To convert mbox to pst, you may use any manual tip which is free way to convert mbox to pst but manual method is not that simple because it has very complex step and process which is highly time consuming and you should be technical person to understand it process.

If you want a simple way to convert mbox to pst then I would highly recommend you this brilliant MBOX to PST Converter Software which can easily convert individual or multiple mbox file into pst format without using outlook. It enable you to create single or multiple pst file to store mbox files.

This software displays the preview of recoverable mailbox before the actual conversion along with email, draft, task, attachment, notes, contact and Metadata like To, Cc, From, Bcc, Date and Time.

Try it free demo version to get more information:- MBOX to PST Conversion
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You want to convert mbox to pst because you want to widely use your data in outlook. There are many mbox to pst converter available which claim best and reliable conversion. But before using any software you should use free demo version first which help you to choose the reliable one.

Here I'll suggest you MBOX to PST Converter which can easily export their data into several interesting file formats like PST, EML, MBOX, HTML, vCal, vCard, MSG and EMLX. By using this converter you can easily convert single or multiple mbox files into PST Format in few clicks.

This software provide you an option to create single PST file for mutltiple mbox data or create multiple pst file for multiple mbox data without any hassle. You should it free demo version to check it more features and function.

Read more info:- Convert MBOX to PST
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If you want to transfer data from mbox to pst then are at very right place because here I'll suggest you this MBOX to PST Converter Software which can easily migrate your all mbox files into pst format in just few clicks. It provide two types of conversion option:-

*File Mode:- This feature enable the users to convert individual mbox file into pst in one click.
*Folder mode:- This option enable the users to convert large number of mbox file into pst format in few seconds.

It provide free demo version which enable the users to see the preview of all convertible mbox items and save 25 items per folder. It also provide an enhanced and easy to use user friendly interface to make the conversion fast and smooth.

Visit here to know more:- MBOX to PST Converter
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With the advancement in email technologies, Microsoft Office 365 is the most popular email service provider. Many of us are moving emails to Office 365. If you are looking for migrating your IMAP mailbox to Office 365 then we recommend you to use the EdbMails IMAP migration tool which is a highly reliable migration tool with incremental migration support.

Advantages and features:

- Migrates single / multiple mailboxes to Office 365, live Exchange Server and IMAP servers
- Supports conditional filter settings based on subject, from address, to address, sent date etc., to migrate the desired items to your target server
- Supports parallel mailbox migration (different mailboxes) from multiple computers
- Migrates only the newly added items and avoids duplicates on consecutive migration
- Supports automatic mailbox mapping that maps the mailbox names between source and target server
- Supports specific folders / emails migration from source IMAP mailboxes
- Supports all IMAP servers migration such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, AT&T, BT Connect, Iceberg, Zoho mail, etc.
- IMAP migration license is a lifetime license with a free software upgrade and 24/7 technical support

We recommend this migration tool to all Administrators who wish to migrate from IMAP mailboxes to Office 365. It's a cost-effective solution for your IMAP email migration.

to know more:imap migration office 365
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Keep a tab on how many vacant beds you have, manage staff, track inventory and more. SmartAMS is a hospital asset management software designed to streamline hospital activities from a centralized software suite. Increase your operational efficiency by purchasing our highly acclaimed asset management software - SmartAMS today. Contact us.
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Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies that tackle price volatility effectively. It maintains a stable value as it is pegged to a currency like USD or EUR or any precious metal like gold or silver. Stablecoins have several advantages such as diversifying portfolios during times of market instability, used for daily transactions, improving return on investment by minimizing market volatility, and for payment of loans. It can also be utilized as a store of value.

A majority of stablecoins run on Ethereum, an open software platform based on blockchain technology.

To become popular and be widely adopted, a stablecoin has to be made easy to use. It must support a high volume of transactions and maintain different on-chain and cross-chain mechanisms. Know more at -
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The popularity of video streaming services has increased tremendously since the virus outbreak. Though the Coronavirus has taken a toll in several businesses, video streaming sectors has been a boon in disguise. Here are some aspects to built Netflix clone with advanced features.

A recommendation system can offer users content based on their recent viewing history and search requests. This recommendation is based on the artificial intelligence algorithm that comes up with the list based on user ratings.

Video Download
This feature would be helpful for users who go to places that have no mobile service. A simple download button will defeat the boredom of long flights or road trips. Users can download any shows or movies they feel like.

Video quality

The reason for people using these is for the quality of content they provide, such as 4k resolution or HDR resolution.

Technical stack for Netflix clone app development

The following is the leading technologies used across the various process of streaming app clone development.
Languages: C#, Java, JavaScript, Python
Frameworks: Node.js,
SDK and API: Wowza, AWS, Twilio
Database: MySQL, Oracle
Cloud hosting: Amazon EC2
Cloud storage: Amazon S3
JS libraries: React, WinJS
The feature-rich complete clone script for Netflix offered by Appdupe is bound to bring in more customers. We guarantee that it will be a worthy investment and will bring in substantial ROI.
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In case you're searching for the ideal White label bitcoin exchange software to dispatch for your business, team up with advertise specialists from Infinite Block Tech. The platform contains all that you need from quality specialized highlights to profound liquidity to strong security conventions, which will offer a moment, secure, consistent business experience to the clients, which will get more traffic just as more benefits.

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In recent years, blockchain technology has become the hottest topic in the digital market. Its growth attracted more and more investors to fall for it. With all this growth of cryptocurrencies and other advanced features, merchants craved for a safe and reliable wallet to store all the digital assets.

A multi-cryptocurrency wallet is a software that is used to interact and stores all the altcoins with the blockchain network. Simply said, it is a wallet that stores different kinds of digital assets.

It is known that you cannot touch and feel the cryptocurrencies. The whole idea of crypto dies, if the crypto wallets do not exist.

Now, let us know about the different types of cryptocurrency wallets that are available in the market. Here are the most popular cryptocurrency wallets available in the market.

Online wallet
Online wallets are the wallets that run on the cloud, and it allows access to your digital assets via the internet. These wallets are also known as a web wallet.

Online wallets are considered as one of the least secure types of all wallet, and hence it needs an extra layer of security.

The online wallet enables users to make quick transactions, and it is very convenient to use on the go and for active trading.

Mobile wallets
Mobile wallets are similar to your phone applications. They are very handy, and hence you can use them even in the retail stores.

Simply install a mobile wallet app on your device and create an account. These wallets are much safer when compared to other wallets.

These wallets are more convenient and easy to use. It allows you to receive and send payments on the go. Additional features like QR code scanning is an added advantage.

Desktop wallet
Desktop wallets are the best choice to choose over online wallets when security is concerned.

All you need is to download your desktop wallet application and install it on your personal computers. It also becomes an efficient cold storage wallet if the desktop has never been connected to the internet.

It is easy and convenient for those who trade cryptos from their PC. Another benefit is your private keys are not stored on the third-party server.

Hardware wallets
Hardware wallets are considered as one of the safest crypto wallets among all. They can store all your private keys and altcoins on a hardware device.

They are considered as a great way to store large amounts of cryptocurrencies, and they need more control.

It is very useful for users who have planned to hold the cryptos for a longer time. The wallet allows you to set up PIN code to protect your hardware device, and you can recover them as well if in case your wallet is lost.

Paper wallets
Paper wallets are also considered as the safest option to store all the cryptocurrencies. These wallets are just a piece of paper on which your crypto address, private and public keys are physically printed.

This wallet also turns out to be effective cold storage due to its high resistance that terminates online threats.

The main benefit is all your private keys are not stored on the third-party server. Once the code is used for a transaction, it cannot be reused later, and hence it is considered a tamper-proof wallet.

The bottom line
As stated earlier, cryptocurrency wallets are the main reasons for using cryptocurrencies. It is important to choose a secure cryptocurrency wallet, so it’s better to approach a cryptocurrency wallet development services company who has already been an expert in this domain.
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Nowadays the number of people booking taxis using their smartphones is increasing rapidly, in comparing it with the last decade. In other words, the increase in smartphones has increased the number of people booking their taxis online. Some of the major competitors in the online taxi booking script business are Uber, Lyft, Grab, etc. These companies are operating their business all over the world, and also they are earning millions of dollars in this business. Uber, Lyft, Grab have inspired lots of startups and entrepreneurs to start their businesses like them.

In this current market, there are lots of taxi booking software available in the business. Among those quality scripts, one of the best taxi booking software in the market is RebuStar. This script is mainly built to provide a solution for taxi booking software. RebuStar is cost-effective, features rich, fast working than the other taxi booking software in the market.
Our Taxi Booking software has all the important features of Uber, Lyft, OLA present in it. Our RebuStar is developed with powerful features like
• Switch Online / Offline
• In-App Call / Chat
• Real-time navigation
• Live Taxi Meter
• Review and Ratings
• Emergency Contact sharing


One of the important features for an Online Taxi booking script, A driver can update the status based on their available time. This feature is helpful in case of any emergencies.


A RebuStar driver and the corresponding RebuStar rider can chat/call using their default messaging and calling apps on their smartphone.

It shows the real-time navigation for the driver and the rider. It shows the route from start to finish. It is achieved by using Google Maps.

RebuStar app shows the live fare charge the customer. It is calculated by analyzing the total distance covered by the RebuStar driver.

Both the RebuStar Rider and the RebuStar Driver can review and rate each other once the trip is finished.

Our RebuStar has an inbuilt security feature. A RebuStar rider can add their emergency contacts into the app. If any case of emergency, they just tap the “SOS” button. it will send an emergency message with rider location in it.

For Contact:

Skype: Abservetech
Mail ID: [email protected]
WhatsApp No: +91 98425 67828
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