Building websites is an often followed trend across several industries including retail, healthcare, educational, and so on. In our day-to-day life, we come across a lot of websites and use some of them for different activities.

Although thousands of websites serve a similar purpose, but not each of them is appreciated amongst consumers. The reason being that some of the business owners do not consider building a competitive website that can bring them profits.

Considering WordPress, it is a wonderful CMS platform that allows us to build flexible and scalable web solutions that are highly competitive too. Further, we will explore some tips to build a website on WordPress to ensure complete success.

Let’s begin!

Choose hosting and theme wisely

Nowadays, everyone knows about the importance of hosting in an online business. It is an online service that provides you a digital space to store files to be accessible on the internet. Having a reliable, secure, and high-performing hosting for your WordPress site is a must to have. By ignoring it, you could lead to disastrous effects on your business.

Themes also play an equivalent role in your website performance. They take the data and content store by your WordPress site and display it on the browser. The overall look and display are being decided by a theme. WordPress offers you thousands of free and premium themes to choose from its store. However, if you hire a WordPress developer and build the theme from scratch, you can get the best of industry.

Responsiveness & mobile-friendly

Easy access and rise of digital devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. have made the digital trade more complex for the website owners. Therefore, your WordPress site needs to be responsive and easy adoption of all screen sizes. Unlike past days, a website built to serve the desktop users only would not work for users. You should take care of different screen sizes for website load.

In context with the aforesaid device revolution, you can follow practices that work toward developing a mobile-friendly WordPress site.
Make it visible on search engines

Unless you make your WordPress site visible to search engines and bots, building it will be a complete wastage of time. Nowadays, every online transaction starts with an online search over powerful search engines like Google. Many people rely on such listings of websites, especially the top results for SERPs.

Therefore, it is necessitated for your WordPress site to be listed amongst the top results of SERPs. To achieve this, search engine marketing or optimization is the best solution. Inclusion of XML sitemap, using great and unique content, proper usage of HTML tags, and fixing the page load times are amongst some powerful approaches to build an SEO-friendly website.

Social proof

One of the revolutionary shift in digital selling is social media proofing. That means a solid social media strategy is much required for your WordPress site to grow and reach a wider audience. Almost 70 percent of the world population has a social media account. Just think how beneficial it would be for your business to be present on all sorts of social networks with a huge list of followers who like and share your posts/services. 

All you need to do is to opt for appropriate steps while aiming to leverage social network prowess. Let us say, collaborating with social media influencers, delivering valuable content that is more customer-centric, generate and share user-generated content, opt for appropriate 3rd party apps, and investing in social media campaigns.


Testing is a crucial aspect of any sort of software development as it ensures the consistent and productive behavior of your website. Therefore, try to opt for A/B or Unit testing that can provide you with the best of services.

At last, I would like to summarize this article on a positive note of adopting all the above-mentioned tips and tricks to enhance the capacity and profitability of a WordPress site. For queries or concerns, contact me anytime.
akashdeep 22 october 2019, 4:45

Is your current taxi business in doldrums due to an onslaught of app-based cab services?EDIT

Beat Uber and other cab sharing services at their own game by launching your own cab service app.
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2.100% Access to the Source Code — At SpotnRides, we provide license based Source Code to our client through which they avail 100% Access / Ownership of the Source Code.

With such a unique feature, we make a taxi booking app for a business that can make there and also their customers’ taxi booking experience much more easier while increasing and expanding the taxi owner’s client base.

It’s a perfect Uber clone app whether you want to launch a new cab business or upgrade your existing taxi service. You don’t have to create an app like Uber, because we have already completed the taxi booking app development for you.

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Choosing the right JS (JavaScript) framework for developing your web application is a crucial task from the plethora of options. They range from Angular, Backbone, React.js, Node, Ember, and the latest addition to the list, Vue.js.

However, React.js is one of the most popular frameworks among the front-end developers for application development these days. As a lightweight JS framework, there is an immense growth in its library in the past few years.

To understand what is so unique about the traits of React.js that make it one of the most favored JavaScript frameworks, let’s start with its basic intro:

What is React?
It is a JavaScript library which aims to simplify the components of the user interface in the development process. It helps to create intuitive, modular and reusable components like comment boxes, pop up and others efficiently. App developers need to design the simple views of each state in the application, and the framework renders the desired components hassle-free.

React.js is also termed as ‘the V in the MVC (Model-View-Controller) structure’ as it rules the View section by augmenting developer’s views and offering unlimited ways to enhance the UI components. It helps provide a seamless customer experience by supporting the development of interactive web applications.

Listed are some of the features that make React.js an obvious choice for front-end developers:

1. The Virtual DOM (Document Object Model): React.js brings in the helpful Virtual DOM – a virtual browser multiple times friendlier than the real browser. Considered as the middleman between the developer and the actual browser.

2. React Native: This framework has revolutionized the mobile app development as well. It allows developers to develop and deploy the mobile apps in JavaScript like the ones created in the native Java and Objective-C/Swift. It is because of this reason that the React utilizes a compilation of native code for both Android and iOS to write their unique UI components.

3. JSX: It is the file created by React by mixing JavaScript and HTML into one accessible file. It offers developers the freedom of writing HTML-like code directly into the JavaScript. It is quick, convenient and provides an excellent way of building a reusable UI component with the advantages of both HTML and JS.

4. Interactive User Interfaces: It gives developers the liberty to edit and define the User Interface as per their target user’s requirements. The front-end developers need to specify the interfaces regarding functions, thus automating the app development process.

5. Flux Programming: It helps in the creation of data layers in the applications developed with JavaScript. It also expedites the update and bug-tracking process through a reliable identification and management of ‘Actions.’

The reusable components, one-way data flow, JSX and other state-of-the-art features of React.js fast-track the development process and make coding workable and optimally controlled for front-end web development services.
RyanWilliamson 16 october 2019, 7:16

Android currently enjoys more than 80 percent of the market share, and there exist 3.6+ million Android apps. Anyone who happens to make the simple deduction that Android is wildly popular among the masses worldwide. It means that Android app developers have their hands full with creating engaging apps, but language do they use to get the job done? While Java is admittedly a considerably sought after option, there's a relatively new kid on the block that is making waves: Kotlin.

Since its launch in 2016, Kotlin has been steadily gaining traction among Android app developers owing to the myriad features it offers. It cuts down the boilerplate code to render development not only easier but also much faster as compared to other modern languages. Since Kotlin is interoperable with Java and other existing Android languages - it means developers get to leverage existing libraries for Android and the JVM with it. Moreover, Kotlin is considered similar to Java. What this means is that developers can pick any Java IDE to build an app in Kotlin.
Furthermore, Kotlin also allows developers to create an app from the command line. Moreover, this one takes care of safety too, thanks to the fact that app developers can eliminate complete classes of errors, such as Null Pointer Exceptions, in Kotlin. It, in turn, helps ensure a smooth and secure development experience.

Suffice it to say that this robust programming language has much to offer and here are some more reasons why it is a terrific idea to use Kotlin for developing Android apps:
  1. Kotlin addresses real-time challenges that impede developers. Take Null Pointer Exceptions, for example; while they consistently keep posing challenges for Java developers, Kotlin helps developers eliminate them rather quickly.
  2. Starting a new project is practically a piece of cake with Kotlin. Developers only have to go to the File menu, select 'New Project,' name the project, and then choose the installed Android SDK version.
  3. Since it is an open-source language, developers can achieve excellent quality of development with a one-click Java to Kotlin converter tool and concentrate on Java compatibility. This language also enables developers to change their existing Java projects into Kotlin swiftly.
  4. Kotlin also comes with Custom Getters and Setters, often used as a model structure. This provision helps developers in getting as well as put the fields in place by the specifications.
  5. Another benefit proffered by Kotlin is that it is an exceptionally agile language that does not saddle developers with a specific style or tenets of programming, such as Object-Oriented Programming styling where the developer must contend with methods and attributes. In addition to that, Kotlin does not impose an overly-functional outlook, thus making Android app development easy.

There is not even a modicum of doubt that Kotlin is indeed a first-class choice for developing Android applications, especially since it offers the many advantages of a contemporary language sans any restrictive constraints. However, for businesses to fully leverage the many possibilities presented by Kotlin, it is of crucial importance that they choose a reliable partner with extensive experience in offering Android application development services. Once you have that, rest assured that there'll be no looking back.
RyanWilliamson 15 october 2019, 9:10

The sports industry, quite like every other industry in the world, has gone through considerable change and transformation over the past few years. The idea of engaging with sports has long evolved beyond the point where it meant merely sitting on a couch and watching a game on your television or perhaps heading out to the stadium to watch your favorite team play live. The fact that things in the context of this industry are changing that viewership has continually dropped over the years, especially when it comes in-stadium engagement rate for games. According to numbers shared by the Union of European Football Associations, the number of people who saw Premier League matches last year dropped by 11 percent as compared to the numbers from the year before.

And unless you have been living under a rock, you know what has caused this monumental shift — novel technologies, especially mobile apps. And it’s not hard to see why; everyone knows that people today prefer everything on their mobile screens, including matches. Second, they prefer to engage on a deeper level, sharing, commenting, and whatnot. But if you are still unsure if your sports company needs a mobile app, allow us to tell you precisely why you do.

1. Convenience: One of the key goals is to ensure high quality customer experience. To that end, a sports mobile app can be loaded with a plethora of features that help take the experience of engaging with your company to a whole new level. It could include live streaming and making sure that users have whatever they need for the entire journey at the tip of their hands, among several other aspects.

2. Foster a robust community: A community not only drives a sport’s popularity but also a million other tangential things, including related mobile apps. To that end, a mobile app can be offered as a seamless platform for users, where they can meet and engage with other fans, chat with them, and do other activities, allowing the company to deliver a high-quality social experience. It thus helps the company to establish loyalty among its users and, therefore, better and continued revenue.

3. Grow ticket sales: Integrating your mobile app with a third-party service that sells tickets for sports events is a terrific way to give your users a straightforward and easily accessible way to quickly book their tickets for all and any matches the team they support may be playing. While they get convenience, the company earns additional revenue with every ticket sold utilizing your app.

The simple truth is that the sports industry can’t afford to be left behind as the world moves towards increasing digitization of, well, everything. And if you also want to ensure that you stay ahead of the curve in this highly competitive world, the wise thing to do would be this: Hire a trusted custom mobile app development company so you will have access to the much-needed expertise you will need for this project.
RyanWilliamson 14 october 2019, 9:55

Research expects global retail sales to touch a staggering $27 trillion by 2020. While this number has enormous connotations for a variety of entities involved in the process, one of the most significant subsets that stands to benefit immensely is enterprise application vendors. Now we must admit that today commerce is somewhat complicated, which means stores require a stable retail management system to navigate the tricky waters of the current retail environment. Thankfully, Microsoft Dynamics 365 development is here to help.

The Dynamics 365 range comprises CRM and ERP apps to ensure there is coverage for every minute facet such operations. While Dynamics 365 for Sales enables businesses to draw in customers and handle sales, Dynamics 365 for Marketing facilitates marketing automation. There's also Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and Dynamics 365 for Talent, but perhaps the most crucial such category in the context of this discussion is Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail, which provides valuable assistance to retail organizations.

Unlike other disparate solutions, Dynamics CRM for Retail serves as a close-knit platform that is capable of tending to all modern retail requirements. It not only brings together backend as well as front office operations, but also allows retailers to integrate and improve every facet of e-retail, such as sales and promotion, merchandising digital or in-store retail experience, and order fulfillment among others. To understand Dynamics 365 for Retail's adequacy, let’s delve deeper into how the platform allows businesses surmount the many complexities challenges of retail.

1. Consolidated commerce: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail helps companies provide a steadily exceptional experience for shoppers across various touch points, including web, stores, contact centers, and mobile by building a reliable cross-channel platform via which customers can purchase anywhere and then collect anywhere it is convenient for them.

2. Informed forecasting: The platform's integrated forecasting, as well as distribution abilities, make sure that the direct adaptation from a reactive to a proactive stance is hassle-free. In addition to that, these capabilities also enable retailers to make informed decisions much more quickly, based on real-time and data-driven insights about which of their offerings sell when, where, and at what pace.

3. Enhanced customer experience: Dynamics 365 for Retail also helps retailers to deliver a unified experience with assistance from tools such as brand apps, which allow customers to peruse their catalog easily. You can even showcase personalized customer recommendations by items in their wish list and their previous purchases. Such a tailored experience is fostered by the app’s exhaustive customer profile, which is underpinned by a bedrock of significant behaviors, trends, buying habits, and desires gleaned from the individual's data.

Considering that these are only a handful of the ways this Microsoft platform promises to help businesses, it is easy to see why it is such a rage among retailers across the globe. It would be wise for retail entities to engage the Microsoft Dynamics 365 development services of a trustworthy provider, such as Rishabh Software, to make sure that they can fully harness the platform's many benefits efficiently and cost-effectively.
RyanWilliamson 11 october 2019, 9:05

When we design the PCB, we will send it to the PCB board factory for online production through PCB pricing, and then there will be a series of subsequent welding, assembly and so on. However, with the increasingly fierce market competitiveness, the price of raw materials for PCB has also increased with the supply and demand of the market. PCB manufacturers have to reduce material costs in order to make their own competitiveness in the market. The cost of the process keeps itself competitive and attracts customers with ultra-low price. Therefore, the inevitable performance, density and quality of the PCB produced in the future will be greatly reduced. When welding, there will be many problems, and the reliability of the product itself will of course be Will receive the suspicion of the majority of users.

Therefore, when we face the PCB circuit boards produced by various board manufacturers in the market, how to judge naturally becomes a top priority. There are two ways to judge whether the circuit board is good or bad. One is to pass the appearance, and the other is to judge according to the quality of the board itself.

By discriminating the appearance of the PCB circuit board, there are usually three ways to discriminate

The color and luster of the board, the outside of the PCB circuit board is wrapped by ink of various colors, the ink can play the role of insulation protection on the line. If the surface gloss is dim, the ink is thin and the circuit board itself is not Ok.

The size of the board and the accuracy of the board thickness, the dimensional accuracy of the board and the tolerance of the board thickness determine the quality of the production.

For a circuit board with many soldered parts, observe the sharpness and microscopic fineness of the surface package gap. In these places, many soldering operations are performed, and the easier it is to distinguish, the better the fabrication.

For the other part of the PCB, the quality specifications are:

1. After the components are installed, the electrical performance is not abnormal, then the surface circuit board is ok.

2. The copper surface is not easily oxidized, affecting the speed of placement, and the oxidation rate is too fast, which may cause problems soon.

3. When the welding encounters high temperature, the ink will not fall, and the copper will not fall.

4. Whether the actual pitch and line width of the fabricated PCB circuit board are made according to the document, which affects the heating, open circuit and open circuit of the line.

5. Whether the war page of the board is too large, often encounters a high temperature environment during re-production, and a certain degree of war page is caused by stress deformation. Serious deformation will seriously affect the placement welding.

6. Whether the PCB circuit board can reach the standard under high temperature and high pressure environment, whether its own raw material can reach the TG value is also an important factor for judgment.
Tags: PCb design
lhdblog 10 october 2019, 2:16

In the PCB design process, if the risk can be predicted and circumvented in advance, the success rate of PCB design will be greatly improved. Many companies have indicators of PCB design success rates when evaluating projects.

The key to improving the success rate is signal integrity design. Currently, there are many product solutions for electronic system design, and chip manufacturers have done it, including what chips are used, how to build peripheral circuits, and so on. In many cases, hardware engineers usually do not need to consider the circuit principle, just need to make the PCB itself.

However, in the PCB design process, many companies have encountered difficulties, that is, the PCB design is unstable or not working properly. For large enterprises, many chip manufacturers will provide technical support to guide PCB design. However, some SMEs have difficulty obtaining support in this regard. Therefore, we have to find a way to do it ourselves, so we have a lot of problems, we may need to play multiple versions and debug for a long time. In fact, if you understand how the system is designed, you can avoid these situations. Next, let's talk about three techniques for reducing the risk of PCB design.

First, it is best to consider signal integrity issues during the system planning phase so that the entire system can be built and can signals be properly transferred from one PCB to another. This will be evaluated early and it is not difficult to assess this. Some signal integrity can be understood through simple software operations.

Secondly, in the PCB design process, the simulation software is used to evaluate the specific traces to see if the signal quality can meet the requirements. The simulation process itself is very simple. The key is to understand the principle of signal integrity and guide.

Third, in the PCB manufacturing process, it is necessary to conduct risk control. There are many problems. At present, there is no way to solve the simulation software, and the designer must control it artificially. The key to this step is to understand where risks exist, how to avoid them, and what is needed for signal integrity.

If you master these three points in the PCB design process, you will greatly reduce the risk of PCB design. The probability of making a mistake after playing back is much smaller, and debugging is relatively easy.
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lhdblog 10 october 2019, 2:04

DiscountTricks is Offering Various Amazon Deals with Extra Cashback
Amazon will give limits and offers on Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and Vivo cell phones in the current year's Great Indian Festival deal. Amazon is promising 'most reduced' costs, trade offers, no-cost EMI, Amazon Pay cashback, and free screen swap for a constrained period on select cell phones.

Amazon deals

OnePlus7T will have a 10% discount plus bonus for SBI debit and credit card shoppers
OnePlus 7 Pro with a discount of Rs 5,000. The 6GB RAM, 128GB storage of the cell phone will be accessible for Rs 44,999 rather than Rs 49,999.
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (8GB RAM, 256GB Storage) with a amazing discount ofRs 5,000. And the 6GB RAM, 128GB stockpiling variation of the phone will be accessible for Rs 69,999 rather than Rs 75,000.
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (6GB RAM, 128GB storage) will have a discount ofRs 30,601 and will be accessible for Rs 42,999 than Rs 73,600.
Huawei Mate 20 Pro (6GB RAM, 128GB Storage) will get a best deal of Rs 30,000 and with a offer for Rs 49,990.
Samsung Galaxy M30, which sports a triple back camera and a 16MP front camera, will be sold for Rs 9,999 rather than Rs 16,490.
Redmi 7 (2GB RAM, 32GB Storage) will have a markdown of Rs 4,000 and will be accessible for Rs 5,999 rather than Rs 9,999.
DiscountTricks 8 october 2019, 14:01

Fusion Informatics is Dubai's leading mobile app development company. We have a group of application developers who can develop different applications on different platforms like Android, iOS & etc. Many apps are provided to many Dubai customers. Hire our application development services and lead your business to a different level

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