a single-digit number, and the winning number announced will also be a single-digit.
Double Panna: The players have to submit a double-digit number, and the winning number announced will also be a double-digit.
Triple Panna: The players have to submit a triple-digit number, and the winning number announced will also be a triple-digit.

Types of Satta Matka Game :

Kalyan Satta Matka Game
Mumbai Satta Matka Game
Rajasthan Satta Matka Game
Delhi Satta Matka Game
UP Satta King Game

Features of Satta Matka Game :

Open shift: Announcement of the winning number takes place during the closing time. Players can bet on the number during that time.
Close shift: Announcement of the winning number takes place during the opening and closing time. Players can bet on the number during both open and close shifts.

Conclusion :

Several app development companies offer readymade Satta Matka software, along with customization services. Go for the company that suits your budget and discuss your business structure. If you are satisfied with their previous work and their working style, hand them the task of developing your Satta Matka software.
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Decided to launch an on demand trucking app? then read this blog, to get clear vision about how to deliver made Simple by on demand trucking app at your Doorstep with SpotnRides.

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